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"I personally like the ultimate freedom of being unknown..."
Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda.
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Journals... Oh, So Important! on 2017-12-18

Since a very young age I have know that some of my dreams either come true, or can convey a message of some sort. Although I don't consider this to be an ability, it is always interesting when some event I dreamt about happens in real life. At some point, I decided that it would be a good idea to...

Incubus? My Mother's Tormentor on 2017-11-04

I supposed every mother is her children's hero and her teachings will influence many of the decisions they'll take through their lives. I grew up in a family that accepts the existence of ghosts. I remember listening to stories about dead love ones coming back to visit family members during thei...

Where Did He Go? on 2017-10-04

I do not even know if he was a ghost but, if so, there wasn't any hair sticking up not a change in the temperature or any other indication that this was a paranormal encounter. It was the summer of 1980 and my parents and I went in a trip to the western state of Michoacan. After few days visiting...

The Gangster And The Voice on 2017-03-23

"Better cross to the other side of the street" "Don't let your son play with that kid" "Better wear runners today"... For as long as I can remember every so often some ideas pop up in my head for no apparent motive and without any personal effort. They are almost like a voice speaking nonsense ...

My Odd Uncle on 2015-09-23

My maternal grandmother, Bueli, was a very sweet and loving woman, she was the only girl in a family of six children that lived in Mexico City during the early 1900's and through the difficult times of the "Revolucion" war (civil war). Her family was one of those old fashion families in which chi...

Apology And Farewell on 2015-07-07

Although there is not a ghost in this story the only way it can be explained is through the ability of the spirit to transcend the barriers of time and distance to amend an old mistake. After graduating from university in the year 1988 I began working in the clinical laboratory of a hospital in M...

My Visitor From Rainbow Bridge on 2013-08-20

Today is August 20th, 2013. On this very day, two years ago, my beloved cat Tom died an untimely and horrible death like I told in my story "Tom, my brave cat" He has come to visit many times, mostly in my dreams and I can hug him again and bury my face in the soft and silky cloud of his body. Wa...

Tom, My Brave Cat on 2012-02-13

I had seen him roaming the neighbourhood, a big grey cat with green eyes. One day he showed up at my doorstep following my own cat, Poem; he was scruffy, skinny and hungry. The kids fed him and after that he wouldn't go away. My husband checked the new cat's behind and said it was a big tom, hence w...

Do Not Take My Blood on 2012-01-09

I came across this site after the passing of my cat and his subsequent visits to my family. After his first visit I thought I was "losing my marbles" but after reading many of the stories in YGS came to the realization that I wasn't the only one having this kind of experience and, in the process, I ...

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Date: 2018-01-16
wwoo - sorry, I'm having trouble following what you say.

"...I live in a house where there are in the past much activities going on. I report the activities to our provincial bureau a number of times and have had the stories published..."

Do you mean there's a department within the government of British Columbia that specializes in paranormal research? Have they investigated your house/s and published their findings? Were the stories published in a book or is it possible to read them online?

"... Our paranormal society had contact University of Edinburgh about the cases that I have encountered for a visit to my home in Canada..."

The same as above, - does the university count with a department of paranormal research? Or did the Canuck PS contact a paranormal group based at the university but not affiliated to them?

It sounds like you have had numerous paranormal experiences through your life, do you think something could have followed you to Cebu City or do you consider yourself to attract spirits?
Since you are not superstitious, what makes you think that the number 4 could have some relevance to this story?

I ask too many questions, don't I?

Anyway, I ❤ Vancouver!
Date: 2018-01-15
There're two points missing from your narrative:
- what you felt during the experience
- Lydia not screaming in terror when the objects flew off the table, -we women must scream, don't we? 😜

As for the number's meaning, well... Once a person is superstitious, they will believe whatever wrong to fulfill their feared expectations.

Have you read the reviews on the hotel? Has anyone reported something similar to your experience?
MrRiggs - in my opinion, many times keeping a patient in life support is nothing more than prolonging their agony.

It's sad, but letting go is part of life.
Date: 2018-01-14
Gigakhan - I'm sorry to tell you, but... You have fell into the trap of GhostHunter's tale.😟

This story is based on facts historically inaccurate and is the product of a very active imagination.

Just check the link provided by roylynx. 😉
Date: 2018-01-13
Melda - your input and your opinion will always be worthier than their pettiness.

Date: 2018-01-13
GhOstHunter, I'm afraid,
Is no more.
Now his name is BookHunter.

And cannot answer
To our questions
'cause he's roaming
Through the long Texas's roads
In search of evidence,
If not a book,
At least a pack
Of rabid wolves.

They say he's pure and innocent,
A magnet for spirits
I say naive and gullible
My friends, we are not.

Gosh! That moonshine is strong, one sip was enough to make me give a try to writing poetry.
Date: 2018-01-12
Moonshine?... I prefer to call it moonglow! 🍹

Yikes... My bodysuit is almost ripping at the seams... After having all that delicious food you might have to call me lady-balloon!🎈
Date: 2018-01-11
babygoatpuller: your comment makes me blush!
Sometimes I wonder if I'm acting like a grumpy, nitpicky witch.

You made my day! 😘
Date: 2018-01-11
Jubeele and Rex-T.
The first ride on the bus is a rite of passage for any YGS's new member... A graduation ceremony, and a welcome to the 'Troll Patrol Unit'.

