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Could I Have Offended A Ghost In The Alley? on 2011-11-23

Some strange things have been happening to me and I would really like to hear if you think I am being haunted. I have never seen a ghost in my life and I didn't ever give them much thought, except for sometimes watching scary movies, until recently. Last month when I was walking home from classe...

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Update: Yesterday as I walked past the recliner in the living room the footrest popped out hitting me in the ankle. I said out loud that I was sorry if I inconvenienced or offended it *I said "you" not it* and said I would walk by the alley that day on my way to classes if it wanted to follow me to find its way back. I did not see any indication that it did or did not leave. I guess I will just wait and see.
Thank you all for your opinions and advice! Thanks Rook for giving me the link to your story, I at least feel a little less crazy now. Since submitting this story only one thing has happened, my bedroom door slammed on me while I was walking through it. I guess next time something happens I will try to talk to it, I will feel silly but if it works I am willing to feel silly. If that does not work I will try some of the stuff listed on that website posted by Moongrim. I don't believe in demons from hell so I am not going to worry about that possibility.