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Sonia Bright
Hello, My name is Sonia, I've experienced some paranormal activities. I found this website when I researched stuff that happened to me. I go on here almost everyday. I really wanted to go on this website because I need help or advise and to help others. I'm currently having activities happening to me so any help or advise will do. Thank you!

XoXo SoniaMary23
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My Bed Started Shaking 2 on 2011-12-12

I made a previous story that is connected to this one. I'm not really good at telling stories but I'm trying my best. This is beyond my control and I just want it to stop. A few weeks ago my bed finally stopped shaking but after a week thing began to change. I feel like the entity is getting s...

My Bed Started Shaking on 2011-11-14

I Live in Okinawa Japan. I am American just so you know. I'm a 16 year old female and I feel that I have an incubus following me... About a week ago. I had this HORRIBLE nightmare that I NEVER had much worse before, And my nightmare was about how some people was summoning a ghost so to speak? Anyway...

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Date: 2011-12-18
Thanks... ParrotPig. I'll try that suggestion. Btw nice name. I almost couldn't take you seriously but thanks for your help.
Date: 2011-12-16
Thanks ladygreywolf, I'll try to buy ot wherever it is. [: You were a lot of help.
Date: 2011-12-16
Ladygreywold, I'll take your suggestion and try to but one at the BX (On post kind of store like a mall and PX is mostly similar as BX). Also what do I do once I get the sage?

Vanessa, I'm not making a rational excuse. The base is far from my house since I live off post and I don't drive yet. I don't tell him all the details about the ghost, I tried talking to him about it but the more I bring it up the more pissed off he gets. I'm not military so the schools on base cost $10,000 a school year. Which is over $1,100 every month. I might be going to a public school in January but not quite sure yet.

I'm starting to get irritated and uncomfortable the more it messes with me. It makes my bed shake and make my body shake somehow. And no, I'm not shaking scared. This even happened when I was someplace else besides home. I tried to ignore it thinking it was just me but I can't take it anymore. I already have problems with other things and I DO NOT need another problem involving ghosts. This is ridiculous I'm tired of this...
Date: 2011-12-16
At Ladygreywolf, I don't know where to find a sage and how to use one, And I would cleanse my house but I don't know how and my dad will just think I'm going overboard with all the ghost stuff that he doesn't even believe. It's really hard trying to do every bodies suggestions but my dad will get mad, You know how some parents thinks it's just our imagination. Ugh...
Date: 2011-12-15
At JC, Yeah thanks, But I already tried talking to my dad, He doesn't believe me and thinks its my imagination so I stopped trying. Not that long ago, I just got home and I put all my stuff on my bed, Then I started to change into comfortable clothes until I heard my bed tilt and make a squeaky noise. I was far from my bed and I just stood there staring at my bed so that was pretty odd, I didn't see anything but heard my bed squeak a little.
Date: 2011-12-14
At Cristine, Thanks for the advise. I'm not looking for attention, I'm just looking for help. But your was very helpful and made me look at the bright side. I'll try my best. Danke. Oh and I'm not Japanese, I'm full of different race and mostly american.
At superhelper, Danke shun, I'll keep that in mind.

Date: 2011-12-14
At Becky, Thanks for the advice. It's not that all bad but just kind of scares me when I feel it touching me yet can't see anything.
At Moongrim, I had a japanese bed before but I don't like them so I settled with a real bed.
At Javelina, Yes, I have a dog, He's coming to live with me soon hopefully, I have him in another country with shots that are due so I have someone looking after him until my dad flies there to take him to the vet and then bringing him home, So I'll be alone for 2 weeks top. He's a beagle, He's still a pup about 7 months old.
At superhelper, I don't know where to find that and I don't want to cause it anger since also you haven't tried it.
At Rook, I do try speaking to it sometimes telling it to stop and to leave me alone but it doesn't listen. It's really bothersome when I try to read and all I feel is electric energy all over my legs so I get a bit moody.
At Meaghen, Yeah, I'm not sure, This started happening a few weeks ago maybe a month, And I never thought this wasn't real until I encountered a entity.
At CDubber, I tried your method, I said it out loud. And my dad thinks it's my imagination so he'll just think I'm crazy and going overboard for cleansing the house and myself.
Date: 2011-12-13
I tried to tell my dad but he says it's my imagination. It's only me and him home. But mostly he's at work and I'm home schooled so I'm home almost 24/7.
Hey, I've been through something similar like you except not oral sex or anything like that but with the bed shaking and the weird felling on your legs. Most of your story was like mine. Everytime I'd lay on my side I would feel pressure on my back and once before I was laying on my back and felt a slight pressure on my private area, I was a bit in shock. But I brushed it off. I know exactly what you mean. But my bed shaking kept on going on and on and on. I was pretty scared the first week but got use to it so then it stopped. I was happy but the activities hasn't stopped. I always feel my body being touched. But I'd ignore it, I got advise that if you ignore it that it'll go away sooner or later. But at the moment it's still here. I'm not sure if it's a incubi or just a ghost but I know I'm not crazy and it's real. I usually sleep with the light on now, I'm a 16 year old female who sleeps with dim lights on, How childish can I get? I just heard that ghosts demons etc do most of their activities in the darkness. I even told my dad but apparently he doesn't believe me. Well, I wish you the best of luck.

