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South Africa
I am an only child of a first marriage. Given into the custody of my father at the age of one year old. Was brought up by my paternal grandmother & maiden aunt + my dad. Lived in Kimberley for 19 years then moved to Randfontein, South Africa, where I have lived ever since. I am married (to the same man for more than 50 years...Phew!) & have 3 daughters, & 4 grandchildren. I was introduced to strange stories & paranormal stories at quite a young age (about 7 or 8) by my youngest uncle Norman. It has left an indelible print on me, though my uncle has long since passed on. I am now a pensioner. (I worked at my last job for 23 years). Up until now, my hobbies have been my husband; my girls; my grandchildren. Now, it is the INTERNET! (Oh Boy! At last!)
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Family Incidents on 2017-08-08

A few months back I wrote about my experiences while house-sitting at our eldest daughter's home. While I was away, my husband, Ray, had an incident of his own. Ray was sitting in our lounge one night, watching DVDs on the TV. He was seated in his Lazyboy, right opposite the TV, with only the lou...

House Sitting on 2017-05-05

For the second time within a month, I was asked to do house sitting duty at our eldest daughter's home. No problem. She lives in a secure townhouse complex in the Johannesburg region where she presides as chairlady. Her second in command, (I shall call her Kay) would look in on me on a regular basis...

Guidance From Beyond The Veil? on 2017-01-02

I am not sure if the events I am going to record were paranormally influenced or not, I will leave that decision to my readers. It is not unusual for me to make clothes for our twelve-year-old granddaughter, Shenay, for Christmas presents. The usual 'menu' is shorts and tops. I had already compl...

Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist? on 2016-08-25

As I mentioned in my last submission, I visited my brother, Rob, in New Zealand last year and cajoled a few paranormal experiences of his from him. Here is his second one, this also took place while he was still living in South Africa. Back in late 1987, he was transferred by his work from De Aar...

Haunted House In De Aar on 2016-03-24

A few months ago, while visiting my brother in New Zealand, I coerced him into retelling me his preternatural experiences while still living in South Africa. It was like pulling teeth when he first started, but then it all came tumbling out so fast that I had to ask him to stop, while I grabbed pen ...

Boots And A Bluish Blob on 2016-02-17

About halfway through 2015, we (my husband Ray and I) received an invitation to my brother's wedding in New Zealand. After some deliberation, we decided to take the long plane trip from South Africa to attend this momentous occasion. I won't bore you with details of a family wedding, nor of all t...

Zeus - The End Of The Line? on 2015-06-29

I have written before about my beautiful black Labrador x, Zeus. My companion, my protector, my 'alarm system' for the corporeal and non-corporeal. Here is the end of his story, or is it? For those of you who have a soft heart as far as animals go, I am posting a tissue warning now. Just over ...

Prior To Christmas on 2015-01-28

After our autumn months here in the Southern Hemisphere, I had a 'dry' season, as far as anything-unusual goes. I thought I had been deserted by the paranormal (or whatever you like to call it), but it was only a lull in activity. At the end of September, things gradually started warming up again, b...

Annals Of A Haunted Farmhouse on 2014-12-03

My memory has been jogged by a story I have just read on YGS. I will recount to you a tale that my father told me many years ago. The period was circa 1930, the place was Kimberley, South Africa. Doug (my dad) had an Afrikaans friend and neighbour, Friederike (Frikkie for short). Frikkie had hea...

Things That Go Bump on 2014-10-29

Our granddaughter Shenay often spends a weekend at our house since her mother's demise two years ago. Shenay has a history of 'seeing' or 'knowing' things, with the result that I tend to believe what she says. One weekend night, Shenay was safely tucked up in bed and asleep, or so I thought. I h...

Falling Photos And The White Teddy Bear on 2014-10-01

On the morning of 17th February 2014, I received mail from our eldest daughter Nicky. The header to the email was "Strange..." I read with interest; this is the story that emerged. Shenay, our nine-year-old granddaughter had just spent a weekend with us - nothing unusual in that. We had fetched S...

