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Im a young house wife and full time mum from Australia who has been sensitive to the paranormal goings on around me for as long as I can remember.
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Poltergeist Nightmare on 2012-08-02

Growing up I had a troubled childhood, but the years between 12 and 14 years of age was the worst and that is when the following incidents take place. My mother, stepfather and I had moved to a new house on the edge of the countryside. My stepfather was mentally and physically abusive to me and ...

Dark And Light on 2012-03-06

It started in my bathroom. I used to have an irrational fear of bathrooms since I was a kid. I was always worried I would see some sort of ghoul in the mirror, but as I grew up this fear went away. So it shocked me when the following events took place. I have to explain I live in an open plan ho...

The Creepy Men on 2012-03-05

The women in my family have all had experiences with what we call creepy men. In the Early 90's, My mother had begun feeling uneasy in her bedroom and noticed a tall shadow figure who would stand in their corner watching her at night, he just became a part of life. A few years this continued on f...

Emily on 2012-02-15

My family has been experiencing the spirit of a little girl since the early 90's. It began when I was little. My mother was out the front of our house when she thought she saw me in a red dress run up the driveway and in the the back yard. She didn't think much of it until later that day when she re...

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Date: 2012-08-08
reddysteady - Mum never noticed anything but she was busy finding out her husband was sleeping with a family friend so she wouldn't have noticed if a truck was parked in the living room.

Zetafornow- All I have heard from the step family is that he is miserable.

I din't mention what my step siblings went through because they wouldn't admit if they did
Date: 2012-05-29
I am also from Melbourne and managed to get myself a poltergeist when I was a teenager maybe I shall share the story here oneday
Date: 2012-03-14
We have our own version of bigfoot in Australia called a Yowie from reports I have read it is rather like a squatch, smelly and all but the pelt is more like the colour of an orang utan. 😳
Ihaveseen I was just wondering what was on your property before your home was built was there, was it another home or empty land? As that may give us all some clue as to what kind of spirit is causing the activity in and around your home

Date: 2012-03-13
thanks ILee those theories were rather intresting. As for fellings and events other then curious and a little startled at first I was rather calm seeing the light. Both the light and the dark cloud like thing occured in the lead up to a bad period in my life
Could it have been a person just walking along in the cold wearing a neoprene mask to keep their face warm? I'm not trying to poopoo your experience but a lot of them have these creepy almost cartoon like demon faces printed on them. My husband has a few of them for cold days on his motorbike and he has scared the crap out of me with them.
Its a mum thing to shoot out an arm and hold you loved one down even if the car breaks a little to hard. Its nice to think that even in the after life she is doing what mums do ❤
Date: 2012-03-04
I agree Dan I may have turned myself off to it for a while I didn't notice any of the other spirits I have sensed in my home or elsewhere for the duration of my pregnancy. Maybe the hormonal changes turned my brain off to it or they thought it best not to bother me while I was going through the pregnancy
Date: 2012-02-19
The spirit had that familiar feel about it that's why I always assumed it was the same little girl. My son is a year old now and I haven't experienced Emily but my little man does have "invisible friends"