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"I personally like the ultimate freedom of being unknown..."
Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda.
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Where Did He Go? on 2017-10-04

I do not even know if he was a ghost but, if so, there wasn't any hair sticking up not a change in the temperature or any other indication that this was a paranormal encounter. It was the summer of 1980 and my parents and I went in a trip to the western state of Michoacan. After few days visiting...

The Gangster And The Voice on 2017-03-23

"Better cross to the other side of the street" "Don't let your son play with that kid" "Better wear runners today"... For as long as I can remember every so often some ideas pop up in my head for no apparent motive and without any personal effort. They are almost like a voice speaking nonsense ...

My Odd Uncle on 2015-09-23

My maternal grandmother, Bueli, was a very sweet and loving woman, she was the only girl in a family of six children that lived in Mexico City during the early 1900's and through the difficult times of the "Revolucion" war (civil war). Her family was one of those old fashion families in which chi...

Apology And Farewell on 2015-07-07

Although there is not a ghost in this story the only way it can be explained is through the ability of the spirit to transcend the barriers of time and distance to amend an old mistake. After graduating from university in the year 1988 I began working in the clinical laboratory of a hospital in M...

My Visitor From Rainbow Bridge on 2013-08-20

Today is August 20th, 2013. On this very day, two years ago, my beloved cat Tom died an untimely and horrible death like I told in my story "Tom, my brave cat" He has come to visit many times, mostly in my dreams and I can hug him again and bury my face in the soft and silky cloud of his body. Wa...

Tom, My Brave Cat on 2012-02-13

I had seen him roaming the neighbourhood, a big grey cat with green eyes. One day he showed up at my doorstep following my own cat, Poem; he was scruffy, skinny and hungry. The kids fed him and after that he wouldn't go away. My husband checked the new cat's behind and said it was a big tom, hence w...

Do Not Take My Blood on 2012-01-09

I came across this site after the passing of my cat and his subsequent visits to my family. After his first visit I thought I was "losing my marbles" but after reading many of the stories in YGS came to the realization that I wasn't the only one having this kind of experience and, in the process, I ...

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Oh yeah... Halloween is around the corner! 🙄

Memory loss is always a good explanation for things that make no sense.
Date: 2017-10-22
Hi majarlika: interesting experience. My guess is that Joe had an astral projection or out of body experience during the time of his fever and what you saw was his spirit.

Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-10-21
Sushantkar: how interesting! Do you know if anyone else in the bus saw the apparition too?

I don't recall the bus driver and his buddy doing anything unusual though, in Mexico, every bus terminal counts with an altar (usually with an image or statue of the Virgin Mary) where most drivers pay their respects before leaving on a trip.

If anything, the passengers were worried because the bus broke down on a very inconvenient spot within a curve with a narrow shoulder. I remember some of the passengers commenting on the possibility of another vehicle coming out of the curve and crashing on the bus. So no, I don't consider the man to have been very helpful that night.

I still wonder if the driver saw the man, unfortunately, I will never know.

Thanks for reading.
Date: 2017-10-21
Hello again MyStory.

This is just my opinion, I think that the first you should do is to treat this entity the same way you would treat any annoying guy and tell him to stop bothering you, after all it seems to listen to your requests:

"... I told the spirit to stop hurting the people around me and it stopped."

It is important to ask for help to the people closest to you, I think opening up to your Grandmother and telling her what is going on would be a good idea since she seems to have a extensive knowledge of the paranormal. I do not know if a strong spirit would be able to change a tarot reading on its favor but I'm sure your Grandmother will be willing to protect you.

Based on your narrative I assume you have some religious beliefs (Orthodox?), so asking for the advice/help from a religious leader would be a good idea. Or you could try the cleansing and shielding method of one of the members of the site explained in the following link:

I didn't know about the basil leaves but, if it is working for you, keep on using them. In my opinion, the strength of a person's faith is more important that what they believe in.

Start a journal and record all the details that you consider important, as the day, time and place you feel being touched; and the reaction of the entity, if any, to whatever you do to protect yourself.

I hope this help.

I'm sure some of the more experienced members of the forum will provide you with more advice.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Date: 2017-10-21
Was "the downtown coffee shop" a Tim Horton's? If they serve sour cream plain donuts you have to let me know their location... It's so hard to find a shop that sells my favorite kind of donuts!

About your story, it is not clear to me if Liz only experiences these disturbances when she is home alone or if her whole family have witnessed those events and if so, what have they done about it?
What did Liz's parents say when you girls were having the OB session?
It was very irresponsible, ignorant and disrespectful to try to make contact with the spirit risking to open a door for something really sinister. And it's hard to believe that anyone would take such a OB home after all it did! That says STUPID with double capitals.

When did this happen? Did it happen before or after you bought the necklace from the thrift shop in your previous story?

My advice: get rid of the OB and cleanse your house with rook's method or any other ritual according to your personal beliefs.
Date: 2017-10-21
Hi MyStory: your English is great, it's hard to believe it is not your first language.

I got confused reading the following parts of your story:

"My family and I moved to Germany 2 months ago due to my stepfathers work. I'm originally from Romania... And there is where everything began..."

"...A year past and nothing else happened. I started to believe that this was all finally over but I was wrong..."

"... I thought that if I move to another house it will stop but it seems that it followed me."

Does this mean that you began having these experiences while still living in Romania or did they began two months ago when you moved to Germany, as you explain in your narrative?

Do you consider your Grandmother's tarot reading abilities to be accurate? I find it strange that she would 'read' this entity like a protector.