Sincerely, SoniaMary23
Date: 2011-11-27
Hey TheCollector, I've experienced some things like you but I'm a female. The first time this happened to me was when I researched some things that happened when I had sleep paralysis. So as I researched I read through stories on this website and after sleep paralysis I got scared so started sleeping with the lights on, And one day I came home lied straight down into my bed and felt my whole legs vibrating, Like electric energy, So at first I thought it was me but it kept happening until I moved. So I kind of freaked out. Also, My bed would shake. Like somebody was slightly shaking it. I know it wasn't a earthquake or my imagination. But after my friend slept over (she's a wiccan believer) We researched and felt the bed shake during that night but 2 days after that the shaking stopped until yesterday... I haven't been on this site in a while until yesterday and once I read a sentence from one of the stories I felt my bed shake so I quickly got off the site but went back on 10 minutes later. So then the CRAZIEST thing happened to me this early morning. My dad decided to turn off my light, Knowing that I wouldn't sleep with it off, But I also had my tv on, So then I decided to try to sleep with it off, It was like almost 6 but it was still very dark. Then once I turned off the light, I felt this pressure on my stomach and then felt some sensation on my chest, I was like confused, Then I felt my inner thigh have electric energy, then it went through my body, And my whole body started to shake, Like a shiver but not cold. I don't know how to explain it but it was the most paranormal activity that happened to me. I wasn't scared but I guess nervous? Well yeah, I really don't know what to do.
Date: 2011-11-27
Okay... My bed stopped shaking but I have been feeling things I shouldn't be. Like being touched where you shouldn't be touched. I don't know, If I should ignore it or do something about it. I mean things cooled down a bit but more of the inappropriate activity is going on. Any help? Please?
Date: 2011-11-19
Who ever told you to put holy water around your house is a freaking idiot. My friend is a wiccan and I told her this story out loud and she said, "Holy water only works for an amount of time, Then it comes back really pissed off, My advise don't be scared because it'll eat your fear and get stronger, Don't move around your house around devil hours (Late at night) Don't try to contact it, that'll be inviting it in or find ways to overtake you, Don't ask a priest to come to your house because it'll piss it off as well, Wear a cross around your neck, It'll help. If you want more information contact me at skymcdermett[at] "

Well, I hope you for the best. I've experienced some activities but your's is beyond control, I really hope you get through this.

XoXo SoniaMary23
Date: 2011-11-17
Thank you rook you helped a lot. I appreciated it a lot. XoXo SoniaMary23 [=
Date: 2011-11-17
AT rookdygin,
I'm sure it wasn't my imagination. My cross necklace isn't even heavy. And I can't do your suggestion at the right time because my dad'll think I'm nuts seeing me do this. You probably think I'm over reacting with these activities, But it's all 100% true. Late last night I was nearly asleep and felt something move my leg slightly, I woke up but didn't think anything of it because so far it hasn't harmed me, Anyways, I felt a slight pressure on my stomach and chest it felt oddly warm. But as usual I just brushed it off.
Date: 2011-11-16
Okay, I got an update today. I decided to buy a cross necklace today and right at the moment it's 2:34 AM. Your probably wondering why a teenager is up so late on a school night, Well... I'm home schooled. Anyways, I bought the cross necklace and earlier not that long ago I felt this small pressure on my chest so I was like holy crap, So then I put my hand where the pressure was at and I felt my cross there so is it weird or what? And then I felt pressure on my right side of my arm so I just brushed it off. I have a japanese sliding door so a few moments ago it started to rattle so I'm not at ease about the activities going on. I'm uncomfortable but not scared. I would go to sleep but I just don't feel comfortable with it here, And still... My bed is shaking. I don't know what to do, Why does this have to happen to me? Why?...
Date: 2011-11-15
AT rookdygin

Your story is SO the same as mine. I'll keep your post in mind. I truly ignore it but I just can't keep ignoring that I feel violated and also how my bed constantly shakes. I live by a highway so my dad thinks it's from that but even if it was, I would've felt it WAYYY before I had this awful nightmare. I truly thank everybody for the help.

XoXo SoniaMary23 Much love... ❤
Date: 2011-11-15
Thank you guys for the help. I don't believe it's sleep paralysis. I hardly sleep, I always feel electric energy all over my legs even on my butt at this awkward moment. And every time I come home I always feel my bed shake slightly. I try to ignore it but it happens every few minutes. Earlier I was laying on my stomach and I felt a slight pressure on my lower back and I put my hand there then it went away so, I just brushed it off. And I seriously want this thing to go away, Last night I hardly got any sleep, Every time I'd fall asleep my bed would shake a bit roughly then it'd wake me up and when I fall asleep I'd feel something moving my leg, And then when I fell asleep again I'd kind of jump while I'm sleeping. So I'm really irritated about this ghost or whatever it is, And I just want it to go away. Also, I haven't had any nightmare or dreams ever since the incident. I even ignore it sometimes and tell it to stop. And thank you for the help everyone. I feel grateful that you guys are helping.

XoXo SoniaMary23 Much love... ❤