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Being a believer doesn't always have to believe everything the person has seen or heard. You need a little skepticism or you will be lost in a web of fear and lies. What is better is to understand.

Now that I'm here, I might as well continue what I'm interested in, spiritual activity. Below are the interests that I am interested in:
1. Multiverse (Multiple Universes)
2. Supernatural abilities (I have 1 too, just read my story and you'll understand, if you don't,please comment.)
3. Study of Different Beings on this Planet (If you know what I mean.)

When it comes to investigating the supernatural, always look at it in many points of view. Never try to look at it from one view as it might cause misunderstanding towards the supernatural and lots and lots of confusion to the investigator.
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Lots Of Happenings In My Life on 2008-06-23

It all started when I was 5 years old. I was a little bit into the Supernatural, but I kind of messed with lots of spiritual objects in my lifetime. I also begin to hear my name being called in my house, at school and at my friend's house. All my friends' houses. They would not believe me in what...

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Date: 2010-04-29
Somethings can't possibly leave the Earth because of love.[grins]

Could have been a residual haunting, but the answer is for you to answer, to find what is really happening.
You might have released a sealed spirit by accident (or maybe one of the workers did, who knows). Might as well do the history looking, or contacting the spirit itself. 😁
Date: 2010-04-28
The hearing women and children voices thing might have been a repeat haunting. Much more like a movie on repeat, except that this one is just 'voices', no actual spirits seen, as stated in your story.

Secondly, the thudding, goodness I have no explanation for that. Could be poltergeist activity or something more horrible to know 😕.
Date: 2010-04-28
Intelligent hauntings are what you mean in your story, does it? I mean, what other kind of hauntings would you get for a spirit to talk to you or even listen to you ordering it to open a door like a servant when you were young?

Or it could have been a poltergeist. Lets just say what else can cause a humming floor and a face that looked like your sister's face, EkoKay?
The man in this story indeed not gain anything, only more fear of the unknown, hehehe...

Vulcan, it takes time to gather what a person seeks, so it must have been some days before he regained his courage to speak out what he experienced. Common sense, eh?

I too have a question, was it a bicycle or motorbike? Both of these transports have the same short-term name bike.
Better to understand than fearing what you don't know, it's a mistake commonly made by people who put too much faith in their religion 😁.

Have you checked the history of where your uncle's house? It might reveal clues to what happened there.

RedShadows-n-BlackFlames, blessing is not the solution for all hauntings. Its always the last resort when all fails. It takes understanding.
'History lasts longer than any known material.' Like what the phrase meant, the history never leaves the place you live. Anyway, try ignoring the spirits or just move with the flow of your dream for calming yourself down from fear and knowing more about the history of the place you live.

Spirits find themselves lonely even though there are lots of wandering spirits and residual spirits, but nevertheless, they still feel lonely and in need of 'live' company. After all, who doesn't feel lonely after their family leaves them and not a single life is found?

Moongrim might have a point about multiverse realms meeting at specific times, creating images we cannot explain. (There could have been any parallel dimension that could have created those two white lights 😐.)
Date: 2010-04-25
Well, doesn't witchcraft include the practice of sex before a person can become a witch?

Looks like people don't bother cleaning up what they have done cause people who have done witchcraft find it hard to get off the influence of it.

Well, looks like God keeps his eyes on everything out there, including hell, and protects all that is right. Good for you caddieman.
Date: 2010-04-25
I thought an incubus and a succubus are different as they harass different genders.

Anyway, it's fun when the spirits help you make someone who is a non-believer turn believer, especially when that someone is close to you.
When does the Death God come and take someone away from their dying situation?

A person with logic about the supernatural world would think 'The Death God is better letting the person die than come to get that person to their resting place as many people die every second. You don't know where and how but they are always dying.'
Date: 2010-04-25
And I thought that demons are signs of 'unfortunate events that are about to happen to you'. Well, might as well be ready for what the demon throws at you (not literally).

It's a good thing you called a priest for a blessing, otherwise the demon would have caused even horrible accidents for it to take souls with it to Hell, or somewhere more worse than Hell if there was one...
Date: 2010-04-25
Cool, even the spirits find that possessing normal objects boring. Kind of cool I have to say for the spirit who possessed the rose, no wonder people say 'Don't take anything or leave anything besides pictures and footprints'.
Date: 2010-04-25
'Once bitten, twice shy.'

I like this phrase as it tells us how it makes the person more alert after an experience with the supernatural.

Suggestions on what heck is that being, all I can say is that maybe your father had killed the wolf and it had come back to take revenge on their child (seems cruel, but this is the way of life).

Or some empty-minded person who has no respect for other living things killed the wolf years ago and that wolf haunts the area, as time passes it might be wanting to release all it's anger on something more vulnerable (like you, no offense as your the youngest as stated in your story).
Date: 2010-04-21
If it's a residual haunt, it would have done the same thing over and over. It would not explain the fact that the 'Glass Girl' will mimic Cameron when she is pulling her hair into a ponytail.
Well then, let's hope she is rescued by God of Christianity, with respect, from the prison she is in now.

Well, have anyone tried to interrupt a residual haunting? It might be interesting depending on the people who do it. Be peace come to those spirits who are trapped on Earth's prison.
Animals, they're better at predicting death than scientific means. So it's no wonder people make superstitions about animals associated with death.

In my opinion, death is what makes the world go round, without it, we might not be considered humans anymore, so it's not surprising that animals can sense death before us humans do.

Imagine a world where we will not die and live for millions and millions of years. What to do with those years, nothing. Political problems such as famine and over-population (of course) are the main issues of everyday life. Will you live peacefully? No, cause when your killed, there's no death, and when there's no death, there's no end to that suffering. The choice and opinion depends on the medical scientists. (And I pray that I don't end up as one of those people who had the elixir that keeps us immortal.)
There's something not right in paragraph 5. You said that you've seen a girl with wavy brown hair, but there's nobody else on that street, now that doesn't make sense as how can you see nothing except a girl with wavy brown hair?

Well, Australia is famous for it's hauntings and lots of ghost stories coming from that place is what I'm familiar like the haunting at The Rocks which is on the other side across the waters of the famous Sydney Opera House, where the ghost of a heart-broken bride still searches for her love (kind of a sad story, eh?)
Date: 2010-03-28
The time when spirits of the lost or wandering would appear is 12 midnight to 6 dawn, and by looking at the title, it's common sense that 3 am is in the middle of the 'Dead Hour' commented by some people here.

Fascinating thing is that ghosts aren't completely evil, and you better keep that in mind as...well, lots of things can happen if the spirit is angered or pleased, it depends on your actions or feelings toward it.
Great, angels and shadows, what else can be more interesting than these 2, hmm? The mentioning of the angel being mad or angry might tell the angel needs help or, like what you said, a Devil in disguise.

When it comes to confronting the devil, don't fear, as He feeds on fear. If your not brave to confront him, then better be on the safe side and help it. I thought of every consequences I could think of (as I can think up 10 ways the angel/devil can react), the confronting and the helping were just 2,and replies from the angel/devil might be different. But I suggest helping it, as that's what I might do if I were your son.
Date: 2010-01-22
Poor guy, committing suicide at the age of 20-30 (which was stated in the story).Well, good news is that the ghost continues his life at the house with exceptions like he's a spirit and he can cause unusual happenings around the apartment 😆.

Better be safe then sorry, so treat the spirit with respect and don't try to exorcising it (which can be used as the last decision).