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The Spirit That Lives In My House on 2012-03-12

I purchased my home 10 years ago. It was built in 1880. I did not notice anything unusual in a paranormal way, until I had lived there for about 7 years. I would hear static and words I could not understand, like an old radio broadcast. I thought it was the neighbors, or a car going by. I was st...

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I bought a 4' x 3' mirror for the the sun room (it is on an inside wall), probably about a year after I was here. (9years ago) Bought from Menards. They had one wall painted red in the living room and I did not like it. So then I repainted about a year later I put up a large 4' x 3' mirror that I also bought from Menards. (also inside wall) There was a large 4'x 3' mirrior in the bathroom when I bought the house (outside wall.) Then about 4 years ago I put up 3 narrow mirrors in the kitchen (outside wall.) Again from Menards. I can't pin point anything about the activity. It did seem to get worse while they were digging up the ground and putting in the new sewer system. Made a big mess. I will put a sheet over the mirrors, but I have to get some thumb tacks to do so. Carole Jean
Tell me exactly what you need to know, and I will be happy to let you know what I can.
Carole Jean
Thank you so much for all your help. This has not been easy. I am very assertive, and tell here to cross over, to go to the light. That there is family and friends over there to help her, that she does not belong here, etc, etc. I know she hears me because the static that I hear when she makes herself known stops for a while. She really does push it though. I think she want to communicate with me. I am not into that... I just want a good nights sleep. I am 70 years old and still working 40 hours a week, and going to work with maybe only a couple of hours sleep. This static noise seem to get right through everything I try to do. Now I am going to get a white light CD, (rain on a tin roof) and plan to play it all night. I have done everything except the sage smoke and the holy water on the doors. I hope this works. I can reach an understanding with her, as she can be good. I see things from the corner of my eye, but she no longer makes herself visable as a mist. - (that was funny in a way, because she was so startled to see me at home... LOL, and the popping noises have calmed down some. The bottom line though is that I would like to have my home peaceful and quiet. I am sure she has been here a very long time, and I am the intruder, and the people that sold me the house knew about a spirit living here. If you have any other ideas, let me know. PS... At work I hear a static noise also, that lasts about 2 to 3 hours. Just like hers, but somewhat different. Are spirtis catching in the to fact that I hear that or what? The same thing happened at my friends house when I spent the night there when the Paranormal Research people stayed at my house. But my friend has heard popping noises, etc. So she knows all about it. If you have any information for me that would help calm things down a lot, I would apprediate that. Thank you again for all the advice, I look forward to your reply. Maybe I can help someone also... Some day. 😊