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I one of those who love to go ghost hunting. You tell me a ghost story about a place. I say let's where it can we sneak in. I don't really like going on the tours of places I like to go for my self and find out for my self. If I have to go on it I will. I say when do you want to go let's go know.
I love reading and hearing peoples ghost storys what they have to say so on.
I also love going to partys and all we do is tell ghost storys the whole evening.
Oh ya I am a history buff so I dress up and go to a lot of vintage events. My faverite time period is 1880s--1950s But I sway more tords the art deco areas.
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Victorian Ball After Party In Pasadena Ca on 2012-02-29

I am a huge history buff. I go to as many history events in the LA and Pasadena area as I can. In Pasadena there is ball called Social Dance Irregulars, short term SDI. They have them three times a year, I used to go to all them for two years in a row. A friend of mine lived in a huge Victorian h...

Heritage Square Museum, Ca on 2012-02-22

I volunteer at a museum called Heritage Square in Pasadena, CA. I have been volunteering there for 6 years. I have always known about Heritage Square; I live right up the street from it. I grew up with it and always loved it as a kid. I only wish I had signed up sooner. I never felt anything as a gu...

Sunday Night At The Art Deco Festival On The Queen Mary on 2011-12-07

My friends and I party a lot on the Queen Mary, have a lot of late nights on the ship and fun times. We dress up to the era of the ship so were always in 1930s -1940s outfits. I have lot ghost stories, so it is pretty normal to see us walking the ship. Even the some the workers know us by name and w...