Welcome my friends, let's find and fight 🐂💩!

All aboaaaard!🚌
Macknorton: congratulations, you made it to the end of the story!👏
I stopped reading on the part of the "fanciest McDonald's"... Where surely an English, white gloved Butler hands the McFancy burgers on golden trays studded with diamonds.

Hey, are you sure your name isn't McNorton? 😜
It's nice to see you again!
PLEASE, don't try your skills on African bees!😱

Shy: welcome to YGS.
Do you know the history of your house? Are you aware of any little girl dying there?

It's possible that both the girl and the cat are looking for each other. I have no idea what you could do other than telling them that they can be reunited in the light, where they loved ones are waiting for them.

Don't be afraid, they don't seem to mean any harm.
Date: 2018-01-09
It sounds like there wasn't much discipline at home, was it? 🤔
Date: 2018-01-09
Rookdygin: I had trouble trusting GhostHunter's stories after his second submission, but he finally tripped on his own tongue.👅

Happily heading to the bus carrying a Thermos full of chocolate atole and a bag of churros!

We need to add the phone number of a certain 24/7 psychic service to our 'ghost hunting kit' 😆
I'm sure a house with such a long and interesting history was bound to have many secrets.
Did any of your other children report seeing any of the ghosts.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing experience.
Date: 2018-01-07
I don't get it.

Why was Alfredo living/studying at the school for the deaf if, according to several statements in your narrative, he ISN'T deaf?

"...apologized for not having the brain of an elephant (for real that's what he SAID)..."
"While Brianna, Aaron, and Alfredo started TALKING about old times..."
"... Alfredo explained to all of us of how Erik had a girlfriend and that he hands paper roses out to anyone he grows fond of..."

Why were you embarrassed when "realized that I was an idiot for thinking they heard me and face palmed myself..." Even if they didn't hear your voice they would have recognized the universal sign for "hello" when you waved your hand, wouldn't they? Besides, many deaf people are able to lip-read what speaking people say to them and it's possible that's the reason why they're looking at you.

Same question about Erik "... We were communicating by typing into our phones and showing each other..." I mean, it was nice that you two were able to hold a conversation but, I'm puzzled about him not lip-reading what you were telling him.

"...when they clensed the house with that powerful priest..." - Cleansing the house with a POWERFUL PRIEST...? Ha ha, reading this made me think about the adds of Mister Clean!:D

Also, I'm puzzled because, according to the Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf (SWCID) regulations for dorm living:

"Students taking nine or more hours are required to live in college residence halls unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

21 years of age or older

Refer to the following link for whole article: http://www.howardcollege.edu/swcid/index.php/dorms.html

But Erik was 23 and had a room in the dorm.

I'd appreciate any information, if you know it, about 'not impaired speaking' Alfredo, and 23 y/o Erik living in campus.

Date: 2018-01-05
Could you please provide the name of that book? I'd love to read it!

"...it did indeed say that they had burned the baby as well..."

"So, my guess is, either these people were absolute monsters or, she was one of those women who don't show if they're pregnant so, they had no idea of possibly knowing. Still, it's a horrible thing."

Are you suggesting they performed a postmortem c-section on the mother's burned body? Is that even possible considering all the damage caused by the fire not only to the skin, the muscles, tissues and organs of the mother? It's possible that there wasn't any of the baby's body left. After all, don't criminals set fire to people and crime scenes in an effort to conceal any evidence?

"... He had done some research and sites have said that back in the 1800's a mother was burned at the stake for the assumption that she was a witch and had gotten caught practicing witchcraft. Her baby was burned as well for IT was considered a witch too. Thus, explaining the baby tombstone next to the normal sized one."

"After doing thorough research about the site, it surprised me to see that there had ONCE been a rare report on the same mysterious crying coming from not the void but, from the graveyard itself..."

Could you provide the links, articles or any other source to this information? I find it really frustrating when I cannot find something in the net!

You are talking about Phantom Hill Cemetery, aren't you?
Do you remember the names recorded on the headstones? I found the following list of (some of the?) people buried in that cemetery, but don't see any two persons buried on the same date, as I would expect the mother and child would be.


Do you think it possible that something else was making those sounds? Perhaps the wind blowing through the scarce vegetation, or an animal calling during the night. After all, you guys just said "Paranormal!" and ran out of the place without taking the time to look for other possible source/s of the sound.

I'll appreciate your feedback.
Date: 2018-01-05
Are you sure the baby was burned too? 🤔
I know superstition has a way to make humans forget our humanity but, a baby would have been considered innocent of their mother's sins and spared such a cruel punishment.

Do you have any reference to that history or is it just an oral story.
Date: 2018-01-05
Umm... I find it rather odd that they would have allowed to burie a witch in sacred land. 😕
Welcome to YGS.

Kpshort73: that sounds like a very interesting place. I'm glad your father listen to his children experiences and shared his own.
Did you find out who the voices belonged to?

Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience.
Date: 2018-01-03
Jessbcr25 - Did you ever have a chance to see a picture of this relative? If so, were his ears as large as you remember?
I wonder if he made his ears look larger trying to send a message like "Please, listen to me!" or something in that line and you, being the wee little kid you were, got scared of his unusual appearance.

Anyway, it seems like he just was having a good time with the family and never meant any harm to you. And, who knows, perhaps one day your own child will get to see your departed father during a family reunion.