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I'm a college student who's had a fair number of run ins with the paranormal for the better part of my life, some with human spirits and some not.
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Encounters With A Baldknobber on 2012-04-17

My friends and I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. We only recently decided to try our hand at ghost hunting around our town when I got a new digital recorder, just to see if we could get some EVPs like they do on the ghost hunting shows. It's very stupid reasoning, I know, especially s...

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I think you're safe looking stuff up, ashville. I've looked at tons of pictures of haunted houses on Google and none of the ghosts have jumped through the computer to get me, even if I have gotten chills sometimes from looking at certain ones for a few minutes.

If you're looking up anything demonic...well, might want to be a little more careful. Never really sure about things like that.

I'd take anything you find with a little caution, though.
Rook, thanks for the correction on the spelling. I didn't know that about the spacing.

Yeah, my dog refuses to go out in the yard when it's raining, even if you go with her, so we've taken to bringing her around the block when it rains. She'll go fine then. We have to take her around that way during the storms or else she'll try and hold it until the rain stops.

Looks like I'll have some more research to do now that school's almost out and something to talk about with Billy.

And sorry for not getting back to your comment quickly. Three reports and a project needed tending to for the end of the year.
Catface, I have been back to the square twice now. Both times I've left flowers and felt a sort of pressure in the air around me when I go to leave. Also noticed they're doing a bit of renovating there--they took out an old fountain that had cracked down the middle--so that might also be stirring things up.

Casper, I think the cold made him a little ornery. He moved here from Vegas and tends to not want to do anything in winter or on a cold day, much less listen to me.

Curious, thanks. Yeah, a lot of history around the state and lots of hot spots for activity. Glad to hear there's a fellow Missourian on YGS, too.
Thanks, crecentblue. I think he might know me from around town, if not from a past life, really. I've lived in the town my whole life. I've heard of past life regression, but I've never tried it out. Doesn't it involve hypnosis?
Date: 2012-04-13
I've never heard of a coyote or jackal's barking being described as laughter. The only canine I've heard of that "laughs" is the hyena.

Just my two cents.