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I am not an expert in any shape or form but as I experienced something very odd years ago which I only can describe as paranormal I am very open to others who have had such experiences or stories to tell.
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English Channel Wartime Ghost Ship on 2017-07-18

Recently I was commenting upon an wartime ghost encounter submitted on this site and relayed a story to the author which was told to me by my father many many years ago which happened to his brother who served in the Kriegsmarine during World War II. So taken with the story, a few members asked m...

Visiting Another Time, Another Place In France on 2012-04-17

I am writing my story here as many a time I have thought about an experience that happened to me and my first wife (now divorced) which occurred over 20 years ago (1992) on our honeymoon in France; the experience of which still haunts me. As weddings go we had a very sweet affair that took place...

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Thureos, when I was in school Robert Hughes' Shock of the New was a fascinating series and take on art of the 21st century. Here is the link to the first episode...

Thanks Lotus29 for your comment.

Yes, I have to agree with you that the sentiment that my father conveyed to me in the retelling of his Brother's encounter was that this was something that his brother was deeply worried about.

And although his brother was redeployed to the Bismarck which my father's family at the time were extremely proud of, and knowing that his brother received the rating of a Matrose II, which was unusual to receive after basic training; my father was alone in his feelings of grave concern for the welfare of his brother.

Years later... When I was told the story I have often pondered did this encounter foretell of misfortune for all of the crew?

And now with reading your comment, I wonder did this encounter have a larger context... Misfortune for Germany?

It's all so very strange and unsettling.

Thanks again.
Thanks Biblio... Having read on this site about several wartime ghost encounters and experiences, I can only imagine how unnerving it must have been to be at war, and all that means for a civilian and a combatant; to have the added stress of encountering something paranormal. It must have really played on their minds. Thanks as well for your history on the Spanish Armada... Watching the movie Elizabeth I... I did learn a little but didn't know of any of the details which you wrote about.
Hello Thureos... I'm not on Facebook but please feel free to email me... You can find my email by clicking on my profile.
Hello AugustaM... Thanks very much for your comment and for sharing your experience which was fascinating to read.
Thanks Thureos... All I can say is that although my family's history had some quite prominent and interesting people in it who lived during the 20s and 30s my parents and grandparents took a rather Victorian attitude towards me and children in general (i.e. They should be seen and not heard) and any questions I might have had about those times were answered with our family motto "never complain and never explain". Sad really. But I certainly will look into this man's poetry further. I am a student of art/art history and architecture/design and I always have had an affinity for the ideas, movements, and personalities of those who lived between the great wars.
Thanks Thureos... I looked up the poem you quoted and was very moved to read it in its entirety... Thanks for sharing it.
Yes 'Unexplained' Many years ago I asked my Oma (grandmother) about the war (s) as she had lived through the First World War, the Second World War as well as the Russian Revolution. Her comment to me was "I'd like to tell you what happened but you wouldn't believe it"... And that was that.

Her statement however always made me feel that her experiences were beyond belief... I can only add that my father and his sister spoke about their experiences living in Berlin during the Second World War only on rare occaisions. And during these times, I have to say that what they briefly spoke about could be movies on their own... Making me wonder given what they endured... How lucky I am to be alive today.

Thanks for your comment.
Yes Unexplained... This is all that I know. I did try and ask my Oma (Grandmother) and my dad's sister about the experience but they as well had heard it secondhand through my father who told it to them years after the event and so they really only knew what my father told them.
Yes Melda... I totally agree with you as my comment about the Flying Dutchman was just to suggest another 'what could it be?' scenario. As mentioned, my father was a yachtsman (he partcipated in the Whitbread back in the 70s) and had many a story which was just nerve shattering... Such as sailors being swept overboard never to be heard of again. I have to say though nothing troubled him as much as him speaking about what his brother had encountered. Thanks again for your comments.
Hello Argette and Melda... Thank you for you comments... As you say perhaps a time slip... Perhaps a residual haunting from a distant point in time... Perhaps the 'Flying Dutchman'... All I can say is that my father who owned a yacht and was a sailor all his life had many an interesting encounter on the sea but none as chilling or unnerving as what happened to his brother.
thank Thureos... Next month I'm in Sint Maarten for three weeks... And that's unfortuantley still 11 hours by plane from Rio... But maybe next year... Never say Never I say

Hello Unexplained... Yes... I feel that the story is even more awesome given who told it to me... Meaning that my father's generation were the type never to exagerate or mislead... They actually were people of little words when it came to their wartime experiences... And so when I heard this retelling one night it really gave me the shivers and goosebumps... As I could only imagine my father hearing this from his brother and what it must have meant for him... As he was just a small child at the time
Hello Thureos... Pardon my assumption about your German ancestry... If I am reading your commentary correctly I understand that you have grown up in Brazil and have Hungarian ancestry. My father had an uncle who immigrated to Brazil after the war but sadly he lost contact with him so I always wanted to visit your country. I have German/Russian/Italian ancestry so I have similar stories from my family of the hardships which they suffered and survived over the war years, Russian revolution, etc. I sometimes wonder given what they experienced, how am I alive today?
Great story... I have German ancestry and I have to say that I envy your ability to write English as I have no ability when it comes to speaking or writing in German.

