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Orb, Was It Dad? on 2013-06-11

A while back, I posted about a few experiences that I had at my parents' cabin, and thought I'd mentioned this night as well, but if I did it must have been in the comments. As always with my experiences, this is odder than what I've heard from others, this one almost bordering on the cliche in part...

My Friends' House Occurrences on 2012-04-16

I asked permission from my friends before posting this, as it is their house. They're a married couple with two children. I mention this because the kids will come into play, and to give an idea of what type of people they are. For the duration, I'll call them Tod and Carla, the kids I'll refer to a...

Red Rectangle on 2012-03-27

Twice in my life I have seen what can only be called a translucent red rectangle. The first time, my Dad and I were in our barn having a huge argument. I don't remember what we were arguing about, but there were my Dad, a friend, and I. The friend was trying to calm us both down, but having no s...

Octagon Barn And House on 2012-03-12

Before I begin, I know that I was in the wrong in parts of this account. I know that I should have not just followed suit with what my friend wanted. At the same time, however, she could have practically told me to stand in a fire and I would have done it, I was so smitten by her. I mention this not...

Haunted 5th Wheel on 2012-02-14

This happened while I was in High School. My Dad, thinking that it would be fun as a family to start going camping during the summers on lakes where we could take a boat out and go fishing bought a Fifth Wheel camper. We got a good price on it because it was converted from a part camping trailer ...

That's... That's Me? on 2012-02-08

This is the next event in chronological order, meaning it happened way before we ever had the cabin. It happened in the same bedroom as the first event, but on the front part of the house facing the road instead of near the back facing the neighbors as the first was. The way the room is laid out tak...

Parent's Cabin on 2012-01-31

As an aside before I begin, I'm bringing this up now instead of later because I've mentioned it a few times in different comments. It breaks my rule of sticking to chronological order however, so I do apologize for that in advance. In the early 90's, my parents bought an empty lot on one of the G...

Ghost Dog Is A Daddy on 2012-01-09

As noted in the other two accounts, I'm working through my encounters in the order I encountered them in my life. That is the main reason I'm sharing this one, since it's fairly uneventful, and could color my father in a worse light than is fair to him. As I've said before, we live in the country...

Hi Grandpa on 2011-12-19

First a little history, my Grandpa died before I was ever born so I never got to meet him. I've told in my previous account what happened to me at my parents' house, I became aware of this occurrence around the same time. As a lot of people do, I used to stay over at my Grandma's a lot, at least...

My Earliest Encounter on 2011-12-12

I've never been very scared of the supernatural, especially ghosts. In part this is because I believe I've been experiencing things since I was really little. This is the account of what I believe to be the first chronologically. I live in the country, with an empty field across the road and a wi...

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I agree, this lady paid you the most sincere of compliments. She probably could sense that you loved the house at least as much as she did.

In a large way, it's too bad you didn't take the ghost up on the offer, you may have had a pleasant haunting experience afterwards. Yes, those do exist, it's not always a bad thing to be haunted.
I wonder if this could be connected to whatever inspired the legend of the dryad.

It does sort of sound like it, and according to that legend, every tree has a spirit.
Date: 2013-07-05
Your grandparents sound like they were pretty cool people, and possibly still are.
Date: 2013-06-29
Reminds me of what the pastor at my great uncle's funeral said.

He said that my great uncle had been sickly, obviously so during services, and had been slowly getting better. The pastor had thought to go over to his house and try to cheer him up a bit as being sick will bring anyone down.

While there, my great uncle asked the pastor to go get them a cup of iced tea each. When the pastor got back to the room with the drinks, my uncle looked right at him and said, "Isn't she pretty?"

When the pastor asked who he was talking about as he could only see my great uncle and himself in the room, my great uncle looked at him and said, "The angel that's come to take me home."

The pastor said right after saying that, my uncle fell out of his chair already deceased.
I can tell that you are a very caring person from the way that you describe your non-human children.

