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My name is Celina and I am 20 years old. I've always been very interested in the paranormal, and just recently I've decided to see if I can raise my psychic abilities.
It's been running in my family from mother's side and I hope I can get help and advice here on what I've already experienced.

I'm not a believer nor an atheist. I do believe in reincarnation even though I haven't been brought up with a religion. My mom did show interest in the paranormal and would take me to meetings and readings. She gave me my first Tarot deck and helped me with me seeing my father after his death.

I'm a self-proclaimed Wicca, having experimented with both black and white magic, but still too insecure to be playing around with Ouija boards and other paranormal equipment.

I'm here to learn, read and investigate, please welcome me warmly [love]
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I'm Scared To Sleep There on 2012-03-06

Ever since I was young I've been really interested in ghosts and spirits. Ever since I discovered horror movies, TV shows about ghosts and hauntings, and computer games based on true stories, I wanted to have an experience, even though I am scared of meeting, seeing or feeling an entity. Well, th...

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[at] PureShadow

No I do not live in that region and this happened to me in Maastricht.

[at] Hayes26

I refuse to believe it's a sign of whatever you think God is, because I myself am an athe
YureiGuy101: I actually was referring to Fatal Frame indeed, since that game encouraged me to try to develop my abilities a little further.

Funny that you noticed! Thanks for the compliment ^^
Date: 2012-03-07
I laughed when you named the brand of lollipops! Even though I don't know them (I'm not from Australia, but Dutch) it sure made me smile.
Cute how she seems to give your boyfriend his share of attention as well, it's like having an invisible child, instead of the invisible friend some of us has when we were little.

I enjoyed the story greatly and I hope the little sweetheart will find her way to you to show she still cares someday:3
Date: 2012-03-07
Even though I do not believe in Heaven nor Hell (I personally like the idea of Reincarnation) I sure hope for you and your friend to see each other again. Compliments on the beautiful story I really enjoyed reading it. 😆
epic_fail: Good luck with your good friend helping you, but if it ever appears again, all advice I can give you is be assertive and show it's your house and your body and you're in control. Believe in yourself ❤ 😁
Date: 2012-03-06
The fact that it only happened when you left your bedroom door unlocked is quite curious, but I do agree with Shane.
The mind plays funny tricks on us. May you want something to happen, it probably will only because you want it.

Love to you:) ❤
Having read the comics, the poltergeist thing sounds plausible, but that Hag... That really scared me! Wringing hands and bending over isn't a good thing to see, not even in humans! That means bad intentions! Maybe you should get someone specialized to see what's up with your house, you wouldn't want to end up hurt! Good luck ❤