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United States
New York
Married since February 1985 to a wonderful man that is the Construction Manager at St. Francis Hospital Heart Center on Long Island.
We have 3 adult children, all single, My sons graduated college. My oldest son has his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. My youngest son has his Associate Degree in Law Enforcement. WhiteWolf is my youngest son and is the most helpful as I have major back problems.
We have 3 dogs at the moment.
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They Knew I Was Sick on 2017-09-20

Labor day weekend I was not feeling well at all. I had a feeling of dread the week before. I am not like that so I knew it was a feeling coming from someone/thing projecting this feeling on me. When I really started to feel unwell my dogs and puppies at first just started checking on me. Then they w...

Two Incredible Saves on 2017-08-04

Most of you know I have a bad back but not to what extent. I have three screws that are loosening and you can actually see them if I have a tight shirt or if I lift my shirt. One is actually broken, these screws are about 1/4 inch thick. I have bad scoliosis, one of my ribs is touching one of the ve...

The Letter V on 2017-03-14

I have to start by using filler. So here goes, my father in-law had 2 sisters Esther and Virginia, whom family and friends called V.He also had a brother named George who died when my oldest child was a toddler. His siblings were all born in Italy near Naples. He was the only one born here in the St...

Mixed Signals on 2017-02-07

On January 23rd my mother in law was in a pretty bad accident. A 91 year old woman in a Lexus SUV had a stop sign and was almost in the middle of my mother in-laws lane. She backed up and my mother in-law assumed she would stay there and continued on. Personally I would have my foot on the brake in ...

Something Wacky This Way Comes on 2016-11-23

Around the end of September beginning of October new people moved into the house behind me. They cut down all but one sickly looking tree in the middle of their back yard. So about 4-7 healthy trees were cut down. There is a tree service that offers us wood for our wood stove all the time because th...

My Friend Billy Part 2 on 2016-08-03

Thank you all who read my first story. As I said I had tried more than a dozen times to write that story. It didn't matter whether I used my tablets or my P.C. The story would disappear. I even felt like something was attached to my shoulder one night and my son even confirmed he felt a electrical t...

My Friend Billy on 2016-07-04

Now before I get to the story about Billy I have to give you a little backstory. I tried to write this story more than a dozen times a few months ago. It didn't matter which tablet I used or if I used the P.C. At some point I would lose the story. I thought it was my father-in-law was messing with m...

Grey Sock on 2016-04-25

You've all read about all the antics my father in-law has pulled at my house. This is a prank he pulled on my mother in-law at her house. By the way he's been making comments I'm trying to type disappear today. I have her permission to write this story. My mother in-law was doing her laundry one ...

Here We Go Again Family Visitors on 2016-03-30

In the later part of mid February my mother in-law called me a little after 9 AM. She told me that our doctor called her to get to the hospital and that she needed a blood transfusion. I had about 2 1/2 hours sleep that night because pain and hadn't gone to bed until 6 AM and didn't have nearly enou...

Forewarnings Of Family Members Deaths on 2016-03-02

Starting in my early twenties, once in awhile a live blood relative would come to me in a dream. They would insist that I take them to either the train, cruise ship, or airport. They would insist that I stay with them until they departed. Within a week to ten days later that person died. One nigh...

Upsetting Experience Before Yacht Party on 2015-12-09

As most of you know I live on Long Island. One of the contractors that my husband used invited us to attend a party on his yacht about 9 or 10 months after the 9/11/01. The problem for me was we had to walk right by where the Twin Towers once stood. I was disgusted by all the gawkers looking through...

My Engagement Ring on 2015-11-09

I had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 36 in 1997 so I had to take my rings off before the surgery. When I got home I didn't bother putting the rings back on because my fingers were swollen. At the time I didn't have a good jewelry box so I had my husband put my wedding and engagement rings ...

My Mother In-law Her First Paranormal Experience on 2015-09-09

As stated in the title my mother in-law had her first paranormal experience the night before last. Before I tell you about it I have to tell you that before she met me she didn't believe in anything paranormal or supernatural. She was a skeptic even after I've made predictions that came true. ...

Update On My Story Spirits Around Me on 2015-08-04

I know that I've written a lot of stories lately. But I wanted to update you on the little girl and boy spirits that were murdered by their father along with their mother. We have never seen or felt the mother. She might have crossed over quickly, perhaps she was the first one killed I don't know. M...

