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The Demonic Dead on 2012-09-24

The following account details a series of unexplained happenings that occurred on Tuesday 18th September roughly between the times of 8 pm and 10. 20 pm in Northern Ireland. For those of you who remember, I am a Journalism student with a special interest in the paranormal. My mother is a medium ...

Meet My Grandfather on 2012-02-01

Have you ever made a bet? A real gamble, and won? When the stakes are high, and you have little to lose but an eternity of gain just a dice throw away. This was the case for my grandfather who risked a great deal on financial bonds which one day paid big! With this he bought a small house which he w...

The Dead Live on 2012-01-25

There is rarely a more traumatic time in one's life, than when they bear witness to the decline and eventual extinguishing of the life of a loved one. This horror is greater still when the soul who is passing happens to be your own mother. This morbid situation was the grim but true reality for m...

A Vanishing Village on 2012-01-18

Belfast in the late nineteen sixties played host to one of the most bizarre paranormal occurrences that I have yet to hear of. My mother Maura and her younger sister Colette were the witnesses. This event occurred just before the onset of the 'troubles', which were a period of political and socia...

A Hand On My Pillow on 2012-01-16

Let me take you back fifty seven years to the countryside of County Sligo, Republic of Ireland. My mother Maura was on holiday with her five year old sister Collette to the historical Lisadell estate which has been tended by my family throughout its history and remains to be until this day. Maura...

The Train Driver on 2012-01-09

This is the second instalment in my series of supernatural occurrences. My mother, let us call her Maura, takes the lead in this story as she does in the vast majority of these tales. It is her desire that these occurrences be appropriately documented and explored before she grows old and forgets. ...

The Face In The Garden on 2011-12-19

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am from Northern Ireland. I am studying to be a journalist. I will clear something first, I have not personally witnessed anything paranormal except in minor cases. I am reporting stories from my family and my closest friends in whose truthfulness I personall...

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Date: 2012-10-01
Bare with me folks, I have been very busy, I am currently editing the video in what ever spare moments I have. The camera is not mine either so I'm waiting to get my hands on it again.

Keep checking this. You can rest assured with my truthfulness.
I have spent a good three years reading spiritualist and paranormal literature but I have not seen or heard anything significant myself.

However, from my study I have seen a definite trend of opinions from evidence from experts in the field, that Ouija boards do not in fact contact 'ghosts' meaning the souls of deceased human beings. But alternative and enigmatic entities, call them daemons, jinn, fairies blah blah blah... In other words we know jack about them.

Would you poke your head in a heated oven? Don't use a Ouija board.
The story appears upon first glance to contain certain plot holes.

The premier being your complete neglect to provide an ending. Did this entity just cease this exchange with you and walk out without another word.

I am certainly not a person to be guessing at the habits of the demonic, but I deem this reaction unlikely.

Please, proved the end of the story. Thank you.
Date: 2012-01-29
These stories are like my heritage. My family lack any distinguishing feature whatsoever. The prolific amount of paranormal occurrences that assail us throughout our lives, really brand us as unique.
Date: 2012-01-24
There are indeed many and varied opinions over this story. It pleases me that it has provoked this amount of critical thinking and enquiry.

These stories are definitely an appreciable and educational experience.

They truly make me wonder at the immensity and complete enigmatic qualities of the world that we live in.
Date: 2012-01-24
I no longer live in Belfast so it is more difficult for me to attain more information, as I am not in contact with those who would know any more.

It is however of the greatest interest to my mother who now looks back at these occurrences full of curiosity.

How vexing it must have been to witness these things and not be sure of even why you are seeing it.

Who knows... Maybe it just goes back too far.

Anneke8- I believe you are referring to the Blitz of Belfast. It is so hard to say what type of buildings stood at that time, I'm no historian, but I'd imagine they'd perhaps be red brick houses at WWII times, not cottages, as they would usually be in the deep countryside, not just outside the city... Then again my logic could be completely incorrect.
Date: 2012-01-24
Argette-Thank you for the compliment, I'm studying journalism and creative writing at university. This is a little project of mine to document paranormal stories as I am privileged enough to know people with a wealth of experience.

Minimom-I have asked and asked and asked people, none of them know. The only record of the area before the city encroached upon it was that it was bog land. In fact a remnant of those bogs still exist just a few streets away marked as a conservation area.

However, majority opinion of those interviewed believe that it was entirely possible for a 19th century or earlier Irish cottage to have thrived there making a living from peat cutting.
More than likely this was 100% of an illusion caused by your depressive state. My sympathies for your loss, but demons are a burden that you do not have to deal with.
Date: 2012-01-13
When I consider this story, I like to believe that he was simply making an amicable gesture towards his wife. After all, he didn't know he was about to die and surely it would occur to anyone of mild manner to say an appropriate farewell to those he loved.

It comforts me to know kindness and consideration don't die when we pass on.
Date: 2011-12-23
taz890. That was honestly an extremely articulate suggestion, one I personally never thought of. Their family was english, Jess moved to Ireland when she was 4. They are a protestant family. In relation to the nature or beliefs of the grandmother, we do not know due to her death.
Date: 2011-12-22
An interesting point raised by HappySpirit that perhaps the apparition was ill informed with the details of the scene. Could it be that most of the planning for the move was conducted outside of their house, so the announcement of her intent to leave in the house may have surprised the entity?

I suppose we all love to assume that spirits are omniscient. The perspective that they still host human faults really interests me.

Your views are much appreciated.

I also agree with the consensus that the poltergeist activity was a separate occurrence to the apparition.