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White Smoke In Darkness on 2012-03-13

I guess I should start by saying that strange things have happened to me frequently ever since I was a child, but I always shrugged them off as coincidences or ignored them for the sake of my sanity. One incident, however, stands out to me among many because it was different from anything that I had...

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Date: 2012-03-18
[at] Ibelieveheshere - thank you for commenting 😊 and you saw something similar to what I did? Yay, I'm not the only one! 😆
Date: 2012-03-17
Hi thank you everyone for commenting! 😊

[at] tayperk23 - wow, your experience sounds very interesting! It must have been scary to actually see someones face after the smoke cleared! That swirling you mentioned seems just like what I saw.

[at] sds - Seeing a figure follow you around for several minutes must have been really creepy, I don't think I could take it, good thing my experiences never last too long. I have actually heard that spirits can manifest themselves as smoke before too, this was just the first time I had ever seen it.

[at] dayala_819 - I'll definitely post up another story if I do see any kind of strange smoke again! And most of what I've seen over the years have been in the form of shadows too!

Thanks again! ❤