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Green Hill Cemetery on 2011-12-12

I'm back with another story as promised. This story is about one of Amsterdam, N.Y's most haunted cemeteries. If you look up Green Hill Cemetery on the web you will find it. If you read my story The Hidden Door this happened a few years later when I was 16 years old. After the experiance in my las...

The Hidden Door on 2011-12-07

My name is Ben and I'm 22 years old. I live in Upstate N.Y. The story I'm about to tell one of the most mysterious things I've ever witnessed. When I was about 11 years old my mom, my mom's boyfriend Jay and I were heading to a friends house to help them move into their new home. When we got there i...

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Date: 2013-04-06
That's very helpful Mugsy and yes actually I did hear about that "the woman in white". My mom has told me stories about that. I sure will look into that. You live in Amsterdam?
Date: 2013-03-24
wow its been over a year since I been on here and reading these comments are great (except cristines) you suck. Haha but the video is still around but my friend zach let his friend barrow the camera a while ago and never got it back. He said the video is somewhere in his moms house he just has to find it. I hope he does cause it was very interesting. 😁
Date: 2011-12-18
What I do remember about "topper" is that whatever said it had an accent. Sounded spanish.
Date: 2011-12-15
thank you guys for commenting my story and being interested. I'm trying to find a why to put the video up but I recorded it on a video camera with the little tapes. I tried plugging the camera in the computer but it won't work cause its on the tape and not the camera itsself. I might just plug the camera in my huge tv and just record it off the tv onto my phone then upload it. That's all I can think of.

N_ishwarya- sorry I haven't done anything paranormal in years. The group is long gone.

Geetha50- acually I don't have the recordings anymore. But I do still have the footage I just have to find a way to put it up.

DARKNESS- thanks for the kind words and yes debunk is a big part of ghost hunting and everyone who ghost hunts should do it and not assume everything is paranormal. When I read the sight I didn't believe any of it because I walked through that cemetery all the time due to it being an awesome short cut to places and never saw a thing. So I had to prove the sight wrong and I did but I top of it I had even crazier things happen that the site never mentioned and that possibly no one even knows about.

Zzsgranny_yes I have done research on topper. I went to city hall and tried to find anyone in the graveyard named topper but couldn't find a thing. I still have no clue what it means. And the cemetery was not damaged or disrespected in anyway shape or form. I'm not a religious person but I still have all respect for the dead.
Date: 2011-12-13
Haha sorry for the typo if anyone caught that. I meant to say A.P.I (Amsterdam paranormal investigators)

Shadowyrhys- haha thanks for reading.

Snowhite- yea those spirits seemed angry but were harmless. If they were going to do something bad they would have the 3 or 4 hours we were in the cemetery but all they didn't was give me evidence that they exist.

Moongrim- the EMF didn't work to well cause of a lot of powerlines outside. So we didn't what we can with the equipment we had. Just a digital voice recorder and a video camera. But all in all we just wanted to have a fun time and we did.

On website about green hill cemetery they saw green hill is known for there haunting by glowing orbs, horrible smells, and leaves moving. I ended up debunking that these when I was there. First the glowing orbs. In green hill there's a road right on the side of it that's a main road to get to downtown so always a lot of cars. At night when cars past the reflextion of the headlights would hit the tombstones and from far away it looked like orbs moving slowing and disappearing but its just the car passing. The smell is crows. In the cemetery there are thousands of crows in the trees and flying above. There's so many the cover the sky at night its kind of cool. But birds do poop and when there's that many pooping in the cemetery and on the sidewalks and in the trees its going to leave a horrbile stench. Even when the wind blows. Last the leaves moving. Easy. WIND. Its outside. Of course leaves are going to move. But I can't debunk the footage and EVPs we got there. That's something totally different. And my friend zachs mom told me that when she was in highschool a classmate she knew hung himself in the cemetery. I don't know how true that is but if it is maybe its him we saw. We will never know.
Date: 2011-12-12
Zetafornow- no I don't keep in touch with mason. Soon after this happed we lost contact with them and I never saw them again.

