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Small Red And Hooded on 2011-12-12

From the age of 7 until I was 14, I lived in a large house on a farm with my parents and my 4 brothers and sisters. This was on a farm just on the outskirts of Hamilton in New Zealand. My elder brother had the upstairs room and the rest of us were downstairs. I used to like going upstairs to sleep i...

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No, Christchurch is the main capital city of the reigon, or provence, of Caterbury.
Date: 2011-12-15
All good thankyou for your thoughts. It is funny though. When saying I was scared, it was not utter fear as in screaming in terror. It was more "holy heck what did I just see? Please go away" As I was able to get to sleep both times, I think it was ok. If I had seen a deamon with horns and eyes like fire or a ghost like apparition, I am sure I would have flipped and ran. So even though I was scared it was not a feling of terror. I like the thoughts on feeling what the spirit felt before it died. Maybe they just wanted the pain of life to go away like I wanted them to go away? And I Prayed, which is not something I generally do a lot of. Once again Thankyou.
Date: 2011-12-15
Just to add and this may not be of consequence. My brothers room was newly built and was not an original structure of the house. Would this make a difference?

Also the creature, in both cases was not in the room but in the frame of the door. Both times the door was open. In the case of being in Canada, when staying at someone elses place it is very uncommon for me to leave the door wide open. I cannot say for sure if I did leave the door open or if it was open when I woke up in the morning but when I did see the creature in the night, the door was defintaly open. I would always close the door or at least have it ajar when staying at a place where I don't know the people.
I am thinking of maybe 3 scenarios. A) It was not in the room as there was a shield of somesort not allowing it to enter. B) It was guarding the room so nothing else could enter or C) I'm a fruitcake at it was all in my mind.
I have not really thought about it a lot over the years but I am a teacher and my children were telling ghost stories and I said "I got one" and it got me thinking about it more. Now I just would like to know what it was I saw. Thanks for the comments it has got me thinking about it more and I will try to dig a little deeper.
Date: 2011-12-15
I thought the same thing also. No it did not make any threatening moves. Just stood there motionless. The house in New Zealand that we lived in did have some history and a cousin of ours, who was apparently psycic, got a very bad feeling when touching an old brass lamp that we found in a shed. She put her hands on it and then her hands joted back. This was years before I saw anything though. I really don't remember much of what my cousin said but my brother and sister found a door that lead into the ceiling from a cupboard. Inside was a garbage bag full or marijuana that would have been there about 20 years. The story goes the guy who presumably owned it had commited suicide but what I do know is that my cousin said it was nothing to do with him, the bad feeling she got. I am feeling that this thing ment me no harm, although I was scared when seeing it both times. Was it the bad thing my cousin was speaking of or was it something to protect me from the bad thing? Why would it be in Vancouver though? Unless this house also had a secret that I did not know about? I was only at his house one night. I am also not one to sleep walk, so the fact that I had woken up in a position that seemed impossible? I really just don't know. I don't live in New Zealand anymore so will find it difficult to find out the history of the house. I could maybe ask my sister what she remembers as she was there when my cousin did her psycic thing and it may shed some more light on what happened.
Date: 2011-12-14
I did not really think about the fact that it was in other peoples rooms. Interesting. The robe itself looked like it was made of heavy material a thick cloth, not cotton. The thing itself I could not see, it was just blackness, I guess darker than the darkness surrounding it. The whole thing itself looked as though it was faded, like when something starts to dissappear on TV. Was not fully there, but had not disappeared. Thank you for your thoughts.
Date: 2011-12-14
Thank you for your comment, but by the description on the website, it would seem unlikely to be a goblin. It was a maroon hooded robe, I suppose reminds me a little of little red riding hood, but no face just a black emptiness. Also, it did not look like a solid entity in that I feel that if I went up and touched it, my hand would have passed right through it. But as if I was going to do that...
I recently posted my story "Small Red and Hooded". Unlike your tall hooded figure mine was small and had a red cloak. I am happy others have had similar experiences. I don't consider myself spritual but at least I know I am not crazy.