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Just A Couple Of Things I've Encountered on 2012-03-26

My name is John and I live in a little country town in Queensland, Australia. I've seen a few odd things in my relatively short lifetime and I'd like someone to hear them without thinking I'm nuts so here we go; CARS AND PHANTOM AUTOMOBILES To start this off I have to say my family is a very c...

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They're about 1ooish ks from Brissy, in a little town called Toogoolawah, if you go through Ipswich there should be a sign to Esk somewhere. Just follow the Brisbane Valley highway
Thanks for the comments guys, nice to know someone doesn't think I'm nuts. Jav, It was actually my dad who tested it, accidentally. Mannerizms the cars usually only do it when the stuff in the house happens which is a couple of times a week, although the door on the Mainline was a bit of a one off, doors will open on the cars from time to time but I've never actually watched one open. I forgot to mention that the man who owned the house before we did was a car person as well but my ute was doing weird stuff way before I bought it home. I've got a few more stories (I was too lazy to type them up) as well as a bit of a background on the Ute. Once again thanks for the comments!