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I haven't exactly had a lifetime of experiences with the paranormal but I know that some of my friends have.
I created this account in the hopes of getting advice and expanding my knowledge in this field so that I may take the necessary and safe approach to helping people with supernatural problems.
Just because I am a teenager does not mean that my imagination is in overdrive. I have nothing to gain by lying to the people on this site, and I find it disgusting how some people can actually do that.
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My Best Friend And Her Demon on 2011-11-15

My friend thought that she was going insane when she first started seeing things. On November the 15th, 2011, she had the courage to tell me what it was that she was seeing. Being open minded and having experience with demons and such, I didn't rule out the possibility of a other worldly 3rd party b...

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Mabs_Sith_Lord and Javelina, thank you. I am still learning to write properly in a way that the people here will accept, so I apologize if my writing is not to your liking. I just want to help my friend as much as I can and being a teenager can make that hard because no one really believes what you say. But believe me that I only want to gain the Knowledge that will help my friend over come this.
I just looked at the date and wrote what it was on my computer.
Just because I am a teenager, that doesn't mean that my imagination is in overdrive. Being a teenager does not make me a compulsive lier, it does not make me an attention seeker
I am terribly sorry if my story has holes in it. I wrote this story the day it happened, I was trying to be as accurate as I could.
What benefit would I get from lying on this site since I take these things very seriously. The day I wrote it was the 15th of November, I checked on my computer as I was writing.
Some actual advice would be helpful.