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Queen of the sofa.

I'm French, ('ll excuse my French) I live in Belgium. I gained most of my knowledge of the supernatural in books rather than in first hand experiences, so if you see me roaming around in the comments, it will be more to ask (hopefully useful) questions than to offer (unwanted useless) solutions.
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The Giant Forest Jumper on 2012-03-26

(Before anything I would like to inform the kind readers of this story that, being French, English is not my mother tongue. Consequently, I apologize in advance for any misused word or oddly coined sentence you may -and surely will- find in the following account. I did my best.) As far as I can ...

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I meant "so many" not "not many"... (and yes, I did proof-read my previous post before submitting, thank god it's friday...)

I'm just wondering, if I were to make up stories about a city, what would prevent me from simply going on google map, look for a real restaurant and give a real address?
Man if you want to lie, you'd better do it well.
Mmmh, just one for her defense (but one, not more) : I'm french, I could not understand Latin to save my life, even though I studied it for 2 years. This dead tongue is awfully complex compared to modern french.

But hey, that's a detail. And there are not many WRONG things about Reims and french school (and french law about teenagers working in a place where alcohol is sold) in this story that it made me cringe...
Quite interesting story. At least, it was a lively place, so to speak...

I lived in Reims for a few years and even though I used to spend quite a lot of time in bars and cafés I never met any ghosts there.
Maybe I wasn't a regular in the right ones.

I'm supposed to drop by Reims for a couple of days anytime soon. May I know where this café is (if it's still a café) I might just try and have a look. Who knows, maybe I can say "hi" from you to the two soldiers if I arrive at the right time?
Sarah1978: I am not telling you not to do it, but I hope that you know what you're doing with a ouija board and that you will use it carefully.
There might be some other way sto find out what is happening in your house without trying to interact directly with any entity? (Using EVP's or a videorecorder).
Date: 2012-12-11
May I step in and jump right on... The fence. (ouch)

Considering the O/P did not state his age at the time, we have no idea how mature he was. So let's say it was a hot night in Illinois, in a rather secluded house, and he did not go back home, not because his parents wouldn't care but maybe because he blatantly refused to do so.

After all, if they took the pain to go check, they might have been "negotiating" with him so he would accept to get back into the house instead of jumping around in the garden like a rabid monkey (I have never met a rabid monkey, and I don't think there are a lot roaming around in Illinois but that's the first image that came to my mind.)

As for what really happened inside the pitch black room, well, I'll go with Logan (the fence was getting uncomfortable), unless the moon was shining right on the bed and nowhere else in the room (granted the curtains were open) it can only mean that the entity was glowing in the dark?

I guess I'll have a seat in the waiting room now and hope NasCudy will come and clarify his account. (or *her* account, hard to say.)
Key_Lay: It is "nonetheless" and you forgot this tiny but useful thingie "." at the end of your Oh! So useful first comment.

Jessamine: I've been reading plenty of stories from India on YSG and I'm quite sure I've read that you have in your country that kind of evil spirit or Djinn who take the form of a dearly departed in order to lure the youngest members of the family outside. Maybe this was what happened? After all, you did not know this grandmother very well, so maybe a bad spirit (I think they have a specific name) followed your parents home from the funeral and tried his luck on you.
Luckily you and your mother reacted the right way!
Date: 2012-12-09
Christine: I'm extremely curious to know how you can "guess" (for want of a better word) that much about a male entity, just reading that text.
Especially when it is clearly stated "TELL THAT WOMAN TO GET OUT OF OUR CLOSET".

Mwbddh2: I wonder if the interest you took to the odd happening in the IHOP did not somehow pushed the ghost to follow you home. In any case, the sage smudging seems to be efficient.

As for your waking up once a night at the same hour, I'll follow the others, it might just be your biological clock waking you up. Or maybe you picked up some different eating habits recently that modified your digestion cycle. (Digestion, like ghost apparitions, is at its best in the wee hours of the morning.)
Date: 2012-10-27
I wouldn't put the BS blankie on that story too fast.

It might just be a misunderstanding as english does not seem to be Kevin21 main language.

- Kevin21 asked his grandmother and she replied that "her" neighbours had a baby and killed him because they were not ready. If Kevin's family has been living in the same house for a few generation then it makes sense. The current neighbours are different people from the ones the grandmother knew when she was younger.

