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I'm 21 years of age.

I've traveled throughout many countries.

I may speak French, Spanish, or English.

I'm bad at giving good first impressions.
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Was She A Succubus? on 2012-04-09

Recently, I've been having trouble sleeping. Before it would usually be drug's fault. What I first thought to be a special nightmare of it's kind, turned out to be a real-time event. One day at 16:00, when I woke up, I saw a woman. An uncontrollable question popped out in my mind. Was she dea...

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what kind of aunt and mum is this... Talk about being in the occult, if I did that to my futur child i'd call myself noobcult
Date: 2012-10-04
Well that's quite the mesmerising story. 😲 I've never spoken with ghosts, I wonder how that feels.
Date: 2012-10-04
Is that girl German?

The brand "Kinder" is a chocolate candy brand for kids. It's called Kinder because in German language, Kinder means kid. OR that girl is English, and she just said kind to say that she thought you were a kind person.

You have to understand that if you're the youngest girl in the house, this small girl will feel positive about you, as she could relate to you as an older friend or even older sister. Maybe that's why you keep feeling a presence, because this small girl probably appreciates you which is why she is always sticking around. Considering that things are going fine at your house, I guess there is nothing you'd need to change, for all is fine. Unlike what movies like to show, infant spirits tend to be very kind. Never heard about an infant spirit being bad in real life. Stupid movies.
Date: 2012-10-04
Hi Vanelle.

I'm impressed by how well you remembered this story of yours. Must've been quite the event. But anyways, you guessed, there is very much to learn from this story.

A few years ago, my mother had the same type of experience as your friend Tasha, with just different factors, but same thing in whole. The common experiences were: being asleep, dreaming, suddenly being pursued by an unknown entity (or shadow), running away from it, finding a protector, final stage: waking up.

My mother was sleeping at night, it was around 2-3 am. My father came back home with a few friends after a party, and through the process let in a spirit/ghost that had followed them, into our house. This spirit then headed to the bedroom and found my sleeping mother and attempted to take my mother into possession like the spirit that took over Tasha. Only difference is, my mother found the protector in her dream, whereas your friend Tasha got caught that night (didn't reach church in time/ lost fight vs spirit)... AND SHE WAS PRETTY LUCKY! I mean she got caught in her dream and when that happens you become possessed for a certain amount of time in the real world, by the entity that caught you. But as she was being possessed, I guess the spirit was kind enough to think: "Hey, those are 5th grade girls, I'm not going to hurt them; just say hi." But any spirit that takes over a body is to be considered a threat. The spirit Tasha encountered was bad but indulgent, for a spirit that takes over a body can pretty much do anything it wants with it afterwards.

This is why you should understand if Tasha doesn't even recall remembering anything about this. I'm pretty sure she remembers absolutely everything, she just DOESN'T WANT to talk about it; or who knows, maybe her mind automatically created denial towards this event ever happening, and maybe it is best for her today to live with the thought that she has never been possessed. Because she has been. In 5th grade. If she doesn't remember - 'we can understand'.

Another thing I'm saying is, obviously, you don't even need to be hypnotised, as long as you're asleep you can go through the experience of being possessed. Sorry if that sounds kind of creepy, but yes, ghosts appear in our dreams. In dreams, people speak to their family members that passed away. So while asleep, people can communicate/interact with spirits. And to be honest, I can't tell you what are the other 99% things you can deduce from your own dreams, but I think there's a whole humungous lot. But since you live in the US now, you shouldn't be too creeped out. I still live in Bangkok, and my house is equal to a church when taking into consideration all the protection I put in. I've never been possessed. Not many people have.

But, when your dream suddenly turns into turmoil, and an unknown person starts pursuing you for no reason at all, and your dream feels really awkwardly real... Run. That's the important message to learn from Tasha. I would also advise never looking back. Never look back, because everytime you do, it gets closer. Just run. That's all the advice I can give to people who want to know how to counter the event of being possessed while asleep.

There are also many ways for a spirit to enter an alien body besides conquering a sleeping body, but asleep is when it mostly happens for we, the living beings are most vulnerable to spirits when asleep. It's a naturally known fact. People waking up and seeing a ghost beside them, and such. It happens. People feel vulnerable when dealing against something they don't know and it's hard to make the difference between paranoia and reality, but when we are truly threatened, courage is the key. Run, and never look back is what must be done in this kind of dream. That sentence is what my whole text is about. If you can successfully find protection in the dream, you instantly wake up, and have successfully... Exorcised yourself.
Date: 2012-04-15
i trust too many people here.
Add me on facebook you have a reason to get close (:
"Kevin Kildkeny"
Date: 2012-04-15
PrincessLotus, what I am looking for is most certainly not looked at as fame. I feel bad or good about myself according to situations is all I need working on.

