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Screaming In The Pool on 2011-12-21

This happened recently at my house. I am 13 and I live near Brisbane, QLD. This happened with 2 friends in my pool. We were diving underwater, when we heard a short, cut off scream. Suddenly, my 2 friends came up and said "did you scream!?" It wasn't me and I told them that. From then on we went u...

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Date: 2012-01-18
Okay, the pool is new. And the filter was off because mum was cleaning it. It couldn't have been my friends playing around because:
1. They are terrible actors. You should see them in drama class.
2. The sound wan't coming from them.

PS: My friend said she heard the growl in her bathroom at her house too. Also, my friend came over again and we heard muffled speaking, like a young girl with something over their mouth. 😨

My friend says one of her ancestors died young by a man drowning her? My mum can't hear it but some of my other friends heard the scream too.
Date: 2011-12-16
I agree with Nysa, hearing a name might be auditory hallucination. I hear my name all the time when nobody is around.

As a few people have asked, is your name Adam or the man who murdered his wife? 😕