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A Dog Of A Guardian Angel? on 2016-04-27

I've been in India since the past few days. In Mumbai, or Bombay to be precise, visiting my grandmother who lives here. There's something about this city that intrigues me. They call it the city that never sleeps, and I have to certainly agree. A friend and me have been going for walks in the ev...

My Cat, Fifi on 2015-07-21

On 16th July 2015, at 9:21am, I lost my 19 year old cat, Fifi to multiple organ failure due to old age. He was my best friend, and companion since I was 3 years old. His previous owners abandoned him, and my dad took him in when he was probably a year old. He came to us when he was fully grown, so I...

My Cat Came Back To Say Goodbye on 2015-01-01

I'm 21 years old, we are Indians, from India settled in the United States. My parents are animal lovers and I've grown up with pets. We had daschunds when I was an infant and after they passed away from old age, we rescued two cats. Snaggle puss, a beautiful orange colored tabby that I rescued in 19...

Did My Near Death Experience Open Up My Third Eye? on 2014-05-20

I remember going to my best friend's house in the afternoon. We shopped at a very popular flea market in South Mumbai and there was supposed to be a dog show at radio club in the evening. I remember getting our stamps done for entering. The fee was 50 rupees per head. We entered, and there weren't m...

Can The Soul Travel Outside A Living Person's Body? on 2012-01-16

I'm relatively new to this site, please check out another article that I've written before this about my ability to predict the future and stuff. This happened 2 years ago. My parents are from India but I've been born and bought up in the United States. Our relatives live there and we haven't visite...

Very Strong Sixth Sense? on 2012-01-11

I'm an 18 year old girl, ever since I was a kid I've had weird things happen to me, my grand father passed away in 1992 and I was born a year later, my grandmom had used an ouijja board to communicate with him and he said he would come back to the earth through me, like a reincarnation or something....

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I also had my 18 year old cat return to me after we had to put him to sleep because he was suffering from fluid in his kidneys and heart problems that were irreversible due to old age. You can read the story on I guess this quote holds true, the ones who love us never really leave us, you can find them here ❤ I have shared the story on this site and you can find it on my profile. Fifi gave us 18 beautiful yes as of memories before he left for the rainbow bridge. I grew up with him, and ours was a very close bond, just like yours.

Yabba was such a beautiful dog, look at those eyes! Aww:) what a heart touching story and going directly into my favourites. I'm sure she's blessing you from above and she will always look out for you from doggie heaven, just like she did when she was physically with you. Love and hugs.
Date: 2016-07-17
[at] brenttan what he meant to say was that the houses have door frames but not doors.:)
[at] Mazz
Thank you:)
I'll definitely go through the link you shared. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and helping out. ❤
Date: 2015-07-28
Frangelica1: I'm so sorry for your loss. I read about the rainbow bridge online, and it says what you just said in the comment. It made me cry when I read about it the day he passed, but when I read it now I am at peace knowing he's in a better place without any pain or suffering and that I will get to meet him when I pass. Thank you for taking time out to comment on my experience:)
Date: 2015-07-28
Secretstar: thank you for taking time out to comment on my experience. I did in fact immerse his ashes in the sea. I haven't seen him around or heard him a lot after that. He did come to me in my dream though and I was really happy to see him hale and hearty.:)
RedWolf: I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost both my cats within a span of eight months from one another. They came to us in the same order, snuggle puss first and Fifi later, within a few months of each other and left us in the same order too. You never forget your pets, time just makes it a little easier to deal with it.
Date: 2015-07-28
Gayatrishiva and DeathByDonut: thank you for taking time to comment on my experience. I'm sure you guys had wonderful dogs and have beautiful memories that you shared with them. Pets aren't just animals, they're family. They grow on you. Much love. Xx
Date: 2015-07-28
Tweed: Thank you so much for your response. I'm sorry I've been MIA and haven't been replying to anyone's responses. I was busy with college and work. I keep myself busy, or else I start thinking about him and start to cry. I'm sure your cat was just as adorable! He never did show his age until the last one week where he got really sick and went from being a healthy cat to what looked like a frail kitten. I did, immerse his ashes, after keeping them with me cause my dad wanted to, also my one year old cat, Alex keeps climbing here and there and I didn't want him to drop the urn.
Also about to the teacher, I told everyone on my Facebook about what he did and now everyone hates him. Serves him right, haha! I absolutely can't stand people I'll treating or talking crap about animals. It makes me really mad.
Thank you for taking the time and comment on my experience. It really does mean a lot. Hugs to you. ❤
Date: 2015-07-22
Gave it back to him* autocorrect. Lol! 😜 I'm sorry for any typos as I'm commenting through my phone.:)
Date: 2015-07-22
Wardo: thank you so much for your kind words. Really, means a lot to me. For me, my pets are family. I once had this arrogant teacher who was very rude to me on Facebook when I had put up a photo of my cat when she passed. He told Me to move on and get over it and he also said he would have sat on my cat. I obviously have it back to him and blocked him. Thankfully on this site, people have always been warm and kind. Thank you for taking the time to read my experience and helping me. Much love. <3
Date: 2015-07-21
Lady-glow: thank you so much for replying. I like to think he's there with us even in spirit, because he doesn't want us to leave us alone after he has passed. Thank you for your kind words. &#10084;&#65039;
Date: 2015-07-21
I'm submitting the link to the pictures again here in the comments since it wasn't clickable in the story-
Date: 2015-06-21
Ahuff: read my story ' my cat came to say goodbye' I experienced something similar with my 17 year old cat that I lost to chronic renal failure. Her 19 year old companion cat would act as if he was seeing her in her spots and whine and cry especially at night. They grew up together and shared a strong bond. Maybe it was the same with your dogs. Like your incident, my cat did say a final goodbye to us and we longer feel her presence. We now have another kitten we got to give our 19 year old some company who exhibits the same traits that my deceased cat possessed. I don't think she has really gone anywhere. It's not just humans, I believe that even when pets grow up together they form strong bonds that sometimes even death can't break.:) it's good to know that you told her you love her and she should rest in peace. I think she missed you and wanted to spend time with you before she said goodbye.
[at] vanessamarie223:
Wow seriously? Look at you contradicting yourself. It's completely normal to mourn the loss of a pet. You would probably know if you had loved and lost one. They aren't animals, they're family. If you lost a relative or someone close, say your best friend, and someone told you to get your act together and move on, when you were mourning your loss I'm sure you wouldn't have nodded your head and said yes. I'm sure she has friends and isn't feeling 'lonely'. What is up with people these days, too many trolls competing for the 'most insensitive person' award?
[at] Ronja: I'm glad I could be of some help. In their short life that they share with us, pets become such an integral part of our lives. I lost a daschund to old age when I was 2 too. I could feel her presence around me until I was 5-6 years old. To us, we spend a part of our lives with them, but they spend their entire life with us. My 19 year old Tom has slown down a bit but he loves to run around and play with his mouse toy when given to him:) him and the new cat get along really well, which is a shocker as most Tom cats don't, unless they've been bought up together. I think your dog definitely feels the presence of your cat. They've grown up together, I'm sure they were close. My cat was really sad when his companion passed away, we could tell from his behaviour that he was mourning. I'm sure your cat is still with you and is looking out for you. After all, you gave him so much love and care, humans might not be grateful but animals will always be.:)

