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Ouija Board, And The Room Got Bright on 2011-12-07

Before I tell my story, I have to say that I am not a religious guy. I love to use my reason to explain things (And that doesn't mean, that religious people don't use their reason), to question everything and to find answers to these questions. Nevertheless I am attracted to the supernatural, I'v...

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Nysa, thank you for your kind words.

I understand what you saying, and that is what I thought. These people here have experience and maybe knowledge on this topic, I think that's why the reaction is the way it is.

I like your way of questioning those s
haha, cheater?! Whats your problem? Did I do something to you? Did I hurt your feelings or are you a follower of Jesus who can't stand people who don't believe in his tales?
[at] Javelina, why should they not deserve to?

Your comment sounds like I said, I am going to do stupid things, but I never said that. So what's your point? I just tried to explain, why I have such a hunger to meet something supernatural. Because Religion and Philosophy can't satisfy me anymore. But I also wrote, that I am not going to do it.

And why should I begg you guys for help? I come here, write my story and be judged by some people, who I don't know, who don't know me or anything I did in my past. What "help" could you give me?:D:D:D
And what disrespect am I showing? I totally respect the maybe supernatural beings around me, that's why I DO NOT try to contact them, because I know I do not have the experience nor the knowledge to deal with them. But I already wrote that.

Did you guys even read my story?
Sorry guys, I can't see why you try to "safe" me. Again, and its the last time I write that: I DO NOT WANT TO TRY IT AGIAN. Is that clear now?

And I should be nice? Sorry, that:

"when I am running into young kids with an unsatiable hunger to be entertained and shown constant approval from their Internet audience."

Is rude. If someone gets emotional, its not my problem, if someone is rude, I'll be rude.
[at] Javelina, oh I can understand those people. Because I am one of them. I don't want to be rude, but I want to understand more. I want to know more! You know, I am sick of religions, hypocrites and their thing called "God" can't explain anything. Thats why we try to find answers. You can be a philosopher, but at a certain point you can't think any further, and that's is always my point where I want to know if there is something supernatural around me or not. Till now, I have to say "Maybe". But this answer doesn't satisfy me.

[at] Christine, calm down:D I can understand your emotional answer, but not everybody is able to see things like you. So they want to try, sure they want! And they do, and yes, of course its stupid, if you do it wrong.
I know these movies and I like to watch them. But what's your point? I mean, what you told and asked me, sounds like my grandma, I allready wrote in my story "we were stupid" and "I don't want to try it again, because I don't know how to protect myself". I definitely don't want to be haunted, I want to know if there are supernatural beings who are willing to communicate with the living, which I can asked questions about life and learn from them.
[at] Zeta,:D you're right, lots of Quija Board stories on the web these days. And yes, maybe it was a power surge. And I'm not worried, because after that night nothing happened to me. I just wanted to share my story.

Yeah, sometimes her parents were pretty cool;)
[at] Teneki, yes, of course, that is possible. Maybe it just was a happenstance. But it was weird in that very moment, because after this incident, the light never got bright (and did never before). What was surprising to me is, that the lamp wasn't bursted after the light got bright (and I mean BRIGHT like you can't see anything. That happened never again to me.)

[at] moongrim, we'll see what will happen next time.

[at] ktc96, thank you:) I know somebody who has lots of experience with the paranormal. But she is afraid of the Quija Board and won't do it.
I don't know either, we just tried.