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Finley's Bar And Grill on 2011-11-22

Whispers you can hear without a recorder. Fast moving shadows. Pots thrown. Numerous voices captured on audio from whispers, to radio type sounds, electronic voices and a human voice of a child. Smoke and smell of fire where there is none, during our investigation Finleys Bar offers. Not sure of the...

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Date: 2011-11-23
I don't know of any other Finleys bar and grill. This is a small privately owned business. I went there because I heard good things about it from friends as well as saw it on A & E My Ghost Story. I would think if I wrote a blog for a commercial it would talk about their food or alcoholic beverages. I enjoy writing on b & b's, restaurants, etc and found this to be so much fun I wanted to share with others who enjoy the paranormal.