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Terrifying Tour on 2012-03-13

I had just come back from vacation in the UK and have two really interesting stories to share. I'll tell the second one in another story. Well to start it all off, me and a couple friends decided to go on vacation to the UK to get away from work and daily hardships. We decided to go and check out ...

Evil Uncle on 2012-02-15

Since this story will not make sense without explaining what happened before the experiences, then I will start from the beginning. It was some time around June during the year 2003. My family was really screwed up at the time, due to the loss of my cousin during the 2001 World Trade Center incident...

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Date: 2012-03-19
Thanks for the support, and it was the tunnels that was once on a Ghost Adventures Episode if youv'e ever watched the show. We wanted to see what the buzz was about. But even though it was scary, we still had fun! Stay on the lookout for my newest story: Tales of the Haunted Hotel part 1! 😁
Kayla, this is a fascinating story, and I agree with rocky. I have done that plenty of times just for practice. And also, I highly think that you should have a medium come and talk to Joe. But this may not be anything spiritual also. He could be depressed or stressed. You said he was in debt, that brings a lot of stress. He could have gotten the habit of doing that even after his life had gotten better. There are lots of resonable explanations and I think you should have Joe checked out by a Medium. He/she will be able to tell you weather it is stress or if it really is a spiritual conversation.
Best of luck ~Anthony
Date: 2012-03-13
Please keep in mind that some demons take the form of children to trick people. They can easily be demons too. Be careful.
Your friend Anthony 😊
Date: 2012-03-13
Thank you all for the advice, and I had a Ghost Investigator crew come in and do some research, yes he is my uncle. I had a priest do a cleansing of the house, and also asked him to send him away. No more occurances have happened since then. But in my childhood, I have had many spirits lurking. I will share them with you inthe mere future. Thanks for the support 😊
Very interesting story. This has never happened to me. (Hope it never does) Sorry for your loss...