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Incubus Is Having Sex With Me on 2012-01-09

Before I start I would like to say English is not my mother language, so I apologise if I make any mistake. Also I am 22 y/o female from United Kingdom. So it started with a massive number of LDs, dreams with sexual references. Now spirit is interacting with me when I am awake. What this non-phys...

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Aussiedaz you said:" (...) you seem like a nice person.:) " well thank you *blushes* I think the same way about you (you help me without any reward...) I really appreciate it;) What you say makes sense to me, and I will do what you say + praying to God. Thank you again:*
Thanks, Aussiedaz... I think you are 100%. I am attractive, smart 22y/o woman and there is not point to pay such a great price just for a spiritual/great sex. Thank you one more time. But now question, how to get rid of it? Since he loves when I pray? Also I started to talk to God to take him from me away since I have boyfriend who really loves me and I do not want to live like that. Nothings seems to be helpful...
Aussiedaz I would like to answer your questions first.
Q. Do you meditate? - Nope
Q. Are you a light sleeper? - I was not before but now I am able to wake up nearly every 3 hours;
Q.Have you ever used or smoked any type of recreational drug and if so which one? - Yes, three times in my life. Only marijuana;
Q. Are you taking and medications? - Nope
Q. And do you want to end these experiences? - It depends if it is good being or not. Pleasure is incredible...

The thing is he used a channelling method to communicate with me. He said he really loves me and I cannot be with him and my real boyfriend and the same time. He said he will understand if I choose my boyfriend since he is not able to give me so many things in this world. He gave me 2 days to think about it, (dis) advantages, + and -. By the way he is always asking me about permission to do it with me, I just think it is important.

Jitow, I do pray to God, Jesus Christ, Lady Mary, Holy Spirit Archangels, Guardian Angel.

Also I am well connected with me boyfriend but only mentally, physically he does not make me satisfied at all (it is like that since I can remember, I have actually made that choice). And I am with him 5 years already (I am 22y/o female).

Thanks for fast replies everyone!