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I love writing and reading about the paranormal. I am very obsessed with wolves.
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He Sees Things on 2011-02-22

This story isn't really about me, but about my boyfriend and his family. To start, let me tell you a little about his family and where they live. My boyfriend Jackson has 5 siblings, he is the oldest. The second oldest is his brother Jake, who this story is mostly about. Jackson's family moved here ...

We Saw our Friend as a Spirit on 2008-03-25

At the time I was about 9 years old and my best friend Celia had just had her birthday the day before and turned 9. Me and my other friend Greta stayed the night at her house. We had a normal fun night like any kid that would stay at their friends house. The next morning we got up and we played o...

An Old Lady's Voice on 2008-03-25

I live in a nice sized town that is very historic, but not very often do you hear of a place being haunted. I never thought my new house was haunted, maybe the one we used to live in because it was old but the current house we live in is only about 20 years old. Not old at all! I think we're only th...

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Date: 2011-03-01
I live about 30 minutes away from them. They live in the country, I don't. However, I do have woods behind my house.
Date: 2011-02-26
[at] SpiritsWindsForever
Thanks for the warning! However, I think it'd be more likely for the goblin to start appearing to one of Jake's 5 siblings or his parents first. I don't go to their house too often:)
Date: 2011-02-25
Thank you all so much for your responses:) When my boyfriend first told me all of this about his brother, I didn't believe it. I thought Goblins were just something from fairy tales. Now that I'm seeing all of this feedback, and reading a few stories from other members, I'm beginning to think differently.

Although I must say, I hope I do NOT see one of these creatures for myself!
Date: 2011-02-20
I am very glad that I came across this story.

My boyfriend lives in a very old house, one of which I have had experiences in myself. But I don't think ghosts are the only things that hang out around there.

It seems to me that one of his brothers who is 13, is the one that sees the great amount of paranormal stuff and I think he may have seen something similar to what you saw. The only difference would be that both times he saw it, it was in a tree, not at the trunk. And this goblin like creature was apparently green and horrifying.

We find it even more odd, because my boyfriend and his brother who sees all of these things, were both outside at the same time. My boyfriend was standing by a tree because his dog was looking up the tree and barking and growling. While all of this was going on, his brother was screaming at him to get away from the tree because there was something in it. (the goblin thing specifically) My boyfriend looked up the tree, and saw nothing.

His brother has seen this goblin like creature more than once, along with other ghosts. I'd also like to add that their family has no Native American in them.

Thank you for this story:)
My Friend Celia actually HAS had another weird experience in her house...well...atleast she tihnks its weird I don't think of it as much of anything. Her mom was out of town and her grandma was watching her at Celia's house. Celia closed the door to her mother's bedroom because that's where they keep the dogs when they are gone (they were about to go to the mall) Her grandma forgot something in the room and went back in to get it and the door was locked... The door only locks from the inside (trust me I've stayed in that room many times). They had to go outside and climg through the bathroom window and unlock the bedroom door. Celia says you can't lock the door then shut it but I have no idea.
Date: 2008-04-19
Wait a minute, did you guys find the others? You never stated if you did or not or did they show up somewhere else or go home?
Date: 2008-04-15
Ok, I study a lot about different Types of angels and one thing I have come across is angels that take human form and live on earth to help others around them (family & friends). You never know when there is an angel in your life but I think he is one. This is a good thing and I loved reading your story, it made perfect sense to me.
We didn't know she was hding behind the couch since we tohught we saw her walk into her room and we didn't get to find where she was hiding until we got creeped and called her out. When we first saw the "thing" we weren't exactly comprehending it until we realized thta celia wasn't in her room that she was in the living room. Do you get it?
Date: 2008-04-15
hey guys sorry if I'm sounding rude. The reason I'm not wanting to set up anything even though I don't think my house is haunted is because there is always a possibility no matter where you are and if something did show up I'd want to move out and I know my parents wouldn't move and I can't live with fear. Thanks for all of the ideas again. I'm thinking its just my imagination because it hasn't ever happened again.
Date: 2008-03-31
No I was home alone so the windows werent open. My siblings don't live with me, no baby monitors. And sorry ChrisB but I'm not setting up recorders or video cameras. I get scared very easily and actually after reading some of these ghost stories on here, one night they kept popping into my head an di didn't sleep at all that night. It's been a few days since that and I'm find now though lol.
Nope, there have been no other ghost experiences in that house. Well except once but we figured out that her big sister was playing a joke on us.
Date: 2008-03-27
I do not think you saw the angel of death, and even if you did, you shouldnt be worried. The Angel of death is actually a very calm and comforting angel. Anyways here is what I think happend:
Ok so whether you like it or not EVERYONE has a guardian angel. Your guardian angle is always with you but usually only shows it's self when in bad situations. I think your guardian angel knew that there was a demon in your house and showed itself and was following you just to protect you. Now you must understand that if you ask your guardian angel to leave they will. So when you said "Leave me alone!" Your guardian angel left and then over night the demon was able to get to you because your guardian angel was no longer around. I Never EVER suggest asking your guardian angel to leave for things such as this or worse could happen. I encourage you to call your Guardian Angel back. It's for the best.

Hmm Thats a very interesting story and definetly something that would be interesting to study about and try to find the answer. I look at your picture very closely and I do not see any angels. Did you mean you saw them in the picture or in the sky after the picture? You might have to explain that one to me. One day you should sit down with all these things and reasearch all of it and read similiar stories, see if you can soemhow piece this all together.