Strange Lights In The Sky on 2014-08-05

The following experiences are NOT spooky or scary, but, for me, extremely puzzling. Perhaps one of our esteemed readers can help shed light on them for me. Three times in my life, I have seen unexplained lights in the sky. Each time it was during daylight hours. Each time, I had at least one witn...

Dad's Birthday Visit on 2013-12-11

At my age, unless I have something important to get up for, I rarely know what day it is, let alone the date. I need a reminder, either on my phone or on my PC to let me know if it is someone's birthday or if I have an important "date" to keep. In other words, I no longer have a memory - only a "for...

Devine Intervention, Or Something Else? on 2013-11-20

Back in January of this year, I had an incident happen at my home. At the time, I wrote it off as non-paranormal; now I am beginning to have my doubts. Recently I read, and "digested" an account written by triden07 called "Intervention". It gave me pause for thought. It must have been some sort o...

The Ghosts At Marinda's House on 2013-10-23

Monday 29th October 2012, found us at Marinda's stately home in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Ray (my hubby) was there to do some carpentry work in their laundry area; I was there just to chat and catch up on events. Ray had picked up a few snags along the way, so we were still there as even...

The White-out on 2013-09-18

A good few years ago, maybe twenty or more, my husband and I experienced something which has us baffled to this day. We have no idea if it was paranormal or not - only that it was extremely weird, and so far, nobody can give us a reasonable explanation for. Therefore, I am throwing it out there, in ...

What Is That Smell? on 2013-08-14

As a lot of the "older" members of YGS will know, I seem to have a perchance for smelling odours at sometimes the oddest of moments. My following account is no exception to the rule. It is now towards the end of July (or it was, when I wrote this) - our coldest time of the year - no ants, flies o...

Zeus on 2013-06-12

I am casting my mind back to 2009, when my husband and I were given a pair of dogs. They were brother and sister, about a year old. We were told that Zeus and Cleo were Labrador x Rottweiler, although their appearance was of black Labrador. One could see that they had been well cared for as their co...

It Isn't Always Imagination on 2013-05-08

Before you begin reading, I would like to post a "Tissue Warning" for all the em-paths. (Before I get a telling-off again!) I have noted with interest, that many folks post stories from their childhood, in which they recall sightings of ghosts or spirits. I have also noted just how many folks cl...

Our Girls - It Runs In The Family on 2013-04-03

Last year Easter 2012, we had what we like to call a 'Gathering of the Clan' -- not a large one according to historical events, but our children, and our children's' children, ten members of the family, all under one roof. It felt so good having all of us sitting around in our middle daughter's loun...

Who Had The Last Laugh? on 2013-03-13

This is actually an experience, told to me by my father, many years ago. I shall start by telling you some of the circumstances, which led up to the events. My dad, after completing Standard 6 at school, (grade 8) was forced to leave and seek employment, due to the "Great Depression" which had hi...

Angel's White Feathers on 2013-02-06

It was the week before Christmas 2012, when I heard my first "Voice", which I believe was not of our plane. I had heard other people tell of "voices", even my hubby Ray, had his own experience, with our beloved daughter Angel. I was slightly envious, I must admit! But, on the other hand, I had, time...

Sniff, Sniff... Who's There? on 2013-01-09

Dear readers, at the insistence of Miracles, Rook and Granny, I started keeping a 'Journal' towards the end of June last year (2012). I am truly grateful to all of you. I now have some strange (to me) occurrences which I would like to share. To avoid any confusion, if I mention Zeus - that is my ...

Farm House In The Karoo on 2012-12-05

I would like to share with you, another account from my Uncle Norman. This must have taken place in 1950/1, as Norm had bought a 'new' car, a grey Vanguard. He was delighted to have 'wheels' for the first time in his life; eager to try it out on a road trip. Norm and a friend (I honestly can't...

Knocking On Heaven's Door on 2012-11-07

Dear Readers, I have been advised to issue a "tissue warning" for all the em-paths, out there. I shall start my tale, at the very beginning of our Angel's life! At 5:20am, 23 July 1970, our third and last child was born... A beautiful baby girl. We named her Angelique, which was soon shortened, t...

