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My Sister And The Old Hag's Attack on 2011-11-28

My sister went on a winter trip with some friends of hers last year and had a really fabulous time. However, there was a very bad surprise for her during the second night of her trip. She shared a room with her friend in a really cozy, traditional hostel on a mountain. As they were deep asleep, my s...

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Ha, ha...yeap! "Kalikantzaros" is quite a strange word to be explained in english! Thanks for reading and for the feedback, as well! 😊
Hello! Actually, it's a tradition that exists in whole Greece, maybe I couldn't describe it properly in enlgish. I'm talking about "kalikantzaros", people refer to it by using different names in many parts of our country. It is not a religious belief, it is a traditional belief.:)
Thank you for your feedback!:) Well, that happened only once to my sister, but I have to tell that my mom and my grandmother have experienced familiar stuff and the weird thing is that the incidents took place at the same period (Christmas- January 6th). I thing that the explanation is actually sleep paralysis, because everything happens when people are deep asleep... However, it's really frightening... I will post more stuff from time to time!