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I'm Being Followed By Something Very Dark on 2012-04-04

I never thought that I was sensitive to the paranormal, although there are certain places that creep me out to the point that I feel as if I want to leave very quickly. One instance is when I was younger my father was a pastor who specialized in casting out demons of the local Native American popula...

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Date: 2011-12-25
No one has any right to laugh at someone's terrifying experience, or anyone's response and play doctor. Especially not on this site. Not only is it insensitive, it's quite rude. 😕
Listen, I'm having the same types of experiences. I'm in the military and it started at my last duty station, Washington, DC. Same stuff, with the bathtub incident. Kept making excuses and ignorning stuff being moved. Until it knocked my birdcage over right in front of me. It watches me at night, follows me around the house... Oh did I mention that I moved? I initially got freaked out in DC, and went to stay with a friend for 3 months. It did not follow me there. Then I came to Japan to a ship. I have a house, where freaky stuff happens all the time. It doesn't follow me to the ship. The only sleep I get is aboard this piece of crap in a military rack. What did you do to get rid of it? Did I mention that I'm in Japan? Not exactly any english speaking holy folks over here...