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My name is Chad... Army veteran...operation Iraqi freedom... 2 tours total 28 months "boots on sand". In my life I have never really believed much in the paranormal. But as certain things have happened to myself and my family I feel the truly obvious explanations to these events are not of the known world. Look forward to discussing mine and yours stories. Thanks!
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The Experience I Remember Most About Iraq on 2012-03-13

I have had experiences before... But this series of events made me completely aware that what we see is not always all that is there. During my first deployment in 2004. I was stationed at CAMP ANACONDA... Pretty much in the heart of Iraq. After my unit had settled in, we were given the unfortuna...

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Hey guys... Rook that is a very interesting theory! I have no idea what made the sounds and I guess I will never know. As for the question about what the bunker was used for, my best guess is for cover. As I said there was only one way in and it was sealed by a metal blast door probably weighing 200 plus pounds. Being the only 3 structures within sight, my company's two hangars and the bunker (FOB Endurance was rather large but scattered, it was a 15 minute drive to everything. Dining hall, post exchange laundry everything miles away) So my guess would be the bunker was built for the mechanics and any other personel that would of been involed with the maintenance of whatever was housed in the hangars. Although durable the hangars would not be much protection from an attack so the bunker was probably the "in case sh*t goes down" area so the personel could have cover if attacked. The other hangars on the base, always in pairs of two, had 1 bunker located close.

Thanks all for your comments, and later today wen I return home from work I will be sharing the experience I shared with my lieutenant while we were still located in Anaconda, in are original barracks from that first deployment. Thanks everyone!
Just some clarification on the "bed shaking". As I reread my story I felt corny as if the spirits were rattling chains at us!

The bed I had made was very "shotty" work compared to the type of work I do professionally now and the 8 years of building for the Army Corp of Engineers. It was basically a sheet of 1/4 OSB sheet framed in by 2x6's standing on 4 three feet 2x4's. Nails were used instead of screws so the actual bed was just short of a complete POS.

Well it was pushed up against the wall in the corner and had eventually moved a couple inches off the wall with the usual "activities" one might use a bed for. The shaking was more or less like something was pushing the bed back up against the wall. But since there was probably 300 plus pounds (sarah and I) on the bed, just the frame was pushed. The legs stayed planted which created a swaying motion.
I distinctly remember the sound of the bed smackin the concrete wall 3 times as we laid there.

Thanks for your comments and if anyone could shed light on the crashing sound we heard? Like I said it sounded like a piece of steel plating hitting the concrete floor, but there was nothing! Nothing was disturbed and tbhe floor was covered in at least a 1/4 inch of sand so I know the sound did not come from anything tangible within the bunker. Any ideas?
Thank you for your comments! First to answer your question about the whispering... Which was what chilled my blood the most... Is honestly I don't kno! This might sound strange to some of you, but the best way I can describe it was like trying to listen to a conversation through a wall. Sarah and I were not 6 feet from the corner in which it seemed the voices were coming from... But they sounded distant and kept going "in and out"

Obviously no one can say for sure how any of this stuff works... But my guess is that a voice... Just like a visual apparition... Is distorted by something by the time it reaches are ears.

Thanks again everyone and I do have a couple more stories from my deployments as well as some from here in pittsburgh, so thanks for your support and look forward to sharing with all of u!
That is truly scary! But the one question I have that I hope the author returns to answer is I think the obvious one everyone has seen to overlook. He has said it had been snowing... Soo much so he had to decrease his speed to 35. And that it had just disappeared. So I now ask... Were there tracks? He turned around... And at once realizing that what I saw had disappeared I would of immediatly started looking for the tracks... Not saying ida followed them... But I would of confirmed that what I saw was leaving footprints in the snow. Just sayin!
Date: 2012-03-13
Very interesting. I recently found out what a doppelganger is but witnessed them mostly concerning my now deceased father. Although now that I've read these comments I'm pretty sure I was seeing the residual image of my father. Very quickly I lived in a split entry house and the basement housed my fireplace and computer. I would frequently walk past my father perched in front of the fireplace with a fire blazing only to hear him come from the garage with firewood to start the fire a couple minutes later. I was younger and thought my mind was playing tricks on me.