[at] dongmaster:
I think that comment was totally uncalled for and insensitive. If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.
I lost my almost 17 year old cat to renal failure and old age in October last year. I felt the same feelings when her end was near. She passed on Monday. She was walking around until Saturday and eating her food, even though it was hardly anything. Sunday she slipped into a coma and I knew somehow that death was near. And I was scared. And I was crying. I have another cat who's 19 and they grew up together, he would constantly look up to places where she sat in and meow this happened for a month after she passed especially at night. I felt my cats presence too. Once I felt this draft of wind in my corridor And the windows were shut. Even the AC was off. After that I didn't feel her around me. I think she was saying good bye. My other cat doesn't meow like that anymore. I think he's made peace with the fact that she isn't there with us now. We now have another kitten with us, my dad got him so that my cat has company and sometimes I feel that it's my female cat who passed away who's come back in his form. He sometimes does the same things she used to do, behaviour wise.:) I think your cat is with you and he will be, as your guardian angel.
Date: 2015-04-02
I couldn't have agreed more with lady-glow said. Exactly!: (
Date: 2015-01-18
This made me tear up. I lost my 16-17 year old snaggle puss to anemia and crf. I have another cat, fifi who's around the same age. They grew up together and shared 16 years together, and also an amazing bond.
Snaggle's condition was deteriorating day by day and she wasn't responding to treatment. A few days after she passed, fifi would constantly stare at places where she would sit in and he would meow for an hour or so. He was like this even when she was ailing. A few times I saw her run around, from the corner of my eye, Like she used to when she was hale and hearty.
She breathed her last after my mom told her that we all love her and she could go to sleep. She was in a comatose state the whole day. Fifi I think has accepted the fact that she isn't cominv back. He's back to his previous bubbly self. We still miss her immensely but Atleast she isn't suffering anymore. She's visited in my dreams once or twice, and she looked happy and healthy like she used to be before. I like to believe they'll always be there for us, even after they pass and the love we shower on them, when they're alive keeps them here, even after they pass. My dad has gotten another cat, Alex. So that fifi doesn't get lonely, but nothing can replace snaggle, but he makes us happy:)
I'm sure your cats are still looking out for you. Keep a watch on the signals that they might leave you telling you they're around. <3
Thank you so much BadJuuJuu:) <3 *hugs*
I thought I would share some pictures as well which would make it more personal. I'm searching my laptop and trying to find pictures of both my cats together. I shall post those too:)
Okay. Thank you. I am attaching a few pictures of my cat here, posting a link.
Hello everyone, thank you for all your comments. &#10084;&#65039; I miss her dearly but I take comfort in the feeling that she's in a better place, and she is no longer suffering. She used sit on a carpet in the living room and I still feel her presence in that spot.
Can I attach pictures here? If so how can I?:)