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Gates Of Hell The Kasey Cemetery on 2012-03-19

My experience with the gates of hell has been a very eye opening and somewhat amazing experience that is hard to believe even happened in the series of events that it did. I believe all things happen for a reason, and the syncronicity of these events have even further convince me that this is true. ...

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First off I wasn't under the influence of anything when I saw the green ball of light. Second, this graveyard has been vandalized for years there are no caretakers. All the tombstones are from the 1700's you cannot read the names on any of them. Its out in the middle of nowhere some of the tombstones are already laying on the ground broken apart. There are candles and dead bones of animals laying around everywhere because of others who do ritual sacrifice there. How about people stop judging the actions that were a mistake and offer some real advice or knowledge you may have about the situation I have found myself in. I won't go into the possession issue as that is not something I need advice about I fully am aware of how that process works and if you would like to better know about it perhaps I will write another story explaining that. I am with this story more concerned about how to correctly make amends with the situation as I would have never of done any of these things on purpose, my intentions were never for any of this to happen. Does anyone know how to make amends the right way or know anything about green balls of light of spirits or if I have any serious thing to worry about. I don't need perfect people who never make mistakes judging me on the mistakes of what happened.
Date: 2012-03-19
I believe I have Aspergers Syndrome however since I don't trust doctors and hospitals I have never been actually diagnosed as such. But there is no doubt in my case there is something different about me, and the experiences I have had in my life. I am going to write about my very recent experience having been to a graveyard while I was, let's say not in my right mind< because I don't have time to explain my theory on how possession is very real. Anyways I saw a green orb outside my house and have realized its from the graveyard. I usually don't have paranormal experiences in the sense I can predict things or am psychic. However I am very perceptive and can see and realize certain truths about how the world really is and works. Anyways the point is there is something special about Aspergers Syndrome in my opinion. Unless I am something completely different have have mis diagnosed myself lol