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Ghost Dog on 2011-10-26

I know this may sound unbelievable. Heck, it may even sound a bit crazy. But... I know it wasn't just a simple figment of my childish imagination. I know that I didn't just dream it up. I know, because I wasn't the only one who saw it, the ghost dog. I was two years old when I first saw it. I kn...

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Date: 2012-01-15
Just because I was small, doesn't mean I can't remember something like this. I was taught the days and time around that time, and often counted them for practice. I may have miscalculated the time. I did not say it was exactly two weeks later. I said "About."

The other person who had seen the dog was my older brother, of whom was ten at the time. I had forgotten to put this in there as I was typing this small experience of mine. He had seen it one time, when we were in the kitchen. That's where it usually stayed: In the kitchen or in my mother's room. I don't recall where, or when, but he confronted me about it when he overheard my mom and I talking about it.

My brother would not joke about it. He was always a serious person.

I never watched scary movies as a small child - My father would not allow it. If it was simply my imagination, where in the world would I dream this up? A two year old, dreaming up THAT? I think not.