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Floating Krystal Boxes And An EVP on 2011-10-31

When I was between the ages of 5-8 and my brother 1-3, we lived in a trailer and a few strange things happened there. This one I think of often. On top of my chest of (chester) drawers I had a Cabbage Patch lamp with a pink lampshade that I used for a nightlight and every night for who knows how...

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Hey UntilDark. Thanks for your input. It was pretty rapidly and only that one time. It's really hard to remember what was going on before and after the whole situation so not quite sure how long they stayed that way as far as minutes or hours, I just googled that peaked pupil and THAT kind of sent chills down my spine. If the peaked pupil can have two peaks... That would be pretty close to what we saw. I'll have to read about all that some more.

BlueZeeh, thanks for your comment. That's probably my friends voice you liked, she is the one saying 'lets leave the recorders on...':)
Hey Cosmogal926, I am glad you could kind of hear it.😁
We lived there probably until I was in 1st grade and that whole time he was a little super mean minion child. Our uncle would visit often and joke about him being demon possessed and then the crazy eye thing happened. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for it all but it sure was creepy. There was also a lot of negative energy, our parents didn't really get along so who knows.
He is fine now. Nothing strange like that ever happened after we moved.