With all due respect. Spirituality and love.

Date: 2012-04-15
There is nothing more important to publish. Thoughts can be very sensitive, and develop easily even in nonsense. But we all have a common point that I sense "happiness".

I actually don't care where I come from. It was just to proove sense about myself. Otherwise I just promise I came here to say a story and ill uncover it. What matters it be real or not. I can check it right? (: But no alone somehow <3

Date: 2012-04-13

Im impressed about how much you seem to know.

But for the sake of seeming sane, I will say nothing.
Date: 2012-04-13

My mother constantly says the opposite from the archeologists and such. People in easter island have a culture to preserve and so ill ask my mother if she wasn't mistaken about the lake/mountain thing. It ll be important for her more than me.
Date: 2012-04-13
Pjod, Javelina, easter island is a place like no other. Remember those tv shows where being famous and rich was considered being happy? If you're willing to go to Easter Island forget about those stories. Easter Island is a place for isolation and self-building nothing else. Nothing is easy about it. But I think it's very worth it. It's a place for self-building. (and spiritual experimentations)

For instance over there they have a culture. At the first full moon that a new born encounters they expose the baby to the moon and it's meant to give them mana powers that are conecntrated on their hair. If there mother cuts their hair she will suck their mana powers. Consider never testing this power for my mother has tried it and she probably regrets it. This is how strong tradition gets their and I said nothing.

Today I spoke with a friend. We're in thailand so he mentioned buddhist temples. The monks will be willing to hear my story and judge wether or not this here girl spirit is looking for relief to reach the other world. After all she felt my affection. Not necromaniac affection Jav, just affection of willing to help is what I meant. But sorry, I always hated to show the deep in my feelings. I just wanted to help her is what I believe as being the truth... If a spirit appears in a bondage suit, what did she felt?!

I'm going to the bottom of the paranormal hypothesis, ill switch to the scientific one afterwards. Because if it were paranormal, no time is to be wasted. It's been 5 months already.
Date: 2012-04-13
And honestly if there is any more proof needed to proove my origins I'm sending pictures of my home. LOL
Date: 2012-04-13

Big misunderstanding. And my bad for being unclear. I quoted, thus you were talking about my mom's dad!

My dad is just french. Back at the time military service was obligatory and he had managed to do it in Tahiti where my mother was and met her. My mother has nothing french in her. She;s just the upper told 2 family names.
Date: 2012-04-13
And the reason why I simply don't care about getting anyones BS blanket is just because. I'm very, very, very used to getting it. The only thing I want to see stopping is your constant harrassing. I'm getting very, very tired of hearing you're offensive speech. So if you can make yourself silent, ill be eternally grateful.
Date: 2012-04-13
Adsouza, just throw the BS blanket if it makes you feel better. If there's a problem you encountered after reading all that I have written i'm terribly sorry. I never knew you existed, and I never wanted to trouble you into believing BS. But if you can't help the way you feel about me, then feel me the way you want. I don't give a shiat.
Date: 2012-04-13
My mother: "My mother's lineage is pure, so is my father's. The biggest family in Easter Island is that called Tepano. Tepano however stands for the true original name Terano. Rano is the name of a mountain in Easter Island, 'Te' means 'this'. From my father's side it is the Terano family, from my mother's a family name has disappeared, Tekena."

I asked her to be more precise about the methods employed by spirits that cause paralysis.

My mother: "Spirits that hurt people are cowards. They always look to catch people in situations where they are are defenseless. So they'll often paralyse someone when they wake up, or if they're left alone. These spirits usually just stare at the paralysed man and speak what they have to say, or say nothing. Afterwards the spirit may just leave, or they'll start beating you up physically from which point you'll start moving again, but you'll be moving to run away as far as you can."

So all we can say is, that paralysis isn't caused by breathing, toxins, nor hypnosis. You just happen to be waking up or walking around until you encounter a ghost, and at the same time, you're paralysed. So it's either paralysis by eye contact, or simply the ghost's mental powers?

And now i'm really lost. I have to choose between believing my mother or thinking this was all just my mental creation. As for taking LSD it has never happened once in my life. As a matter of fact, i've always repulsed any form of drugs which would cause VISUAL hallucinations. Shrooms, LSD, whatever. I'd rather just say that if this wasn't a ghost experience that i'm mentally unstable, because knowing what I take i'm pretty surprised to be the only one having weird dream experiences, because my health condition isn't unique, it's very common trust me.