The Motorbike Light on 2012-09-05

It must have been the summer of '81, when Nicky, our eldest daughter, started pestering us to go to a Disco! The answer was "No! Definitely not! You are far too young!" Over the next few weeks, she wheedled and cajoled; begged, pleaded and threatened! Eventually, her Dad and I came to an agreement w...

Terror In The Prison on 2012-07-31

I was one of those incredibly stupid (or naive) young people, that didn't read the fine print before 'signing on the dotted line'! I found myself hundreds of kilometres away from where I had intended, at the gates of Kroonstad Prison. Thankfully, not as an inmate, but as a new prison wardress. I ...

Angel's House on 2012-06-20

I think I should get this in print, before I forget! My short-term memory is getting worse. I really should keep a diary, as many have suggested; sometimes though, things happen at awkward times. The last week, I spent at our youngest daughter Angel's home, situated to the south of Johannesburg. ...

There Came A Dark Horse on 2012-05-28

This account was told to me many, many years ago by my favourite Uncle (and "partner in crime" Lol!). Way back in the 1940's, before our double highways were built, the way to the Cape lay down narrow, winding roads. Often, the roads were badly sign posted, so it was very easy to get lost. Dur...

Don't Hold Your Breath on 2012-04-30

On the 15th December 1988, our first grand-child, a son, was born in Carletonville. He was born premature, and so small that I had to buy dolls clothes to fit him. After a week or two, he was allowed to go home. I was on Christmas break, from the factory that I worked at. My daughter asked me to he...

Billy, One Of A Kind on 2012-03-28

Billy was one of a kind! He was my husbands' friend, and a constant visitor at our home. My husband met him sometime in the early 70's. He wasn't like anyone we had ever known before! He was a 'showman' and ate razor blades and did fire eating, to entertain people. He was an extrovert, and laughed ...

Uncle Bob's Light on 2012-03-12

I grew up as "Daddy's Girl"! I think, because I had no mother, my dad loved and cosseted me twice as much. I never lacked for anything, least of all, love! I grew up in a house full of adults; I was a rather precocious child. My dad worked hard, he worked as a shaft carpenter in the Kimberley dia...

Is There A Ghost In The House? on 2012-03-07

On November 1, 1971, we moved into our OWN house. We had watched it being built, and were so excited when we moved in. I admit, it was a 'council house', but my husband was working for the municipality, and was allowed to buy it. Our three girls shared a bedroom at first, until everything could be...

Granny's Bed on 2012-02-13

I grew up in Granny's house. I had a very happy childhood, even though there was no mother around. My dad, Auntie, Uncle Norm and Granny were all I needed to make my life whole. My dad was a man to be admired, Granny and Auntie took care of me, and Norm was there to sing to me and fascinate me wi...

A Gorilla? on 2012-01-23

The first thing that struck me, that day, as we entered the deserted premises' of Robinson Married Quarters, was the number of newly-dead ducklings. Pathetic little bundles of yellow fluff dotted all over the back yard. I was at once, dismayed to see this dismal sight. My friend from next door was ...

Randfontein Mine House on 2012-01-09

It was around the time that my third daughter was born, 1970, that I started to see strange things. This all happened in Randfontein, South Africa. I don't know if it was a case of 'raging hormones'. Or the house we were living in. We had recently moved into a very old mine house; brick on the...

Last 20 posts from Fergie
Date: 2017-09-04
Meldel, I don't blame your dad for being scared senseless, I would be too.

This was an interesting narrative to say the least.

Which part of SA are you from? Being a SAfrican myself, I would love to know. 😐
Date: 2017-08-13
I love your humour!

If the truth be told, I didn't even cotton on to the incongruous remark made by Shen about Zeus. I was too fixated about her seeing "The Lady". Her expression was so 'matter of fact' at the time - just recounting the number of spirits in our house.