Father-in-law Is Still Around on 2015-07-30

If you read my last story "Visiting Relatives", you will know that my father-in-law was 1 of 2 spirits annoyed at me for not ending Jethro's suffering. The other was my grandfather as he loves dogs and has my dogs that have passed and brought Jethro up to Heaven. But my father-in-law was here fo...

Visiting Relatives on 2015-07-13

The past couple of weeks I felt one spirit, which I quickly identified as my father in-law. One day my mother in-law came over in a tizzy because she got one of her renewed credit card with a rather self-explanatory letter about a "chip" being in it. I tried to explain to her the chip is for places ...

My Ouija Board Experiences Two Hurt Friends on 2015-07-01

I am always telling people not to use the O.B. Now I will tell you why. My mother bought one when I was around 17 years old. We were cautioned to ask for a white light of protection before using one. My friends would come over to ''play'' with it. I could always feel others push/pull the planchette ...

Outter Heaven on 2015-06-16

As I told yo in my last story I have had quite a few neck and back surgeries. This event happened after my last back surgery in 2011 shortly after I came home from the hospital. Sometimes I have dreams so real I actually feel awake, like an out of body experience. When it is time for me to get out o...

What The Heck Was That? on 2015-06-15

Before I tell you what happened to me I have to give a bit of a back story (pun intended). I have had 3 back surgeries. The first in Nov. 2004 was just to clip 2 disks. They had to refer to them as L-4/5 L-5/S1 because I have an extra vertebrae also called a transitional vertebrae. Then in June of ...

I Met My Husband Because Of A Bet. Or Did I? on 2014-03-03

This is not your ordinary ghost story. Nor is it a ordinary love story. It's a bit of both. In the fall of '82 I was working in a machine shop at minimum wage making drill bits. My brothers' friend had been laid off so he made a bet with me. I had to type up and mail out 25 resumes by a certain ...

My Parents' House Was Haunted on 2014-01-28

One night I was taking a hot shower and had the bathroom window which was above the tub open a little to get some steam out. There was fresh fallen snow and as I turned off the water, I heard crunching in the snow. I looked out of the window and there was a teenage boy running through our backyard w...

Grampa Is Still There on 2013-09-10

A few months ago my nephew's father in-law Dan died in his sleep. Out of respect for the family I will be changing names. After my nephew Tim was discharged from the military he could not find a job. So he, his wife Carrie and 2 young daughters, not quite 2 year old Grace and newborn Sara, moved ...

Grandpa Sending Me Messages From Heaven on 2013-06-03

As I stated in another story my maternal grandfather died in 1990. A few months after we moved into our current home I was reading the pet adoption ads. I saw an ad for a Husky rescue, they had a dog named Niko for adoption. I called the number but after speaking to the woman I didn't think the dog ...

My Neighbor Artie on 2013-02-18

Early one morning in December of '02 or '03 everyone in the house was awakened by my dogs barking hysterically. I had large tubular wind chimes that were making a racket and our motion sensor lights were turning on and off like a strobe light. After a few minutes things settled down. My husband g...

Family Spirits 2 on 2013-02-05

My mother died Mothers' Day 2008, just a few minutes before midnight. She had been in the hospital for weeks because of lung cancer and emphysema. My mom did not want to die anywhere around May 5th because that is my oldest sons' birthday and my father died 3 years before on May 3rd. I know this bec...

Family Spirits on 2012-11-22

My grandfather was a wonderful man, a tile setter by trade. He taught me how to set tile and paint. He also taught me how to drive and other life lessons as well. He had a heart attack and needed a pace maker when my daughter was a toddler. When my oldest son was just over 10 months old he had anoth...

Spirits Around Me on 2012-07-03

A week before Christmas in 1998, we moved into the house my family and I now live in. At first things were peaceful but then things got a bit strange. Two of my children told me about hearing footsteps on the stairs from my daughters' room to the basement. Some were not human but animal. At first I ...

My First Encounters With Ghosts on 2012-01-09

I have known since I was young that I had psychic abilities and been able to sense ghosts. The first time I was touched by a ghost I was about 12. I wanted to go to a local store and being 12 I was running. I was about to cross a road when all of a sudden I felt someone grab my shoulder. I turned ar...

