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The Man Sitting At The Table on 2011-11-22

It started when my grandmother was still alive about 6 or so years ago. She would wake up in the middle of the night and wake my sister and myself up so we could come talk to the man that was sitting at the table. Naturally our parents told us to go back to bed. Things went missing small things you ...

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Dan: We were never introduced to the man, we never saw him but my grandmother did make coffee for him. We never got that answer from her before she passed away.

When I asked my mother the other night said that there was no man but that my grandmother told her it was just "some fellow" that she saw at the door and let in.

She had been known to talk to her passed away husband blondie. Things are getting weirder around the house now. Even at my sisters house now, I feel as though someone is watching me at all times of the night. My cat Mushu used to sleep with me everynight, now all the animals in the house refuse to sleep in that room.

Like I have said before no physical harm has come to me or my family. As for the medium I don't want to anger anything in the house because we have lived in peace with it for so long.
Well I talked to my mom last night about this and what has been going on. She said that it wasn't the first time that this has happened. They see shadows and figures of people in the house.

Our home is about a half a mile from a civil war grounds. I think that it may some civil war people but not sure. My aunt said that she has had some converstations with it but not like friendly conversations.

She said that got worse after she did that. I was like yeah... You have to talk to it like its still a person. My dad said that it had been going on since my mother was a little girl and that she use to talk to them.

I feel like they want something I honestly think that they are just lonley and need a family or have lost their families and are not sure what to do now. I will keep looking into more and learn more about what it wants.

Like I have said it never cause me any physical harm but it has started to become more noticed now that I am gone.