If I had given it any thought, I would have asked Shen how the heck would Zeus have reached the tack to pull it out. It is just above eye height for me. 😕
Date: 2017-08-13
Aah Melda! Thank you. 😊

I am happy to be "normal", (as far as this site goes). I have always been thankful that we don't have anything scary living in, or visiting our home. I am proud to announce that there have been strangers in our house that have remarked that they can 'feel the love' in our home - so all is good.

Yes, it seems that Angel has taken to waking Nicky up to give her the message. Good girl! Now there can be *no* confusion.

I am so glad I could give you a non-scary bit to read. Thanks for your sweet comment, Melda. 😘
Date: 2017-08-13
Tweed, thank you for reading, and your comment.

I agree wholeheartedly, my family has something special, well at least the four of us that are usually mentioned in my narratives. Our other (middle) daughter and her family are not 'believers'. We just have to shut the heck up when they are around, which isn't too often.

I am sending you a Gothic bat, lol. That was such a cute remark. 😊 ❤
Val, that was no trouble at all - you are welcome.

It would be amazing if Aunt Sylvie allowed you to publish her story, or part thereof. Maybe after writing to her, as Biblio suggested, she will feel more amenable to your endeavours.

It is very true, as Biblio said, that older generations did not like their affairs aired in public. My Auntie once told me a *huge* family secret. After the telling, I was like, "What? So what was so bad about that?" To me it was just a morsel of gossip, nothing to get your knickers in a knot about. To her, it was something 'hush-hush' that hadn't been spoken about for three generations. Go figure? 😕
That will be great, Val.
I will keep my eyes peeled. 😆 I am no expert, but I do have quite a few ancient photos of folks that passed on before I was born.

Hope I can be of help. ❤
Weird stuff, Val.

We all know that computers can do inexplicable things, but that is just crazy! 😕

As far as your picture of a young Aunt Sylvie goes, is there a possibility that she was dressed up for fancy-dress, or maybe took part in a play? That would account for her dressing in clothes of a by-gone age.
Just a thought.

I have a sepia photo of hubby and myself dressed in 1800s clothes. It was taken at an historical town (Pilgrim's Rest) when we visited some years ago. Also have one of Angel and her friend. What a fun long weekend that was! 😁
Hi Johnny,

Being from SA myself, I don't find it strange to hear of a sangoma cursing a home or person with bad luck and/or ill health. The sangoma usually does so at the request, and payment of an aggrieved person. (Please read my submission "A Gorilla?" http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=14242)

I may be wrong, but I always thought that a sangoma's curse could only be lifted by another, stronger, sangoma. I know that the curse doesn't automatically go away if the object of the curse is no longer there. Your "Oom" must have had knowledge of African curses, and how to lift them. I know the favourite place to 'plant' a curse is at the front door. I think he dug up the bag of "muti" placed there.

Thank you for your interesting submission. I am happy to hear that all members of the family obtained relief after the lifting of the curse.
Date: 2017-06-05
I really enjoyed this, Val. 😁
Just deserts for your impudent brother, and a meek, sympathetic you. 😉 Love it!
OMW Melda, we may have passed one another on the street and not known. I stopped going to Kimberley after 1983 when my dad passed away.

If you would like to continue reminiscing, you are welcome to email me privately.
Melda, Pratley St rings a bell for me. Yes, it is quite close to the Halfway House in Du Toitspan Rd, and my old high school, KGH.

We moved to the top of Herlear (Diana Rd) from West End when my dad was allowed a mine house after he remarried. My dad's second eldest brother lived in Beaconsfield. Gosh Melda, you are stirring up all sorts of memories from my past; none of them paranormal, unfortunately.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I haven't been back to Kbly in over twenty years. All that I have left there is a second cousin, she is 91 years old.
Hi Melda, I know I am late for this party, but I have been busy lately.

What really drew my attention was your mention of Kimberley. I lived there until '64. I lived in West Circular Rd, West End. The house no longer exists, but was facing the reef of the Big Hole.Incidentally, my old submission, "Granny's Bed" took place there. Which suburb did you live in? It is only since I left Kbly that I heard of its rich ghost activity; strange eh?