Why did he get scared when he saw what he thought was the "current" neighbours child's face in the window. Well maybe because said child had a "weird" face. Not the usual one. When you're seeing something unfamiliar where you should be seeing well-known features, you might feel uneasy.

My two cents...
Date: 2012-05-13
If you want it to stop, a ouija board might not be the best idea, indeed.

There are some seasoned members on this forum who will gladly help you to cleanse your home without stirring up further paranormal activity.

Just a question though, when you heard that evil laugh in your sister's room, did she mention anything about it? Or did she ever felt that something was off in her room?
Date: 2012-05-13
Blackness: That's a rash judgement. How can you decide that this entity is evil just by reading this account?

SjDillon: May I ask what other things you have been seeing appart from this cloaked guardian? And did anything special happened that could be linked with his disappearance?
Date: 2012-04-07
Lucky you, your ghost must have been out for a stroll...

Your account is indeed quite funny and heartwarming, but like the others I cannot help but wonder why you allow this spirit to take control of your actions, no matter how futile they might seem. I do not mean that posting stories about ghosts is a futile passtime, but well, he doesn't prevent you from going to the toilets or leaving your house. Yet.

Do you have any idea of who or what this entity could be (family member, former tenant?) ? Or is there any negative entities in your house as well (you mentionned you don't want to attract any more of them) and you can easily "feel" that this one means no harm compared to the others?
I have but one question about your statement: You've been in many places and almost each time you end up in a place where something visibly wants to make you feel miserable. Do you feel that it has been the same thing following you over the years and appearing as soon as a place gives it the opportunity or do you simply feel that you are attracting whatever was already here when you arrived (that is, a different entity each time)?

I would be interesting to find out, so you'll know if something is attached to you or if you just randomly attract them.

And as crescent13 said, alcool and adduction are others demons, I hope you can rid yourself of them and find the strength to fight whatever is cursing you.
Date: 2012-04-07
aman_yooo: Well, I don't usually pass out (unless I just violently slammed a door on my right thumb). That being said, I takes long to describe but everything happened so quickly that by the time we realised what was happening, it was over.

Rook: I didn't dig on the slave market, so nope I didn't know what they were meant to become. That's quite interesting. And indeed, unfortunately I'll never find out what it was for lack of similar experiences. The only stories I've heard about paranormal experiences on that road are common "White Lady" spotting. In a constantly foggy area. And posting here has just widened the possibilites. (thanks to you:) )

MissyM: I can only see the beginning of your comment, the website ate the rest of it.: (

Isandhu: I honnestly would have never though that two brins could appreciate a optical illusion in such different ways, but why not. In any case you are right, optical illusions don't send feelings toward people. Had those feelings not been here, the experience wouldn't have remain so vivid after all these years.

TechnoDawg: I think Rook answered for me on that one. Plus I didn't know that being Christian made people sensitive to otherwordly beings. There was three of them in the car in front of us and they drove right through it...

Pjod: Having lived a good part of my childhood near a river and a forest, I've had my share of optical illusions. They had me freaking out just like you a good many time, until my parents explained me exactly what I was seeing (what would we do without them?). This one didn't look like any I ever faced.:)

Casper: Stilts? Well... We have a great bunch of actors playing monsters on stilts in my region, they are called "la meute" ("the pack"), I do like them a lot, but I doubt they impersonate their characters (various pagan gods/figures from the region) so well that you can drive through them.:)
Nice thought though!
Date: 2012-03-27
Rookdygin: This is actually a very interesting theory, which would fit both with the "wooden" appearence of the being, like a makeshift dummy and its odd fear.

But this particular road has been in use since roman times. (a lot of the raods around are drown over the trails romans used when they started to venture in the area (I've done my share of research, this kind of information is easily available in any good library (Even on Wikipedia, that's how available it is)

So this poor Earth Spirit must be disappointed in us since quite a while. I don't think the war could have triggered its will to bound itself to the area, field and villages where destroyed, forest remained rather untouched at the time. They were hiding place for many people at the time. (soldiers, runaways, poor people who had their places destroyed and had to live off the forest to survive) If your theory is right, and it might very well be, then it must be an very Old one.

In my reading about the area I also noted that Verdun was a huge slave market during middle ages. - that could account for the chains and the fear. And that's one more theory to add to the basket...

I guess I'll never get out of it.:) Even though my pagan self is happier at the idea that I could have met a Earth Spirit trying to do his job than a poor lost human soul unable to get to the light.

