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Jeffrey Brian Beck
United States
Hi my name is Jeffrey but everyone calls me Jeff. I am 18 years old and have decided to join this sight because I believe I have made a very bad decision. Throughout my teenage life I have become very faithful and spiritual through depression, traumatic experiences, and strange happenings. I wouldn't say I have the best life. I live with my crazy mom baby nephew and sister in law. My brother is over seas as well as my sister. They care for me deeply but I don't believe they can help me with this. I will tell my story as best as I can; believe it don't believe it, I don't care. Nothing can help me but myself, I only hope its not to late.
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Sexual Encounter With Strange Entity on 2012-04-10

I don't know what to say really. These past several days have been like nothing I could ever imagine. I feel as though my entire life has been setting itself up for what has occurred. Things done in my past I believe have triggered this sexual ghost to appear in my life and take over. Long story s...