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Golden Rain on 2011-11-21

I'm Jeff From Dublin Ireland I have always loved the little shiver I get when I hear ghost stories and when ever I hear that a place I'm visiting is haunted, I get excited and want to journey on my own like explore the mystery to feel the shiver. So before I tell my story, I want to make somethi...

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i'm not sure but I will say this a ghost won't follow you only a demon can follow you, I say this not out of thought or thinking or opinion, shadow people from years of experience don't harm you they observe you and they stay in one form usually just like a shadow with missing shadow holes as eyes, I have heard that they can appear alone or I my case in threes, your not losing your mind your probably accessing new parts of it, what's crazy is I have insomnia also and bad sleep walking, you i'm guessing have a open mind,i'm sorry I have no advice other than breath when it happens again. GOD bless and your grandma will protect you from harm
have you seen the film 'the entity' its old but a similar story to yours.
Anyway this is just my opinion ok based on my life events.
I think you should challenge your demon, but don't touch it, next time you see it say "you demon are not welcome here or anywhere near me you are uninvited to my home so please leave (turn your back on it) (and remain strong) (even pray to god for protection) give it a minute..."

After a few days you should see and feel results.

Your lucky I've a legion to fight
your Grandmother is clearly watching over you, my Godmother does the same for me, even now as I write this I feel her and I'm calm from her presence, I bet you get the same feeling with your Grandmother.
It's strange but we are having similar experiences even down to the violent nature of current events,
I hope it's over the conflict I mean, because I don't mind the chill or the open minded sight, but being afraid to sleep for fear of assault is crossing the borders I guess... So take care and remain strong and maybe whatever it is that attacked you will fear the challenge and leave you alone.
Date: 2011-11-22
thanks I hope it never returns, but then again it was invisible until I challenged it so how would I really know.
Thanks for the advice
I know this sounds bad but I enjoyed your story, probably because of the light in every room thing, I do that turning on lights like a ritual because of dreaded feelings I get in my house.
I only sleep in daylight now, I do believe there is stages that take place in haunted houses, like first the spirit picks you maybe because your open minded, then you see minor events contained mist, orbs and objects moving, then the fear increases images become clearer become vivid, then regular happenings occur.
Eg. Seeing the dark shadows getting stronger and more aggressive towards you,
Then the spirits get vocal, a 15 year old girl who threw herself in front of a train at the end of my back garden moved around me in my kitchen and whispered one word to me "heya" which terrified me because it was so clear, then well then I was attacked
Read Golden Rain my story on this website.
So I don't know if I can help you but just say be strong and create positive energy fields around yourself.
And maybe the old trees you mentioned in your story need holy water to cleanse the bad energy's surrounding them.
Take care
Date: 2011-11-22
are you sure it was your dad?
If so then the only explanation I can guess is a bit out there, 1. Glimpse into parallel dimension holding memory of event, and replaying it, this is common after a tragic event but nothing tragic happened so I'm puzzled.
Anyway did you tell your dad and ask him was he in the room.
I think the problem with spirits is once one gets in more follow 😢