Thanks for not refraining to comment!
Rookdygin / Miracles / Scoops: Thank you so much for your insights. It is interesting to see that none of you started the journal for the same reason.

Also they seems to have evolved with time. I never though of a journal as a way to analyse patterns, but more as a way to keep memories alive. But using it in this more... Methematical way seems to be extremely interesting.

In any case, scoops, I'm looking forward not only to reading you next entries but to seeing how you'll interprete them.
Thank you for sharing.
Date: 2012-03-27
Isandhu: I'm afraid we'll have to discard the optical illusion theory, because what my mum saw was so different from what I saw. It cannot be explained by the difference of viewpoint (especially when the shape was right in front of us.) As for something from a different reality, well, maybe, I'm not very informed about vortex or different layers of reality. (Nor am I too keen to learn about a world where beings jump around chained to a box/rock.)

My mum slowed down for two reasons, First: she's an excellent driver and wouldn't risk to drive at full speed into something she's not sure about. Yes even though my then step-dad drove right through it. And on the other hand, she didn't stop, because it would have been too violent, and risky considering how slippery the road was. (there was still some snow and frozen patches)

Secondly: he's of the empathic type, and actually, if she spoke English she'd have a fair deal of stories to provide to this website, so even though she washed it off later as being a simple optical illusion (white mist in white fog after all...) in the spur of the moment, she certainly felt the fear coming from the tall being too. (she later told me that she thought she was feeling MY fear, I'll try to have her explain me what she saw again next time I see her)

One a side note: we asked my step-father: he saw absolutely nothing, nor did his son who was next to him (which, coming from them is not in the least surprising.)

Grimm_dolly / mannerizms: thank you. (I'm cheating, I've lived 3 years in the UK, but I feel my English getting so rusty now that I thought I would warn people) :)
If we really met an earthbound spirit and my theory is the right one, in this case I just wish I could have stopped and tell it "Just put it back where you took it." Unfortunately, I don't think it's been waiting at the same spot since then.

50ftqueen: feeling and understanding the emotions of a featureless being is the most disturbing experience I ever had. You know something is conveyed to you, but how? If you had similar experiences indeed you certainly understand. (and it feels nice to be understood:) )
I have a question about methodoly here.
In what frame of mind do you write your journal?

By this I mean: ever since you've decided to report everything odd happening to you, do you stay on the look-out for these events? Or do you just, let's say every night before bed, go through you day and try to point out everything that felt out of place, debunk it if you can and write it down if you couldn't?

(And since you are not the only one keeping a journal, I'd be happy to hear how the others do.)
Right, let's imagine for a moment that the ghosts in these famous haunted places have become so much accustomed to visitors expecting "action and emotion" that, to pass time during their earthbound eternity, they've polished their tricks, organised well orchestrated chains of events, had crew meetings in the basement at every full moon, to make sure that each room in the haunted was worth every penny of mind-blowingly exceptionnally strongly emotionally felt supernatural happenings. And then contacted haunting tours owners to arrange well-planned events.

Let's imagine that for a moment.

Then how the hell to they get paid? I mean, alive of dead you'd have to pay me to turn tables, kick people in the chin, or as in some previous story by SGN, drop a few intimate confessions of past love affairs into the hears of perfect strangers. With Sweets and rounds of applause (the Golden Fleece in york) ? Right.

This hunts even though they take place in extremely interesting places, just seem to play on carefully orchestrated scenarii to heighten the tension of credulous visitors and then surf on collective hysteria.

A good visit at Tussaud's museum might just do the trick, without having to disturb spirits.

*grabs another beer and requests a trip at the former Coventry White Friars Chapel, just to check if the hanged priests will grant us a tapdance performance*
*grabs a Guiness and swiftly jumps aboard*

Well, that's quite a start for my first time here... Do we really have to sing songs (for your ears' sake, I'd better just listen to them) ?
I've been reading quite a few (say a few hundreds...) stories on this website over the last couple of days, some of them where very interesting and well-documented, but, about this one, I'm wondering: What's the point? No background is given, it is just a mere description of events and mixed feelings, it's flying all over the place.

Having spent a few years in the UK and occasionally coming back to visit, I'd be eager to join one of these "hunts" you organize, but you don't make it look serious or even appealing. Basicaly, it just sounds like advertising your business, not stepping in deeply into the matter. Considering how interesting it could be, it's a wee-bit disappointing.