The dream wasn't a lucid dream. The moment I woke up I knew I woke up. It was just same old same old. I woke up MENTALLY (the fresh feeling where you're about to open your eyes, you're full of energy and you're craving a stretch). So I opened my eyes and BOOM. And the fact that this 'ghost' was right there and that I was paralysed made me think I was dreaming. But I just... Couldn't have been dreaming. Never in my life have I ever seen something so clearly as this ghost; never in my life has something 'from a dream' ever appeared in the real world that surrounds me.

Hallucinations are illusions they're meant to be unclear visuals. By the looks of all the description i've given i'm pretty sure this hallucination was way too clear to be one. Not to mention the fact that my entire sleep that day was A-ok. I dreamt of nothing before waking up.

Nevertheless Rook, what you say is very true. Even if I still believe this was indeed a ghost experience i've had, it shouldn't stop me from doing MORE intensive research about sleep paralysis. And since I don't know all the scientific reasoning about it, maybe it's this time where I really have to dig in. If there's some stuff I don't know, there's some stuff I need to know. I've done research, but you made me understand that I haven't done enough so I shall. Until I haven't done so, I might be mistaking myself.

This complex we live in has actually been rebuilt over and over. But we feel no haunting presence in this home. The atmosphere is fresh. However, we don't understand why 'things' are trying to get in, when we're employing so many methods to keep those 'ghosts' out, not to mention that so far those ghosts are focusing me. I've never heard of spirits that tracked a particular individual... But it feels this way.
Date: 2012-04-13
Adousza, Jav, thailand isn't where I live. A month ago I was living in France. My mother's family side is from Easter Island, my dad from France. I will only be living in Bangkok for 4 months and I don't even speak this language. So take your profile design of me. You don't have a spec of clue who I am. Nor do you know thailand just because of your little books and mighty internet/ so called mature brain.
Date: 2012-04-13
I'll research sleep paralysis. But as far as I have checked, I know more about it than the internet does. Many people take science to prove stuff. I have proof without science and I'm fine with it. When science isn't the cause but simply the effect.
Date: 2012-04-12

So weed caused it.

Blame it on jah?

You seemed to have made quite an effort at developping this idea but ill have to say a big no. My mom doesn't take drugs and she has this shiat. Get down to serious business or say nothing people
Date: 2012-04-12
HAHAHA Javelina, this actually made me laugh. And i'm not mad at anyone nor will I be, every one has the right to believe what they want here.

Adsouza, indeed this apartment has had no other owners. I'll ask the property-keeper if they had any accidents during constructions. This apartment is in Bangkok, downtown but don't get me wrong. Downtown or not Thailand is a place where spirits interact with people more often than in other countries. Don't ask me why. I don't know why.
Date: 2012-04-12
For those who think I have an insane mind, think twice. Just because you hear about something that you can't concieve as being part of your world doesn't make you normal and others insane. I have seen ghosts in the past, and I don't need to talk about them. I'm pretty sure everyone would be more open minded if we spoke about those who don't really matter to me. But right now, you guys have to tell me what it means to have the spirit of a dead chick in a bondage suit on top of you when you wake up with your entire body paralysed except for the eyes.

Miracles, debzinger and Rook, thank you for your informative comments, I think the three of you hit the spot. A spirit that takes the form of being dead in a bondage suit either had a really twisted mind or had pain to express about her death. As a consequence I couldn't tell wether or not I was dealing with a succubus or not. After doing much research I had found that succubes/incubes were the hardest entities to repel. This is why my biggest wish was that I wasn't dealing with a succubus.

However I find it hard to believe that people here are asking wether or not this was just a dream or if it was real. Because when this happened I took SO MUCH TIME, looking around my room while I was paralysed by her. (like I said I was paralysed but I could move my eyes, and since my head was straight up high I could see the integrity of my room) Looking throughout my room for me is the simple proof that I was awake while this happened. The way I saw my room while I was paralysed was the way I saw it after the entity was gone.

And, I don't call waking up paralysed in front of the dead waking up normally which is why I said "i hoped to wake up normally". In better words
"i hoped to wake up normally" = "i hope this chick really disappears".

I didn't know about residual haunting until now Rook. So I've done research and it wasn't a residual haunting. I live in an appartment that has had no dead members and is brand new. My mother even places stones, and basically sets 'protective elements' in this house in many ways. As a consequence, there's only one hypothesis that stands. I was visited by a chick determined enough to haunt me she just went through all the protections in the house, and appeared very strongly, clearly, and very close to me for about 10 seconds long aka after my first wink.

I will repel her in every way. My first impression was the best. But i'll keep doing some research because last week another member in our house had a particlar dream, about a 'shadow' coming into my room (the same room in which I had the above experience). I just really hope this 'shadow' isn't the same one as the girl I saw 5 months ago. I'll keep doing research, simply because this may be unfinished business.