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Im Shan
15 Years old! (2011)
A Happy go- lucky!
Yet disturbed by "something"
Anyways I'm a fun guy to be with!
Still single:D
(just broke up though) ;)
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Something Is In My House on 2011-12-14

I moved to my current house back in 2003. The house I'm staying in is a double story house. The first day I stepped foot into the house, I knew something was wrong. However, when I told my father about this, he said it was nothing and asked me to go unpack in my room. Well for your information, I di...

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Date: 2011-12-22
Geetha50: I couldn't agree with you more! I'm going to take up meditating with my mum at place near by my house!:D
Date: 2011-12-20
zzsgranny: Thanks man that really helped, I just found out that you need to cleanse the house regularly.

Smithchrissy: I agree with zzsgranny I'm from a very diffrent background of culture yet I'm thankful for your opinoin!:D
Guys ouja boards a getting a very famous I would really like to see one of them.
Are they sold in Hasbro or Toy Kings (a lot of people told me) just askin?:D