Ghosthunter9876- I agree with you. I think children are more sensitive to the paramornal more then we think and they see a lot more then what they say.
Date: 2011-12-12
Haha I feel like I'm being attacked for my story. But ok ill try to answer all your questions the best I can.

Rook- yes we were there when the poilce showed up. But it had to be about 5 minutes later that we left. I wasn't asked any qeustions. The only tthing I remember then asking is how they found the bodies. I was left alone and yes it was pretty exciting but I didn't see enough of what they did to get to excited. They let my mom take me home cause it was fairly late. They only asked my mom one question and that was it.

Vanessanda- I know you ment no disrespect and so did i. And a few years ago my mom became really sick with breast cancer and then after that a sleep disorder where she just falls asleep randomly. Then she started loosing memory and when I asked about it she only remembered certain details. I asked if she knew if they lived in the same place or if she still had a number but she doesn't remember where they lived and I found the number in an old phone number book but it was disconnected. Haha and I don't know if they were really murdered at all I was just using that as an example of what my mom wouldn't say to an 11 year old boy.

Johntravis28- haha not a supporting wall. You know when you knock on a wall you can feel the difference between a support beam from nothing being on the otherside. They were knocking on the wall and heard just hollow everywhere they knocked on the wall.

Argette- trust me I've tried doing reseaarch on the internet as well and found nothing. That was the first place I looked.

And I must say I'm looking for answers such as who were the people we found? And how old they really were? If they were murdered? Sometimes people do stupid things when drinking and thing was one of the but him drinking also led him to something amazing. I don't know why and I don't know how but I'm going to find the answers at some point and when I do I'm will put everything on here.
Date: 2011-12-12
Wow you people are hard to convince. Vanessanda- yes we went home and I have no idea what happened after do to the fact that I was 11 years old and all I cared about was skateboarding and music. My mom might have been asked questions but she's not the tpye of person to come home to her 11 year old son and say "hey remember the skeletons we found in my friends house? Turns out they were brutally murdered and left there to rot". She has a soul. And no I don't think that guy was a medium or anything. Him and my moms boyfriend had a little to many to drinnk and decided to rip the wall down. I remember after they did they came out and told me not to go in there at all and being a nieve little kid took a little peek inside and saw the skeletons. I know what I saw so don't ask me all these stupid questions cause there's not much I could have done to help seeing as though I was just a child.
Date: 2011-12-12
Jessy_tor3- awesome. I live in amsterdam, ny. I worked in schenectady for like a year until about a month ago delivering car parts. Nice to see locals on this site.
Date: 2011-12-11
Sg303- it wasn't that creep more interesting cause who knows how long they were there for or how many owners there were before the skeletons were acually found. There's a lot of old house around NY so they could have been hundreds of years old cause the door looked really old

Zzsgranny- I'm not to sure about what happened after we found them. The police did come but as soon as they came me, my mom, and her boyfriend left. It was in Schenectady, N.Y. Around 11 or 12 years ago and soon after that I never saw those people again and it was the first time I met them. They were friends of my moms. I would love to look into it more and find out what happened but I'm not sure how to go by doing that. City hall maybe? Or the library? Ived asked my mother but she doesn't really know what happed after either.
Date: 2011-12-09
Dude its the flash catching the glare of the car creating a light in the lens. Nothing paranormal about. I am a photographer and it happens all the time.
Maybe you should get checked. A succubus doesn't sound to clean. Haha jk. Interesting story dude. Haha
Date: 2011-12-09
I don't think you should have quit. It must have been hard to deal with but she would have stopped eventaully seeing as tho she seemed to be more scare of you then you of her. I don't think she would have tried to hurt you cause if she did why you she target just you instead of the hundreds of people she could have chosen almost every night. Great story and I hope to read more.