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Odd Happenings Before And On My Trip on 2013-09-03

I wasn't sure whether or not to post these as was unsure if it was simply a case of my mind playing tricks. Anyway, I'll let you decide. The day before I was going away to Spain with some family members, I decided to download some of my CDs onto the computer and then onto my iPod. I will state th...

Switches on 2013-04-16

Haven't been on here in a while, been out of sorts since my dog's passing. Anyway, thought I'd share this strange occurance that's been happening frequently around the house as it's beginning to bug me. Ok, so at the back of my TV, I have a slot for those red, white and yellow cables. I'm sure y...

My Dog: My Best Friend on 2013-02-04

So my brother, bestest friend and bestest dog in the whole wide world sadly passed away last December 21-12-12 (the day the world was predicted to end and did, for me). I guess he was old at 15 and had a bad cough but he was very playful and fit; he'd be taken for long mountain walks nearly every da...

Was I In A Deep Sleep Or Was It Something Else? on 2012-06-20

I see myself as a light sleeper, any noise would wake me, but this night was different. It took place the night before last and hasn't happened before nor has it happened since. I was extremely tired but was too concentrated in the book I was reading, Shrine by James Herbert. I had read 35 pages ...

Hearing Things? on 2012-05-16

This happens a lot what I am about to tell you but I am needing help with it as I'm not sure if I am the cause of it (hearing things) or if something more sinister is going on. I would be on my own in the house usually upstairs on the computer and would hear my parent's car park up by the house, I h...

Blindfolded on 2012-02-13

This took place at my cousins' house, which is at the far end of town in an estate. Although I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary there (except for the occasional sound of cutlery during the night that I have put down to the dishwasher), my oldest cousin who used to live there said wh...

Sleepwalking And Where's Daddy? on 2012-02-07

This took place at my home around 10 years ago. I don't think about it much anymore but at the time, I was fairly confused. I am a light sleeper, get awoken by the slightest noise, although back then I can't say whether I was or not: can't remember to be honest. Don't remember the day nor going to b...

My Dog: The Illusionist on 2012-02-01

My dog is my best friend ever since I got him for my 10th birthday. He has his off days where he can be grouchy but to me he is still the playful puppy he once was. This happens quite frequently and is on going. When my mother isn't around he follows me everywhere, although I love him it can get kin...

Demon Car? on 2012-01-30

This took place roughly 2 years ago and I was sitting in the back seat of my parents' car. They were parked in the grounds of a mountainy foresty lakey area (can't think of a name for it.) I had a newspaper, so was busy reading it. Next thing, I noticed a movement out the window to the left. The car...

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Date: 2014-02-11
Wow Valkricry, not one story has made me feel so terrified, shocked or emotional upon reading it until now. Sending you a huge virtual hug right now. Thank God Jamie was there to give you the courage to live. And what a bittersweet ending. I'm truely gobsmacked at the whole thing. Thank you so much for sharing.
Were any windows open at all? Drafts can come from any opening inside a house, not just the front door.
Oh right! So that's that! Thank you Miracles!

Date: 2013-09-24
Rich73, thank you so much for giving me the heebeejeebees! What can I say, it was so well told, I was there with you (hiding behind you) experiencing all this! You have a way with words!
[at] Spiritwaiting,

Your question, "Do you remember what day you made it to the room you were staying in, possibly a Saturday?"

Is a very interesting one! So you mean the title of the song and the day I witnessed strange sounds in the room might of been linked?

I'm terribly sorry but I can't recall the day it was. But what a creepy thought! This presence was giving me a premonition that it was coming to pay me a visit! Nice! 😨
Also, I forgot (another point about the dammed ice), they were big cubes of ice! That's why I didn't like having any as it was such a tall thin glass, the ice took up all the room! I was basically paying for ice. 😐
Just to add (though I don't want to dismiss your theory), the temperature in the lobby where the glass of ice was, was very very cool.

The only reason I found it odd was, I had a good few glasses with ice (and drink) on the table previously and none made noises whatsoever.

I do accept the ice was melting though. It seems plausible.
Oh my goodness! All these replies! Dreadfully sorry! Didn't realise it got published! Well at least we solved the mystery of the ice, that's one thing! 😆

I'm not too well up on weather temperatures but let's just say it was melting hot outside! I definitely had goosebumps inside. And the boys in the room next door kept asking us had we any thick blankets in our cupboards.

Hmm the rest is quite puzzling isn't it. I don't know if they are paranormal happenings or just natural causes. The title of the song changing doesn't sound all that natural though.
Date: 2013-05-15
I love this story, it's sweet and very heartfelt.
Thanks for sharing. I can clearly makeout a coat hanger and the left-hand side. And it looks like the figure is wearing a turned up collar?
Hmm your right Valkricry, it is only 1 point. I just hope it's not the first of many.
I do have a bit of foot in mouth disease in real life, but try to keep it under wraps here 😆
And thank you Wyland_Renald for confirming and also Zombie_killer_of_india (nice name) for explaining.

Sorry if my ignorance in my first post offended anyone 😢
Hmm first time I've been dropped a point! D: Wonder what I've said wrong? 😲
Was there any volcanos in the area? Might have erupted during the night?
Maybe a slight tremor? It is very interesting, hope you get an explanation soon.E
Haha! What a relief! You should see me, I'm drenched in sweat! Gosh! And it's great you told this tale as, there is a story of a person hearing anklets told recently... So now we know! Phew! 1 less scary thought running through my mind! ❤
Date: 2013-05-12
Can't wait to read more comments on this story, it's a truely great read, thank you all especially Rook & Tamsin.
Date: 2013-05-03
Hi bizzjoe, haha you funny! 🤔.
That hoover does give me the creeps alright!
But I would sincerely love to know what's changing those cables and turning off switches.
Date: 2013-04-30
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Couldn't it of been K's baby sister in the photos?
Date: 2013-04-29
Well Raftingirl, that image of him attempting to play it has permanantly traumatised me! Lol!

Hope it never happens!

I did, however, try show my mother my driving game and she moved the controller this way and that up and down in accordance with the car on the screen (although it was crashing&running people over), don't think she knows the difference between a Wii and a playstation!

I haven't played any games on the machine for a while, lost interest. I just use it to play DVDs. Once my mother wanted to watch a film on there as it was a Blueray disc but she needed my help in turning it on. They are ultimately clueless about it, but I wouldn't like it any other way 😊.
Date: 2013-04-29
Have you windchimes outside or anything in your room that could be making such a noise? Check! I recently heard a tapping sound. Eventually I realised the window was slightly ajar and was catching on the frame! 😳
Date: 2013-04-29
Haha, Valkricry. Silly ghostie!

Oh O...5050505050505050!