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Date: 2012-05-25
I love your story
I truely believe ghost when they die do say good bye to there love ones. You must of been somthing to him.
I do like oldier people they have great storys to tell about there life.
My grandfather passed away 7 years ago. I saw him once in the hostipal right before I left to Mexico for a couple mouths. While my folks left to Greece. I remember the day like it was yesterday I said good bye I love you very very much you will get better soon soldier. He died a mouth later. I new when he died cause he said good bye to me the night he died I did not think any thing of it at the time I just thought it was a ghost scaring me. I found out the next day I was in tears and could not say soldier years after now I can say it. I miss him a great deal and so want to to talk to him cause I have the love history like he did and I am living history the days of his youth he would love doing all it with me.
Every now and then I do smell old spice cause that is what he wore and I see him from time to time.
The last time I saw him was at a museum I volunteer for we had a parnormal night and he pop up and told me how disapointed in me. I did talk to him a little but not much.
Very cool story
I so wish I was there it is a ghost thriller dream come true like me
I had somthing happen with a car. I was in the moutains of Datil New Mexico on a school trip we found this old car from 1930 or earlier not sure when and what type of car. I got the stangest feeeling to it my friend who lives there told me more about it years later when I told him what happen when we were there. I will post soon I am still waiting for three storys of mine to be posted that I had posted
Date: 2012-04-21
Your welcome Dan
I do understand where your coming from being very unerving
Well I get thrilled when things like this happens to me I go looking for it
It is tough to scare me now days. Years ago it was easy to scare me
I get like you do when I deal with people more then ghost
Date: 2012-04-10
I had stuff like happen to me. I go for it. I just hate it when it happens at a museum cause I can't always go for it.
I am American from California Los Anagales. My father got a job in North East LA Highland park great little town. Very historical part.
He need something done on the job no brainer type job. It was cleaning a very small addic and I am small. My father new I was looking for the cash. So he ask the lady if I could do it after I got out of class. She agreed very cool lady. I went to the house once with my mother and father to drop off somthing or to pick up somthing can't remember what. When we walk in we got the feeling of an lonely ghost sadden.
Well I came to do the job on a nice spring day. I was thrilled to do it cause it was an older house built in the early 1900's I love homes like that. I started on the job and getting all the old stuff out there. I finaly got every thing out time start vacuming the area.
As I started to vacume I keep getting feeling look there and there. So I did and I found a old pair of 1920s glasses that were broken wish they were not cause I would use them. The time I got the old feeling I got feeling I found an old photo of a family from the 1920s. I keep getting that feeling look here but could not reach it was really heard to get to certain area's. Part of the floor with was the celing to the living room was not proceted. So I had lie on beaming to get to certain area's. My father told me so help god you better not go on the not proceted part. Cause you could fall through and heart your self bad it was a huge fall. The bill he would have oh lord. I had to finsh could not find what the ghost was telling me to find. But she ask about the area how it has changed since she was alive it was a little girls from 20s she scared me a little but I stuck talking her for a bit until I finshed.
I finshed the job late. I did not tell the lady about the ghost but told her about the photo and the glasses. I thought the photo was her family cause her family owned the house for a long time. I showed her the photo and she told me she had no clue it was I ask if I could keep the stuff she said yes so happy. I told my mom and dad that night about what had happen. My father told me go ahead and tell the lady about it she is open. I told her about it and she was thrilled and she told me storys of her own
I also would love to comment that I really like reading the story of your playful ghost father in law
I love playful ghost there fun
I don't like the ones who want to do evil to you or scare you cause there angry so on
Sounds like something the ghost in my house would do. One is my grandfather and other is an old friend of the family. I would had fun with your father in law. Sounds like you guys have lot of fun with his ghost still
I believe in past lives so on
Maybe she stuck around a little after she died then went to go get a new body
Is there any new addions to your family if so lesson to what little ones got to say maybe it is her
Date: 2012-04-10
I fully agree with you discerninguser a parent should not yell at the children for being off they should confert them.
I think some parents want there children to be norimal so bad that they push hard and when child fights they get mad
Date: 2012-03-22
I really love your story. I understand you fully on feeling of the ghost. I am very lucky if I tell my folks about the ghost and feeling like it they embrace it and lesson to what I have to say. My mother also gets those crazy feeling as well. This why I never really did things that are bad cause when I do she knows people think I am crazy and say it is not true. I know it is true cause I can't get way with much no matter how hard I try.
My mom would tell my brother when they would see a muder talk about on TV my mom would tell my brother where the body is and he would say no way. A week later they would say where the body is.
I am like you when I go to a grave yard I see the ghost and get there feeling and how they live I like that. I don't know if they notice me all the time I know some do and they are shock I can see them and they get excided wierd. I don't have happen as offten as you do.
I also pick up on peoples feeling as well but I have to be hanging out with them offten. I also get bad feeling somthing is going to happen so on some times good.
I am going to post storys soon
Ok! I went to your profile after to see it and saw that. I do believe things can be explain as well but what I heard I am certain it was peronal you had to be there. If you don't believe me fine
[at] ngute
By the way I do hope for the best when I ghost hunt or doing any thing paranormal. But if there is nothing when I am doing paranormal stuff I accept it and move on. When I get paranormal stuff I am happy to get it. I am not desprate to get paranormal stuff. I just pick on seeing ghost and there happy to see me and I am happy to see them or feel them so on. Do you believe in ghost?
[at] Petersspirit
You never know what your going to run in to what the ghost have to say. You never know if it is a family member or a ghost who just wants to be heard. Or tell you some peace of history about the building so on.
[at] Dragonstorm80
Thank you so much for your comments. I do hope get a lot more good experiences at Heritage Square. Well the doctors off scares me not engough for me never to go in there alone or in at all. I just get a heavy sad feeling like don't come in hear. I think the person died on the oprating table or when he was brought in. I get a he for some odd reason some not old some before 50 not sure of the age.
I thought about when I go to the museum when I am around doing stuff for the museum do my own little mini stuff and see what I get. I am there offten doing office work or events so on
Every thing I heard that night I know it was true. If you don't believe me on this story fine you don't have to. There was no one in the kitchen that night and I don't think it was from some where out side it sounded like it came from in side. The music we heard was music from the 1930s very low and it sound like it was in the house. The guy who was hosting the party was playing Victorian classical music. We were at a Victorian ball that night and he was keeping to the theme. Those party's were so much fun. I will miss them a great deal. That was the only reason I would go to the balls is to go to the after party's. I could careless for the ball it self I was more excited to go to the after party then the ball stay up all night talking about history and hanging out so on.
Date: 2012-02-22
I think I seen the pub you work for on TV I would so go
Sounded like fun to work for
❤ Hello Lauren!
I say try to talk to the sprit on your own like your talking to some one. You never know you might get a name or where from so on. They might be some you know very well like a family memember always looking out for you.
My house had stuff happen like your house. When we move in there were sprits have no clue who they are. My dad work at this place in Hollywood CA and his clinents had the slam man and would scare them half to death at night so they told me dad get out. My dad got it out and brought it to our house there was a ghost in it and he scare our friends and some family memebers we love cause it would crack us up. Yes! I know it is mean. I like the slam man I had a friend flrit with him funny as ever. Over the years my father has moved around our yard now it is in the far back of the house and the sprit is out of slam man don't know if he still lingers around our house.
Like you I heard foot steps around my house at night when my folks are not home when I am alone the TV turns off on its own. I see sprits and feel them as well. I know who two are and that is it one is my granfather and the other is a friend of my mothers. They both like playing jokes on use.
One night when my folks where out of the country Ingeland I was by self in the house. My folks will be coming back in a week. I was getting ready to go to sleep and I heard in my room the key board typing one key at a time. Since I was alone I have to admite I was scared.
Date: 2012-02-22
I stuff like that happen with sprits at summber partys as a kid or staying at a friends house. Once in a while it would creep us out big time. I would have a friend just to shut me up say it is nothing.
Date: 2012-02-22
❤ I would had been the one to com every one down if I could. I figure out saying I see nothing when I did just to com the scared ones down. I would have spent the night again with brave people.
I think your story is cool. I heard on my mothers side that some of her family were witchs and in to that stuff. So it is not new to me hearing stuff like that. She is Mexican and my father is white. I wonder if any one on his side where in to stuff like that. I am might start asking around. The question is witch family memebers do I ask not scare any one and get them thinking I am wierd and crazy. 😳
Date: 2012-02-22
😕 I think your story is intresting. But odd I don't know what to believe on it. I think it is one of those I have to meet the person and talk to the person to come to a concuesion on it.
🤔 Ok! You people had so many questions I answered all in my story no reading in between the lines. I know this sounds crazy my friend heard the 1940's waiter guy and the little girl. I got how tall she was and felt her hand on mine. There for I new it was a child my friend heard her voice that night. There dose that answer some questions some you may have.