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Shadow Person, Duppy In Kingston, Jamaica on 2012-02-29

Goodnight everyone! First of all, I have been a TOTAL fan of this site for years - and I mean YEARS! I have always been interested in ghosts and the paranormal, and I kind of stumbled upon this site a few years back and I have regularly been visiting on an almost daily basis. Anyways, I wasn't sure ...

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Hi Burtle - No offense meant, but the entire last sentence is totally contradictory:

"As I said before I still don't believe in the paranormal, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious as to why my animals continue to bark at ghosts."

If you don't believe in the paranormal, then how can you be so sure your animals are barking at "ghosts"?

I believe in ghosts, spirits and the like - I believe animals are way more sensitive to these things than the majority of us humans. I believe your cats and dog were definitely seeing something that you could not pick up on visually, but you got auditory clues on (footsteps, knocking, whispers, etc.)

Hope that this helps a bit!
Date: 2012-08-01
Hi Geetha! I live right across from Scarborough Town Centre and I know how quickly both the GO and TTC drivers take those turns, especially coming out of the tunnel from the station. It wasn't your time as yet and apparently you had a "spritual" intervention to prevent you from leaving us. I find it amazing that the guy saw a shadow protecting you. That for me was like, "wow!"
Have a good one! Revz
Date: 2012-04-26
Hi Lauracanflyy!
What a great account! I have read that when people pass over to the other side, they are able to manipulate animals (or in this case, insects), whatever brings comfort to their family to show that they are still around. I see this as your cousin Andrew reaching out to you and your family and definitely letting you know he is very much alive and well!:)
Hello again, everyone!
[at] DannyBaby - Yes I am following you 100%. I know what you mean.

[at] marko99 - I am not sure what exactly you are saying when you say "Manifestation of Skar's"...? Can you please clarify for me?:)

[at] Javelina - Thank you for the welcome! I never know what to make of Shadow People until I actually saw this one. I am not sure if it would have followed me home from anywhere, but it is curious how it made itself known only that one time. I am not sure if the being was attracted to myself or Skar, and why I was the only one to have witnessed it absolutely baffles me. I'm planning to head back down to Jamaica in August, and I am pretty sure I'll be staying at the same place... A thought that both intrigues and terrifies me at the same time. LOL! I will have to ask the guy how long the community has been around for, but the history of Kingston and Jamaica itself, is very turbulent and troubled. I wouldn't be too surprised if this being was attached to something long before our time, with that being said! Out of curiosity, are you from Jamaica or it it one of those places that hold a lot of interest for you?

Hi everyone!
[at] DannyBaby - thanks for the welcome! Yes the difference between a "regular" shadow and a shadow person is so obvious now that I have actually seen one. If someone hasn't, they can't really compare, can they?

[at] crecentblue03 - thanks for the compliment! I bet seeing more than one would DEFINITELY scare me more than just seeing one!: (

[at] marybelle - you are able to get a "feeling" as to the shadow people you see? I wasn't able to get anything at all.