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Somewhat Skeptic with a deep interest in everything paranormal. Have had a lot of experiences.
I wouldn't call them as stories. But Experiences.

For me the best tool is the Occam's razor!
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Whirlwind In The Master Bedroom on 2017-03-06

It's been long since I have posted anything. I am posting this since last week I had to fly down from Qatar where I am living & working to my home state of Kerala in India to complete the process related to papers related to my house. I flew down on last Wednesday (1st March 2017) night. Instead...

A Hand In The Depths on 2014-01-13

What I am about to narrate is not my own experience, but my late mother's. My mother had died when I was in 6th Grade. My mom's house is in a little village in the state of Kerala, in India. The house was situated on the bank of a small river (it is the tributary to one of the bigger rivers in Ke...

How I Broke A Gandharvas Head on 2013-04-10

This experience happened when I was doing my High School or 10+2 in India. During my time, it was called pre-degree and it was in a proper college. It was only later that they separated Pre-Degree from the College and added it to School and it is known as +2 or the two High School years. My Mo...

Sound Of Anklets, Breath On My Neck on 2013-02-20

My Mom had died when I was in my 6th standard. My sister went to live with my aunt. My aunt couldn't look after both of us because I was a real hyperactive boy always getting into mischief, so my dad put me up in the school hostel. With the death of my mom on my mind, I was not able to adjust wit...

The Smell Of Burning Candles on 2012-06-27

It was about the time I was in the 3rd year of my Engineering Course. During my Vacations I had gone down to Kerala. My Dad, step-mom and youngest sister were in Abu Dhabi. So, my dad had arranged with my step-mom's family that I will stay with them for a week and then I will proceed to other famili...

Vision Of A Woman Under A Tree Beckoning To Us on 2012-02-21

This happened 5 years before the "Calling Bell" incident. We had just built our new house and the House warming ceremony had just got over. In India, children, normally sleeps with their parents until they reach puberty. But when we moved into the house, my father decided that on the first night in...

Door Bell Rings In The Night, When There Was No Power on 2012-02-20

I am from Kerala, which is of course known as "God's Own Country" in tourism circles and the State Government brands it as it is. This incident happened very long ago, around 19 years ago. I was doing my Pre-Degree or what you would call 10+2 or High School at that time. I don't exactly recollect th...

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I feel that you had a event of Sleep Paralysis. But, the Sleep Paralysis did produce an erotic effect, which in similar conditions, experienced by others have been referred as a "Succubus Visitation".

Or, if you didn't have any typical conditions of Sleep paralysis and were able to move around in your bed/room, then an "Actual" visitation by a succubus shouldn't be overruled.

I know that euphoric feeling. It is addictive.
I have experienced real Succubus visitations and I wanted more of it, every night fantasizing the same scenario in my ind while trying to sleep, but I was saved by an alert cousin who was deep into paranormal and like, in whom I had confided about my experience. He got our parish priest to come home and bless the house, especially my room and prayed a lot for me, especially.
Date: 2017-06-28
I have had a similar experience in my childhood (when I was 7 years old) where I have physically felt it.

There were these guys cutting down a tree and the tree was supposed to topple in one direction. I was standing in the opposite side to where the tree was supposed to topple. At the last moment something went wrong and the tree toppled towards me. I was frozen to the spot and instinctively closed my eyes and crouched. It was then, I could feel someone put his/her arms around me and I heard this loud crash. When I opened my eyes I was crouching in between the branches.

And I felt the presence around me evaporate of sorts.

I got scolded a lot for going near the tree cutting works.
Date: 2017-06-22
Well, it might have been problem with the mobile network. I have received call, instances when, the network was so lousy that, I speak first, like you did "hello, who is this" and I hear my own voice repeated, at a low volume.

It might have been just coincidence that your aunt died the same day you received this call.
I guess your friend is a emphath or a very empathetic person, sensitive.

Many spirits attach to the living, just because they want to experience the real world again.
Then there are those spirits, who are are confused and don't realize they are dead and want to get close to a living person.
In this case they are often trying to contact the living for help. These attachments might be deliberate or happen without the spirit realizing what it's doing. In these cases the spirits don't usually have any intention of harming the person they are attached to.