With that said, as ForceAwakens, I would like to mention that my father told me a wartime ghost story that happened to his brother which I'll share.

Here goes... My father's brother was named Egon and served on the infamous battleship Bismarck and sadly lost his life when it was sunk. Before its sinking however, and while his brother was in his Kriegsmarine training, his brother came home on leave and told him a story that haunted my father for the rest of his life. My father being only 6 or 7 years of age at the time.

Egon served on a Schnellboot, or S-Boot, meaning "fast boat" in the English Channel 1940. The mission of his service was to try to rescue downed Luftwaffe airman who were at that time fighting England in the Battle of Britain.

One evening during a nighttime air offensive, Egon's Schnellboot left France and sailed into English Channel. As they cut their engines and waited to perform their service of rescue they soon became aware of Spanish voices. Thinking that this might be fisherman from neutral Spain they decided to see if they could pull alongside their boat or move closer as to not have a collision. As the voices grew louder very soon the Schnellboots searchlight came upon what could best be described as a 16th century Spanish galleon under full sail with crew.

My father told me that Egon and his crew were paralyzed with fear as this 16th Century vessel sailed past them. He said that the ship's details, e.g. Planks, rigging, cannons, etc. Were all distinguishable; including some of the crew who took no notice of them. The vessel proceeded leeward from their point of reference until it vanished and could no longer be seen.

On return to port, Egon's captain made a report which prompted the crew's separation (break-up) and re-deployment. They were told that the incident was not to be spoken about.
Date: 2017-07-11
Hello Buzz... I found your experience so touching and wanted to thank you for sharing it with us. As for the 'why as to this happens'... I really do not have a clue. Several years ago my father actually appeared to me and so I have an affinity for your experience. Briefly he used to live at 3 East 94th Street in a grand mansion situated on a tree-lined block off Fifth Avenue across from Central Park. When I sold his place I walked back one evening to tidy up the remaining boxes which were left by the cleaners and so that everything would be tidy before the new owners took possession. As I walked I crossed the street to see an old cadillac approaching and so as I was interested in cars and in particular cadillacs as my father drove a variety of them during his lifetime I was particularly interested to see who was behind the wheel of this '72 sedan deville. To my amazement it was my father but after waiting at the corner for the car and him to drive by the car never appeared. I figure there must be car dealerships in heaven.
No worries at all Melda! I actually find that often the discussions one has on this site are as interesting or more interesting than the experiences being commented upon. As for past lives... Yes I totally understand when you speak about 'soul mates' as I have encountered a few in my life as well. Like Randy had mentioned I wonder if we are not somehow connected to those in our familiar circle... And choices and actions we choose to take today are in some way reflections upon choices and actions we had made in our past (life/lives).
Thanks Randy... I am beginning to think that there is something to perhaps we are connected to 'soul groups' as you say. For this I have one personal example...

In my last job I had regular dealings with a co-worker who worked in another branch. We only though ever communicated via telephone or email. When I got moved to this branch and started to interact with her she after a year or so said "you know something... I used to not like you... But now dealing with you face to face I have come to appreciate working with you".

When I asked her why she didn't like me... She said she didn't have any professional reason to not but it was just a 'feeling' she had inside her.

As this broke the ice... We soon talked regularly on other things other than work. And then one day she started speaking about her Russian heritage. This was not evident to me as she had married and had a Anglo-Saxon surname.

Her Russian heritage though was amazing to me as I too had ancestors that lived in Russia before the revolution and during the time of the Czar. To make a long story short she mentioned that her grandfather had been a revolutionary and he had been caught and hung for attempting to kill the local governor.

After learning about the town (area) from which her ancestors came I had the opportunity to ask my grandfather about his father and it is there I learned that he was the local governor for that area.

To my amazement I realized that my ancestor and her ancestor must have crossed paths and because of this something in her dna took an instant dislike to me... With her not knowing why.

I later wondered did we somehow complete the circle and create harmony for her and me to reconcile feelings of bad blood that happened over a century ago?

Something surely for the windmills of one's mind... Perhaps we will never know why these conicidences happen. Thanks.
Hello Randy1, Manofan, and Macknorton,

First, thanks so much for your comments... All amazingly brilliant. You are quite literally touching on subject matters that is above my own reason of thinking. I liken it to conversations I used to have with my great uncle who was a research scientist and worked on such things as experimental radar and code breaking during WWII. At times he would go on tangents that would have me thinking and re-thinking until I thought I could answer in a proper way as not to show my ignorance or lack of understanding.

So here goes... To answer your questions... And to not repeat myself I am going to quote what I wrote in my comments previously...

