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Whenever I'm Alone on 2011-11-14

It took me a long time to consider writing this, because people say I'm crazy, and it's impossible to happen. One night I was home alone. I was on skype with my best guy friend. It was 11 p.m and I'm always too scared to go upstairs alone. Yes, I'm almost 18, but I'm so scared of my parents room...

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Date: 2011-11-16
[at] DARKNESS I really want to develop it, although it scares the shiat out of me, I would like to do it. My friend won't help me develop it. He thinks it dangerous or so what.
Maybe he made the photo up, I don't know. He's quite good with computers. If he did, I won't talk to him again. He knows I take this really serious. I deleted to photo right after he sended it, my parents check my laptop every day on what I do, so I usually save nothing on it.
Maybe the tv was just a coincidence, but it doesn't change mutch. But it surely was a bad time to act strange.
Date: 2011-11-14
I was really awake when it happend. I could not move my body, and saw a face looking at me. It had dark eyes, and a evil smile on his face. I closed my eyes, and hoped it will go away.

[at] Nysa I couldn't see a thing actually, I only see him when I'm actually outside. My friend has the ability to see ghosts too, but it's stronger as mine. I would really like to develop mine also.
Date: 2011-11-14
I already tried, but somehow it only stops for a day, and comes back again. My parents don't know about the things that happend, and I don't want to tell them either.