I never had an imaginary friend even though I was an only child for the first 14 years of my life. I don't think our girls had one either.

Thank you for your charming narration, I enjoyed it immensely. ❤
Date: 2017-05-25
Hello msforgetmenott,

What interesting experiences you had with the birds next door. That sounds remarkably significant. It makes one wonder if they they were there to mourn, or just missing the occupants.

My aunt, who lived with us for the last twenty-eight years of her life, told us of experiences with an owl sitting on top of the flag-pole in their garden in her childhood home. Every time a family member died, an owl would perch there and hoot. They dreaded hearing an owl, they always knew it was a portend of death.

Thank you for reading and commenting. 😊
Date: 2017-05-25

Lol, with my new-found knowledge, I'd say someone was desperately trying to send you a message. Did a name of a deceased loved one pop into your head after you were 'attacked' by a butterfly? If it ever happens again, take note.

Birds, as a sign, isn't as new to me. In my pre-dawn encounter with a Cape Robin almost five years ago, I was already suspecting I had been visited by a spirit. If you like, you can read my account "Knocking on Heaven's Door."

I am glad you found my account interesting. Thank you for reading and your comment. 😁
Date: 2017-05-23
Hi Tweed,

My brain is spinning with all the googling you have *forced* me into, lol. I am no Lepidopterist so it never entered my mind to google the type of butterfly before, but now I did. It could be a Painted Lady, but I am leaning more towards a Blood-red Acraea, though it seems we are out of its natural habitat range.

BTW, thank you for the interesting link you sent me. Between you, and all the other *clued-up* folks on this site, my knowledge expands daily.

I tried a search for folklore/ myths on butterflies in South Africa, but came up empty handed. 😲

The more I think about it, the more I am inclined to think the shadow dog was Toffee. The size and gait would be perfect for that sedate old lady. I feel so honoured that she would appear to me.

So you also have WTF moments with lights? LOL.

Thanks so much for reading, and your reply.
Date: 2017-05-22
ABC, I enjoyed your narrative and humorous style of writing.

My husband also looks like Santa, but doesn't wear pajamas, lol. Thank heavens he is still with me, even after fifty years of marriage. 😆

Thank you for sharing, and welcome to YGS.
Date: 2017-05-22
Hah! I know it costs an arm and a leg, Melda. But what can we do if we want the best for our youngsters?

Yeah, we just have to grin and bear it. No amount of toi-toi-ing on our part is going to change things for US.

This silly system won't allow me to vote you up. 😢
Spiritwaiting, I am so sorry to hear of your family's loss, also of your puppy troubles.

I am actually envious of you. I wish our resident spirit would give us a heads up on future troubles. Unfortunately she is a residual and only seen from a certain angle from our lounge. We presume she lived in the little farmhouse that was on our property, prior to our house being built.

Thank you for sharing you unnerving experiences. I hope you will not be needing a heads up for a long time to come. 😉
Date: 2017-05-22
Hi Melda,
I am so glad I could jog your memory to write this lovely account. What a phenomenal experience for Craig to have; such a lovely gesture on Pop's part.
I hope Craig is in a better space now, with not a lot of nagging worries.

Being a SAfrican, I totally understand and sympathize with your views on the labour and schooling situations. Our youngest granddaughter has already been accepted into a private school for next year (phew!)

Thanks for posting your heartwarming narrative. ❤
Date: 2017-05-15
Babygoatpuller, I managed to corner Nicky yesterday to ask about what she sees on the stairs. She admits to seeing 'someone' on the top landing, or coming down the stairs, on numerous occasions. She can't tell if it is male or female as it is too shadowy. She doesn't get a 'vibe' from the shadow, so it doesn't scare her. She also isn't sure if it is the same one all the time, or if there is more than one. My guess would be, it is the same one.

At first, she thought it was just her imagination, or a trick of the light, as she sees it from her peripheral vision. But, as Kay saw it 'full on', I presume it is for real.

Personally, I have not seen it - wish I could. 😉