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I like your attitude towards the spirits in your house. Telling the spirit to stop changing channels on your T.V. Because you knew it was there was perfect. 😊

I know how hard it is to keep toys around with dogs. We have 6 now. The mother,father,3 HUGE 8 month old puppies and an older dog. Try putting the toys on a table where the dogs can't disturb them and see if they have been moved.

Date: 2017-10-16

Lady-glow was being sarcastic when she said that there was a 3 eyed monster with a mouth full of sharp pointy teeth. That should have been evident when she said it was waiting to play jump rope with you.

Now as for your saying you had a strong gut feeling that someone/something was staring at you with an angry look. We can't go by gut feelings and say that these feelings are of a supernatural nature. 🙄


Please do submit more stories, I enjoyed this one very much.

I like the idea that your lot (s) were used as a makeshift hospital. Many times when there has been a great tragedy the spirits stick around for a long time, or never leave.

Leaving toys out for them is a really good idea, so is trying to talk them and letting them know the rules in your house.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your experiences.

Date: 2017-10-14

People have been on the fence about imaginary friends. There are people that say that very young children speak and interact (play) with spirits. At around 6 or 7 sometimes older they stop. Some people will say it's because the parents hammer into kids heads that there are no such things as ghosts and they are too old for imaginary friends. Other times kids just stop believing on their own and close their third eye.
I hope that helps.

Date: 2017-10-13
If you had taken the phone to the store you bought it from they should have been able to retrieve your data including your pictures. Sorry but without the pictures maybe you should have waited to post the story.
I don't know. The age doesn't seem to fit as Rook pointed out. My question is (and maybe it's because I'm from Long Island and people insist I have a Brooklyn accent) but who in the U.S. Calls their mother mum unless they immigrated from Europe. In my section of the world mothers are called ma,mother,mom,mommy,or the moniker I got stuck with,mama. My dogs, 5 Malamutes (3 8 month old pups) and you know how they vocalize, call me mama.

Again as Rook pointed out. Why did the lady wait for 7 years to show up. Didn't you give her directions to your new house?

I'm sorry if I sound blunt,it's all really in jest but I really don't get the age you are. Welcome to Y.G.S. 😁


Just about every lower 48 state has a mystery hitch hiker.
Usually it's a teenage girl dressed in a prom dress who is either crying on the side of the road or she's walking in the road that a young man picks up and brings home. Some see her enter the house some not but she always leaves her beautiful handkerchief in his car. The next day he returns to the house to return the hanky and finds out that the girl had died 10-20 years before. There are other versions of a bride but you get the idea. It's a campfire story/urban legend.
Date: 2017-09-29
val & roylynx

Yes I feel better now but I have to eat better and avoid stress.
There are no stones so hopefully no surgery.
Thank you both for reading and caring.


I enjoyed your story very much. But I felt like you left us with a cliff hanger. I can't wait to read more of your stories and I am putting this one in my favorites.

Thanks val. I had what I call a brain fart, you had stated in an earlier comment that you can light the stove.
Date: 2017-09-26

Can you clarify something for me?

First you say that you and your sister had mutual friends over for dinner to celebrate your sister getting a promotion.

Towards the end of your post you state that just as you are writing this your sister got a promotion. Please clear this up for me.

Scent can bring back powerful memories but can also be a sign that a spirit is visiting especially when touch is involved. Your avo sorry I can't get the accent mark over the v.

Back in the bad old days that the gas would still flow through the pilots you could light all of them with matches. My mother used to do this and put a roasting pan full of water in the oven (after the oven was warm enough she would crack open the door) and pots on the back burners to heat the kitchen. The new ones I know you can't light the oven but I think you can still light the pilot lights for the stove but I'm not sure because I have had to deal with having only electric appliances for nearly 19 years.

I want to know about her being able to walk without pain when she is sleeping myself. When I have pain it keeps me awake unless I take a half a sleeping pill and even then it will keep me awake sometimes even if I take a whole one.
Most people on this site that deals with pain will agree with me that they would wake up rather than sleep walk.

Date: 2017-09-23
I agree with Randy, being sleepy it could have been anything, even a waking dream.
Just this morning I was asleep dreaming I was petting a dog that had passed away years ago. As I started to wake I realized I was actually petting one of my very large 7 1/2 month old puppies 🤣 (his brother was 84 pounds the last time I had him to the vet). It seems the pup wanted me to wake up as he was licking my arm. They are not allowed on the bed so as I realized it was one of the pups I called my husband for help getting him off of my arm.
The brain is a mysterious part of the body and can play tricks on us when we are not fully awake and alert.
Date: 2017-09-23
I have a theory that probably explains your over lap. Your mother might have unknowingly been pregnant with both of you making you fraternal twins. You would have had your own amniotic sack and not been affected and been born when your brother should have been.

