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I am a student of Media Arts and Animation in the Art Institutes, trying to get into 2D work or at least something regarding screenwriting/storyboarding. I absolutely love to write, draw, create and invent stories from everything to the familiar world to fantasy. (But I promise any story I post here is 100% true! I wouldn't lie about stuff like that! I hate lying in general, really =\)

If you're curious about my art, check Kryodrache at Deviantart, or on Youtube, where you might find some of my animations!
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Goblinoid on 2013-08-20

When my fiancee left his home to be with me, seven states away, we occupied one of the rooms of the house that faced the front yard. It was because of this we were able to witness most of this strange phenomenon that keeps happening around my house. It's an experience I wasn't wholly aware of until ...

I Heal on 2012-09-19

This story happened a while ago... Maybe 5 to 7 months ago, I forget exactly when. It was right before I started to have some real issues here at home, problems that have recently begun to fix themselves. It's a fairly short story, but it really stuck out to me, simply because of how unusual it was....

The Walmart Ghost on 2012-01-23

I'm going to start off my story with this: the very LAST place I expected to see anything paranormal was in a public corporate store. Up until this point, I had only ever caught vague glimpses... Never enough to warrant a story to. I think perhaps the most intriguing was the time I stepped into a gi...

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Date: 2015-04-03
I know your question was asked ten months ago, bbydoll, but no. Not frequently, at least. Sometimes I'll catch a vague glimpse of him, always at night still, and always watching. Freaks me out, but I no longer go looking for it... Just notice it here and there. We sort of just co-exist now.
Date: 2013-09-06
Also. If there is any doubt about the picture, which I know there is always doubt about truthfulness and all that... I did indeed sketch that picture. I share the same name of Kryodrache on Deviant Art, in case anyone is concerned I just picked up an image off the internet. I tried to get it as close to what I saw as possible. I don't exactly have photographic memory, but I'm good when it comes to recalling shape and proportion. The eyes did look a little inset, almost like it was a porcelain mask.
Date: 2013-09-06
Well, let's see... I can't recall if we were playing any music during the first few glimpses. But, I remember when my roommate was outside, and he was just tending to the campfire, and had nothing mechanical out there with him. When I saw his face in the window at night, it was dead quiet, everyone except my fiancee was asleep.

I do want to make a little offering, now, just out of curiosity to see if it's taken. If it is an elemental, a spirit of nature, I'm actually really glad to have him around: and my fiancee has voiced, after reading this, that he was honored to have seen its body as well.
Date: 2013-09-06
Oh dang, I didn't realize this had been put up! And, like a derp, I forgot to check. So, I have a few updates to make. But first, to the comments!


...Huh. An elemental? Interesting. I did notice how it keeps mostly to the front lawn, I figure it's bound there or something. Now that our window is over the driveway, I haven't actually seen this face. Do elementals normally show up as vaguely humanoid shapes? I've gotten unnerved by it from time to time, but that's because it keeps showing up in dark windows. As a note to add on to this story...

The roommate that saw this guy, as well, when I went for a little more information, told me he was in the backyard when he saw this guy. And the face he saw was looking through the KITCHEN window. It always seems to be facing that general direction, but what startled me is this meant our roomie saw this visitor from inside the house!

Also, I've finally found the sketch. Http:// This is what I sketched, that one night after I got a clearer view of him. The eyes were nothing but shadow. I didn't see any neck or body at the time, but judging by what my fiancee says, it had a squat body and long limbs, which is something I have yet to see. I don't recall any hair, or any ears... It's always just this similar expression.
Date: 2012-12-27
[at] LakotaWynyan

Wonderful comment, and well worded; I enjoyed reading your opinion on this matter.