Other spirits and entities deliberately seek out and drain the energy of living people. They are energy/psychic parasites. For spirits to do this, the easiest way is to take the huge resources of a living person and drain the energy away from them - very much like a parasite. The most common type of spirit who is both determined and strong enough to latch on are usually malevolent. These Spirits drains the energy of their hosts s well as create havoc with their host, their near & dear ones and their surroundings.

So, which kind does the spirit of the young girl come into?
My honest opinion is that she is a psychic vampire, because she is continuing with him, torturing him mentally and not ready to let go.

Try to get him for a serious exorcism.
Date: 2017-06-19
I feel that the ghost of the little girl has to be a residual haunting (Only if it didn't affect/effect anything/any event to you/your family or the surroundings)
Can this a be a Deja Vu kind of phenomenon?
You have been to the 1st camp and something in your new camp reminds you of memories /visuals/feelings on the st camp and you see what you wanted to see, feel what you wanted to feel.

Our brain is a very complex mechanism.
Our Sensory organs detect much more that what our brain allows us to feel/see/smell etc.
Date: 2017-06-16
I like events in which the entity is not malevolent, but harmless.
I wish I had that kind of experiences.
Date: 2017-06-16
It is a pretty nice thought that your late cousin is still around you.
A few questions.

1. By the kind od daredevilry your friend Zane was up to and a guess at his Maturity, you folks are teens by age. Am I right?
2. What were your preparations for Ghost Hunting?
A. Were you aware of the History of the Building? Were you aware of previous hauntings? Were you aware of the type of Entities that haunted the building/area?
B. Are/were any of you/your friends having previous experience in "Ghost hunting"?

My view is that most teens take such "Ghost Hunting" as a trip to "Disney Land' while the fact is that they simply don't know the dangers that they are getting into. Having an experienced Paranormal Investigator along with them, who has some kind of idea of what to expect and what to do in case of detecting the presence of an entity is always the safest bet.

It is just my opinion based on my assumption that you and your friends are teens.
Though it's a stupid comment, I ought to state it.

You had an out of body experience as a means to escape the event of the entity's presence.
Sorts of an Escape mechanism?
Date: 2017-06-16
Just because something larger than a cat or dog jumped on the roof the boarding house doesn't mean that it must have to be something supernatural or paranormal.

It could have been a thief/human...

It's human nature to associate something they can't explain with supernatural or paranormal.
Date: 2017-06-16
That you were paralyzed and couldn't move could hint at Sleep Paralysis/Night Hag.
Since you call the 'devil" s "Chatthan", are you from Kerala or your family originally from Kerala?
Date: 2017-06-10
Have you ever considered that
1. Your cousin did actually wake up walk around, use the toilet, switch lights on and off, doesn't remember anything at all?
It has happened to me.

2. He might have been sleepwalking.
Date: 2017-06-07
If you could do some more research...
Whether the Ghosts did affect anyone physically?

If it was just a scene of two men stabbing each other, with sounds etc., it could be a residual haunting.
Date: 2017-06-05
[at] Melda - As with all catholic moms, she had to relate that incident with Jesus & Mary.
[at] Mack - I also concur that it is indeed the act of some entity.
Date: 2017-06-05
[at] AugustaM...sorry.
I was addressing it to you three because you three are quite knowledgeable on paranormal.
I didn't imply that you stated anywhere that it is an intelligent or residual haunting.

I was just asking a doubt.
Date: 2017-06-05
Reading about the Ghost of Mrs. Penchant slapping/pinching Mitch reminded me of an incident, when my mom, my sister & myself were praying our evening prayers and suddenly my mom moves violently as if someone slapped her.

She was quite surprised and told us that she physically felt the slap.

Her reasoning was that either Jesus or Mother Mary had slapped her for some sin she had committed.

Who knows?
Date: 2017-06-01
[at] AugustaM & RANDYM & sds

A question - how can you classify based on an apparition that it is an intelligent haunting?

If the grandpa's spirit is checking on his family it is an intelligent haunting.

If the grandpa just appeared there, then couldn't it be that it is a residual haunting, since he never influenced anything in the room or surroundings?
How did your sister who was not even with you in your car tel l you that your late grandma and friend were with you in your car?

Good question!

Did you check the veracity of her statement? Or could she have just made all that up? Did you question her more in depth or you just left it at that believing that your friend & grandma did indeed ave you from the crash?