I'm sure that regardless of what is leading you to these dogs, be it your grandfather or something else, it is doing it for that reason. Keep listen to it, and keep being such an awesome person.
Date: 2013-06-16
As a teen, I saw my own doppleganger, or at least I think it could be termed as such, walk across the reflection of the room I was in. It's in one of my accounts on here.

I am now in my 30's, and while my life hasn't been the best of lives, I am still alive.
Date: 2012-12-15
That drive to help others could very well be why it happened in the first place, to instill that in you.
Date: 2012-11-29
Given the nature of the experiences, and the general feeling you're getting from the room, I'd have to guess that it isn't your Grandfather.

I of course have no way of knowing for sure, not being there, and not knowing your Grandfather, but usually, feelings of dread don't accompany family member visits. At the very least not to the extent that you are describing.
Date: 2012-08-13
I agree with everyone else, this was indeed your father visiting you. You're an extremely lucky person to have had that one last moment with your father.
Date: 2012-08-13
It sounds like a playful ghost to me. I've had experiences like that, both animal and human. In fact, I've played peekaboo with a little girl before.

From what little I know of that type of ghost, it's nothing to be freaked over, be glad you seem to have one of the really friendly ones.:)
It sounded like not only did she SEE a dead person, she was the one that found her dead. I could see how coming upon that unexpectedly could mess a kid up for a bit.
Both Carla and I described it to each other, after she saw it, as being mostly black or wearing a black cloak/robe. It wasn't completely clear which to me seeing it in silhoutte nor was it completely clear to her seeing it just from the light hitting the living room (same room I saw it outside the window of).

The only connection I have to Native Americans is, my Granny (my Dad's Mom) always said that we had a family member who was a private under Custer who was engaged or married, I never quite understood which, and killed in the Last Stand. According to Granny, that was either her grandmother or great grandmother. So, I have some Blackfoot in me.

Also, I'll keep you in my prayers, please keep us posted as things occur.
Nope, didn't look like it at all unfortunately. That would have been interesting if it had been though.

Also, welcome back to ygs Jav, I hope the operation went well for you!
Date: 2012-04-18
When I posted my latest, it had a lot of html code like "\n" in it. It didn't show up in the actual posting unless you mods cut them out for me, but that's another thing you might want to look into.
Molly, my friends' black cat does once in a while, however, that said, "Tod" and "Carla" think that Molly may have dementia as she also gets lost downstairs. Hermes just steps around areas, but he does that when walking in front of a person too.

Peter and Paul tried doing a nightly recording once, but only got "mumbles". Unfortunately, they did that while they were all home, so those mumbles could also have been any of them.
Well, as to how many experiences I've had, I'm 38 and just seem to get "lucky". My friend, the one mentioned here, posed the theory once, that maybe I attract them.

If so, that could explain why I've had quite a few. It could also explain why my Dad could go up north and not experience what I have. That or he was so dead set there was no such thing that his mind instantly came up with "cover stories".

Dad did tell me about a couple "odd occurrences" that most of us probably would category as ghost, like talking to a sheriff at the same time he was killed across town.
Date: 2012-04-16
All the passages talk about casting out spirits. This could be to acknowledge you trying to get rid of them, or it occurred to me that they may be trying to confirm they're there, but at the same time trying to comfort you. One of them was His walking on the water.
Date: 2012-04-03
On the one hand, you should always listen to fear responses. On the other, some people get frightened whenever the "supernatural" reveals itself.

The part that causes me any concern is the glass in the head. Is it possible that you had a glass that got broken in there shortly prior to the experience? Sometimes, when we believe we have something in our house, we stop looking for the easy answer.

Also, take this for what it's worth as I read it on another site entirely, but one person said ghosts can't hurt you. (A West Virginia ghost site with a reported ghost hunter so may be valid advice may be "Hey look at me!")
Yeah, I'm not sure what "the computers were in the sam for the CD players and the fans" means either. Maybe say this another way?
One theory that hasn't been mentioned is that of a multiversal leak. This could have been her friend, but as she is in another closely parallel dimension. Science has led credence to the multiversal theory.