[at] Zoey

Isn't it wonderful to get that feeling of validation? Wonderful, and pretty unnerving as well. I always figured some people refused to believe in ghosts because they were scared if they admitted they did... It's one of the ultimate unknowns. I've seen many stories of people who have left their homes due to spiritual activity, and you definitely seem to have the will to stay in yours. It's scary at times... But curiosity is an extremely strong human trait and will keep us in some difficult situations. Thank you for sharing your story, it's definitely going into my favorites.
Date: 2012-12-27
I did some research on banshees way back when... And really, the crying and trademark screeching goes hand in hand, from what I understood. The screech, or screaming, was explained to be an expression of grief, and wasn't always recorded to have happened when a banshee was seen. There have been stories of low, sobbing moans through the streets, or loud wails in empty households; it runs the whole gamut, from what I've learned. I'm glad I've never heard one, myself.
I love your opinions on the matter, Rook, I've always had a great interest in reading them.

As per the comment I glimpsed earlier on here at how ghosts are never professors... Well, that's simply because they cannot be. From all I have read, and all I have seen on this site, they have very limited capabilities to contact us. If they do, it is for some purpose or another. It's like the leopard; you don't see it until it WANTS to be seen. How many stories are out there where someone has surprised a ghost?

Just my opinion on the matter...

To hear 'hello' over the phone like that would be pretty unnerving, if I had heard it... Did you have any friends or family that might have visited the house while you were away, or were you certain that house was locked up tight for the duration of your absence?
[at] Debris

Unfortunately 'cannabis' is not something you can easily get. The plant genus 'cannabis' includes two species; hemp, and marijuana. Both of which are currently illegal in the united states, and have to be bought as import from Canada.

Also, I'm curious where the rice idea came from, as I've never heard of it before. I have an intrigued!
Date: 2012-12-23
Hmm... It's possible. But there's some places on the planet that exist that are paranormal in nature that are mostly surrounded by trees, as well. Normally graveyards, old sites that used to bebustling but are now taken over, and... Here it comes... The Vortexes.

Now, I don't know if there's any debunked reasoning for the Vortexes... But if you haven't heard of them, look up the Oregon Vortex. It centers around one little home in the middle of the forest that is absurdly crazy to behold from a strange compilation of energies. Not haunted, necessarily, but definitely warped in some way. I think any place with erratic energy might call in spirits more often because there is more spare energy for them to use. When it comes to solid, pure nature...

Well, put simply, the food cycle. Everything in nature is a perfect puzzle piece. Nothing goes to waste... No body left un-reclaimed, no soil left un-replenished. Even the ocean against the shores doesn't crash in vain... Each tiny detail in nature has a purpose, a cycle, a repeating energy that is absorbed into anything and everything. Maybe this is why spirits may appear less in them, because there is less energy to be spared. Zen versus chaos, no?

Just a thought! 😉
Date: 2012-12-23
...Oooh. I read this at a very bad time. I finished it, got kind of creeped out... And then looked behind me, and the door I had deliberately closed was way open and all I could see was black. It instantly made my heart rate go up and I knew I had to close it before I worked myself in a panic, ha ha!

Excellent story, and well told... If I had been in your place, I would have been just as weirded out and unwilling to go search for the problem without someone with me. The unknown really can be terrifying. Perhaps when it is lighter, you can head upstairs and see what could possibly make that sound?

Also, Shlain: Is it possible the response team closed the door for you? I can't say I've ever really had a response team of my own, in that regards, so I don't know how they operate.
Date: 2012-12-02
[at] Zeta

I have my moments.

Other times, I'm the one crashing into walls by accident or causing things to crash off shelves, or saying random things in the vain hope they'll be funny, and only getting bland, expressionless stares in return.

The smarts are a fluctuating thing, for me. 😆
Date: 2012-12-01
The reason why people are naturally afraid of the night is because it is dark. Our senses are dulled, and we carry some old instincts; an urge to protect ourselves against predators. Therefore, 'black' has an association with that fear, and therefore considered 'bad.' Same thing with red; it often resembles blood, something vital and dangerous if you're actually seeing it. That's why many antagonists are dressed in black and red; Because it strikes a (sometimes) subconcious chord in us to think "Oh, this is bad, we should be concerned."