Many years ago my sister was pregnant. One day my mother told me my sister lost the baby. After a pause she told me that the twins were fine. My sister was actually carrying triplets. But it wasn't meant to be. My sister went into labor at 22 weeks and they couldn't stop it. The babies were live births and my mother was able to hold both. One died shortly after but his identical twin fought on for awhile longer but he too died because they were born just a few short weeks too early.

I bought my sister a cross for each with their names engraved on the back. I had been so strong for my sister and brother in-law and my mother I never had a chance to grieve their loss. I realized this when the girl asked if I wanted their birthdays engraved and all of a sudden I broke down. At first my throat just choked up then I started crying HARD. My brothers wife was with me and told the girl that they had died shortly after birth, then the girl started crying. She promised that she would engrave the crosses herself and they would be done in a couple of hours. My daughter was a toddler and cranky for a nap and my sister in-law was pregnant with her third child so we left and I went back later to pick the cross necklaces up, the girl threw the chains in for free.

When I gave my sister the necklaces she and I just cried for awhile.

Welcome to Y.G.S.
Thank you for sharing this story, please share more. It's very telling that your grandfather stuck up for you because back in the day people didn't speak of such things. In fact parents and grandparents didn't even want to hear children speak of such things. That is until movies like The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror came out that people of my age group started giving their opinions about the paranormal 🙄.

Date: 2017-08-13

Yes my ghosts (guardians?) certainly watch out for me in the house. I'm a total klutz outside but that is because the cement decks are falling apart and there are a lot of uneven areas I can't count on my cane so I rely on memorizing the cracks. Whoever built it really didn't know what they were doing.

Thanks for the leave in hair product.

Date: 2017-08-09
Thank you lady-glow. The incident with the curio/hutch really scared me because I was home alone. I just froze when I saw that thing coming towards me. Thankfully Billy scooped me up.

Also thank you for the comment about my hair. I do get compliments on it, it looks like it's just brown in the house but in the sunlight you can see a lot of red. I once had a dog that loved burying his nose in my hair. One day I cut it short and that dog would not come near me for a week. 😆


Death aka the Grim Reaper combs hospitals/nursing homes what have you. You meditated in Zanes room and meditated and put a shield around him. The Reaper came into his room and you yelled at him in your head that he to go away and he could not have Zane. My take on this is that the Reaper wanted to see if Zane was close to death but with you there to fight him and the Reaper wasn't up for a fight, saw the shield, and decided he wasn't going to try to break a shield.

Just to give Zane a little credit, he probably had a strong will to live and the Reaper also saw that and decided it wasn't worth it.


P.S. Just remembered the show Dead Like Me. The Reapers looked like ordinary people but the creepy monkey type Gravelings were the ones that caused the death. Also both Charmed and Supernatural portraid death as men who wore black. Kind of make you go hmmm
Date: 2017-08-08
I'm sorry Roylynx I answered Meldas questions along with yours. I should have addressed both of you.
To answer Melda about my pain the past few weeks have been bad, My hips are killing me which I thought was sciatica but it has to do with the pelvis. My husband walks pretty fast and I am constantly telling him to slow don but gradually he speeds up again. That is when my pelvis hurts most.
It helps that I have a high pain tolerance but the pain meds are a blessing when I need them.

Date: 2017-08-08

Thank you for reading my story. Yes I definitely can tell the difference of the spirits in my house.

My grandfather kind of comes and goes but when it comes to my dogs if something is wrong with them he's here. One of the puppies we kept had gotten bloat Twisted stomach a few weeks ago and I could feel my grandfather watching over the pup. The first Animal Emergency Hospital said he was critical yet NONE of the 7 surgeons would come in to operate. They told us to go to another place and I was tired crying and felt a rage beside my own when I was told it would cost 7,000 to 9,000.I also could feel Billy rubbing my arm to try to calm me.

As far as my back is concerned my husband was told today that the surgeon may want to see one of his partners to address all of the problems with my back. It could very well be that I need more surgery than the one I expect.
Thanks again for reading.