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Lemp Mansion EVP on 2012-01-16

My fiance and I spent the night at the Lemp Mansion, of all days on Friday the 13th. I have always never believed in the ghost stories and shows on tv, but after my nights stay I would have to say I am a little more curious. We were at the top of the main staircase when we saw the rug on the wall mo...

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Date: 2012-01-31
Thanks for the heads up Nysa. As far as the owners looking for opportunities, wouldn't we be able to hear the voice while recording? Dont get me wrong, I have looked for every possible explination and it just doesn't make sense because I was on the stairs and was able to see below the staircase when this all happened.
Date: 2012-01-21
There was a family staying in the mansion as well, but they were asleep when we were looking around (they had little kids so they turned in early). No one was around us and we saw no one on our walk through the house. We plan on visiting bachelors cemetery here in Chicago soon. Will post all our findings if we get any! Thanks everyone for commenting!