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A Visit From Great Grandma? on 2012-02-07

I used to be unaware, or I guess sceptical towards the subject of the paranormal. That is until I had an experience. My family moved around a lot, and my other family members have also had paranormal experiences that I weren't aware of before I reached my teens. Such as my brother when he was arou...

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I have met her, when I was very young. She also died when I was young, and I don't remember which year, date and such... But she was mentally ill, through most of her life, but in my experience, it seemed like it was more peacefull and calm. So if it was her, perhaps she has found peace? 😕
Date: 2012-02-07
I'd like to see some videos aswell, this sounds... Interresting, disregarding the fact that it's about your private parts... 😳