But, to other creatures, it would be exactly the opposite. The night can be just as beautiful, and just as necessary as the daytime. It is for this reason I don't believe black attracts evil. No color or shade of gray really should; colors are just the eyes catching a small spectrum of vibration through an object in rays of light. There are so many rays we can only see as gray... Like 'hidden' colors.

If anything, red and further on up the scale would attract more entities reminiscent to 'evil,' just because the vibrations are so small and violent, that much more energetic. Black is extremely soft, gentle to the eyes, attracts warmth and is the preferred color for wintertime in order to keep the cold away. White can still hold that gentle feeling, and each can be attributed to signs of 'beauty.'

I say this not to combat any cultural ideals or whatnot. I just speak through observation. I look, and watch, and observe my surroundings, and make my own decisions on what I come by, rather than openly believing whatever I'm told. I take logical steps through things, to come to an answer that makes sense... This is just my opinion, here.

Anyway, now that I've added my two-cents-and-a-tangent, I'll bug off.

A shame there's no 'edit' button... But something I'd like to add to that: Whether that is or is not the case, if he decides to settle in as a member of the community and share opinions rather than calling everyone stupid, I can be chill. I know very well how crap happens, and sometimes you just want to fix it... And I'm not one to go out there jabbing people with a stick when they aren't doing anything.

I did that to a wolf spider once.

Chased me all the way across the yard.
I think our 'Ibex' is none other than the Jokesonu Mavis dude again. Funny how the posting style is completely similar with all three, no?
To be fair, Squareface101, this IS a site for ghost stories. Those haven't been known to be the most reassuring and comforting stories out there.

Also, marijuana does not cause hallucinations. Not to an EXTREME effect anyway. Mostly smudged lights, minor blurs, all that has been reported. It dopes the brain rather than creating grand displays of colors and shapes like some other much more stronger drugs. This is what I understand through research, anyway.
[at] Miracles

That is very strange indeed. It could have been base human instinct, but... Those are generally primal knee-jerk reactions, it wouldn't have been as subtle and detailed as going down to get a knife, and certainly for not that long of a time...

I think there might have been someone with you that night, then, alongside your own conciousness, guiding you along like that. That's so creepy!
...Cry or Ache? Is that really the best you could come up with? -I- have come up with better, just because I was bored.

Go back to grade school.
Quit chattering on the branches of the tree like an angry squirrel, TheJokesonu, we don't want any of the acorns you are chucking at us. They are all foul and rotten.

I think in a true posession, one cannot remember what they've been doing or anything that led up to that point; from what I understand, most instances people remember nothing but a black-out. Don't quote me on this, cause I've never seen this in person, nor had it myself. I do believe harmful spirits can convince people, however, to do something against their nature.

We'd be most susceptible to it during our sleep, or during a weak moment where we aren't totally there in our heads. Distracted, tired, whatever. Then the spirit can have a chance to step in and grab the reins, so to speak, at least by a little bit. I've done things before and not really known why, normally when I'm out-of-it or disjointed.

Of course it could just be an unbidden part of a hidden personality. Perhaps you were experiencing a deep frustration of some kind and not acknowledging it. Some people wont' agree with me but I believe humans are naturally violent; it's part of our species, as a pack animal and a living creature, to be that way. Hence why sometimes I'll get the passing thought to just randomly strike someone or something. But those urges can be passed off more easily the more awake you are, and the more effort you can put to stowing away that thought the instant it pops up.

I hope this makes sense o_o
I'm not completely sure he's going to answer... This seems like a guy who's going to enjoy himself more by throwing random insults around and choosing not to go back to join in whatever arguments he may have created. He's been acting suspicious and has been insulting ever since I called him on the fact he highly resembled 'Mavis.'

Now I might be wrong on this. But... Yeah, troll. Someone enjoying how internet anonymity will protect them.