I will appreciate your feedback.
Date: 2017-10-20
Jubeele: Tweed's comments are always cool and informative, aren't they?

Sheetal: nice to 'see' you again! Thanks for reading my experience.
Date: 2017-10-20
Whodat: no problem. Given the way newscasters only seem to talk about the negative events happening not only in Mexico but all over the world, it is easy to assume that dangerous situations are not the exception but the normal of daily life. It isn't a surprise if we tend to expect the worse.

As for the man, I will always wonder where he went during the not even two seconds that I took my eyes off of him.
Date: 2017-10-17
Hmmmm hmmmm. I wonder if the engine of one, or more, of those machines was making the noise... Perhaps a fan or some mechanical part shooting off. 🤔
Date: 2017-10-13
Sid926: thanks for replying. In my opinion, there's not enough information in your narrative pointing to the nature of the roar but since you have cats there's something else I would like to ask.

Is your bedroom on the ground level or on a second storey? If on a second storey, is there a window under your bedroom's window? Have you considered the possibility of one of your cats growling to an animal it saw outside or perhaps an animal outside of your house reacting to the presence of your cats?

I live with three cats... Actually four, counting the neighbors's cat that likes to spend more time at my house that at her owners place and, believe me, sometimes they make the most scary noises when they see another cat outside or when they hear coyotes howling in the distance. When fighting each other they mostly hiss.

I'm not trying to convince you that what you heard that night were two cats fighting, specially knowing how reach is the Indian fauna, but I consider it impossible for anyone to say what exactly it was based on your story.

I could say that it was a three eyed monster with a huge mouth full of pointy little teeth that wanted to skip the rope with you but, where's the evidence?

I can imagine how scary it must had been for you to wake to an unexpected and unexplained sound in the middle of the night but, just because you couldn't see what/who was growling doesn't mean that it was a monster/demon/jinn/ghost outside trying to get you.

Once again, thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-10-13
Whodat: Have you ever been to Mexico? I'm not going to deny the rampant insecurity and violence prevailing in many places but, your comment could misguide anyone into thinking that gunmen are chasing people all over the place 24/7 and, fortunately, that's not the case.

Thanks for taking the time to read my experience and for your misinformed comment.
Date: 2017-10-13
Welcome to YGS.

Rosiebob, that's a fascinating experience. I wonder if the man of light was surprised to find you in 'his' house.

Did you ever investigate the history of the house? Perhaps a previous resident was sharing your apartment without pinching in his share of the rent.

Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-10-13
It's a shame that you didn't look through the window, perhaps it was just a couple of cats fighting and your fear and imagination created a monster in the night.

It's important to always consider all mundane explanations before assuming something to be paranormal.

Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-10-12
Hi guys, thanks for reading and commenting on my story.

Jubeele: I have considered that same possibility as you suggest but I remember that the only people gathering by the door were the same passengers I saw getting off the bus before me, and nobody else came from any other direction than the bus's door.

I guess I could have asked if anyone else had seen the man, but I didn't think about it at that moment besides, everybody was sleepy and not exactly happy after having to leave the bus.

Manafon: after all these years I still find it fascinating that his hat was the only colored thing about him though, I wonder if I had like to see an injured or deformed face below that hat or, even worse, if it had been a skull!

Roylynx: now that you mention it, perhaps he was a premonition that one day in the future I would immigrate to Canada?

L_Melb: I still scratch my head every time I think about that man... Or ghost? I saw.
"... I felt that I was about to pee... I even tried to let my friend help me but she refused."😨

If she can't help you peeing then she's not a good friend. (just kidding!)

Do you know if any other students ever experienced seen the ghostly feet in the washroom?
That's scary enough to make a person pee their pants! Did you use the toilet or did you forget all about your full bladder?

Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-10-12

Hello and thanks for the clarification, I was puzzled thinking that the detective was acting like one of those pesky paparazzi whom stop to nothing in order to get a good picture.

I'm doing fine, nowadays I haven't commented too much because I mostly read the stories in my iPhone and find its little keyboard difficult and tedious to use... And my PC is buried under a mountain of junk piled up on my desk.
Date: 2017-10-10
I find this part of your story to be very disturbing:

"...my cousin became a "Play-Boy" who would cheat on any woman he is with, every time he was caught on bed with other woman, and he was once caught by a detective sent by one of his ex-wife."

Do you mean the detective entered the room where and when your cousin was enjoying what should have been a private moment? 😨

It's easy to imagine a person coming back home only to find their partner taking advantage of their absence to cheat on her/him, but for an stranger to enter the place?! Even if the detective was doing their job, couldn't they be accused of trespassing or breaking into private property? Would it be legal to do such a thing? Or were they doing the deed in the open?😅

Sorry for all the questions, sometimes my imagination runs wild.

Anyway, I agree with Jubeele, your cousin problems are his own making. Besides, whatever you both fought for was probably as simple as not wanting to share marbles, it's hard to think karma would be that harsh on him for such an small matter.

Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-10-09
Personally, I find it hard to believe your mother's inability at reading your fear and believing that you had seen an angel.
If she's so religious, how come she didn't go to her room to check if the angel was still there? 🤔
Date: 2017-10-09
That was such a cruel thing to do to poor Squidgem!
I agree with L_Melb, your experience looks like a residual of the poodle's last moments.

Looking forward to read more of your experiences.

Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-10-09
Are you in the Calgary/Edmonton area? That's a heck of a storm you had last week!

Are you talking about the same house from your previous story?

Don't worry about submitting long stories, the important thing is to be truthful and honest.😊