1. Genetic Memory - In your experience Macknorton, Wreck72 wrote to you speaking about "Genetic Memory (which) is a long standing theory at this point and is still researched to this day. It started based on Monarch butterfly migration patterns because they migrate the bird where groups fly back and forth from the same locations each year unlike birds though the die off each migration so generation 1 flies from point A to point B then reproduces and dies"

For me and my experience with my then wife... We pondered... And now I am quoting from my comments first made five years ago "the only thing I can also add and this is just another out of reach thought is this. My first wife and I had always been drawn to each other. It was a strange experience to meet her as I felt that I had always 'known' her. After driving leaving the coast and driving towards Belgium we encountered many war cemeteries from the First and Second World War. For some unknown reason I was very overcome by seeing these graves and memorials. More so than I should have been. I found myself easily moved to tears as I walked the countryside of northern France and Belgium.

While on our honeymoon my wife had a strange dream. She told me that she had dreamt that we had been lovers during the war and that she saw an image of me killed on the battlefield... Lying face up with a helmet on and chin strap around my neck.

Walking around Bruges on our honeymoon she remarked... 'could our experience in Dieppe be recalling some past life of ours'... A life where we had lived and had stayed in that hotel room... A life that was interrupted by war and then allowed to play out once more."

2. Apparitional Drama - Manofan1 you ask, "Do you recall anything odd or "off" about anyone you spoke to that night?"

For me and my experience with my then wife... And now I am quoting from my account first made five years ago "As weddings go we had a very sweet affair that took place outside of Paris, France in a small town in a beautiful French country restaurant. As the evening festivities were going on, we did a very traditional departing from our guests and bid them farewell as we had a long 2.5 hour drive to the coast. Our thoughts on leaving our guests were that we wanted to spend the night in Dieppe, France, which is a coastal town, and then the next day proceed in a lovely drive along the coast of France to reach our honeymoon destination, which was Bruges, Belgium where we had booked a week's stay at the Pullman Hotel."

I'll add - There was simply nothing odd about the day to us. Nothing off putting or anything that might have made us feel 'strange' about the goings on. We had thought about our wedding for many months and the planning to us went very well and so we were extremely pleased by how it all turned out.

3. Self Hypnosis - Randy1, you write in Macknorton's experience "If you consider how our minds can go into a type of self hypnosis at times. Such as when we drive the same route to work each morning We get there safely because a autopilot of sorts kicks in but we don't always remember each stop light, other cars, pedestrians etc It could have been something like this that allowed your mind to relax enough and let you re experience the first camp because you weren't really remembering it with your normal brain memory but re experiencing it with your true consciousness

For me and my experience with my then wife... And now I am quoting from my account first made five years ago "As it was late, and we wanted to be careful as we drove, we did not take the autoroute (main highway) but drove to our destination along what is called in France the old national highway. It was a longer way of going but the evening was beautifully warm and so we took our time and drove with the car windows open, admiring the tree lined road, all excited about reaching our hotel, the Hotel Windsor where we had booked the honeymoon suite."

I'll add - your comment Randy1 had me thinking about the possibility of being self hypnotized as I remember the drive as being very 'warm' and completely 'relaxing'. With that feeling being absorbed into us, I wonder did we fall into some trance and fall asleep and then as Manofan1 writes we were "drawn into the "apparitional drama" which was then played out.

4. Similar experiences - for the past five years I've found a few experiences similar to mine... I list the links here again:

Link to the BBC television show that speaks of two couples who visited France and stayed in a period hotel, only to not find the hotel on their return to England.


Link to show which has comedian Jimmie Walker who experienced visiting a place (a diner in North Dakota) and then returned only to find no such diner.


Thanks again to you all for your thoughts and comments... Simply amazing and fascinating conversation
Hello Melda... Thanks for your comment and story. I have to say that what you dughter-in-law, her sister and parents experienced was very similar to what I encountered all those years ago in France.

As time has passed I have to say I am no closer to understanding what happened to us but recently reading Randy's comments I wonder if we are not 'programmed' in some way to re-experience occurences that have occured in our past given the right situation or circumstance.

Another thought I have is perhaps my ex and I were lulled into sort of a hypnotic 'trance' where we woke the next morning not having ever set foot in a 'ghostly hotel' but merely thought we did.

The later though is hard for me to comprehend as we both had very independent actions on that evening, from worrying about our luggage to where to park the car and as we stepped inside the hotel we both had separate impressions. Impressions that we talked at length about for many weeks and months after.

As you say... These experiences are all so strange or what!
Hello Argette, no worries at all. I'm sincerely greatful though to hear your comments.

As for my experience, I now wonder if what we experienced could have been a 'stored life memory' as Randy alluded to. In fact it was one thought my ex had expressed to me as we had always felt 'drawn' to each other despite our quite different backgrounds.

Another thought expressed here has me thinking could we have been in some way been hypnotized... Having been lulled into a 'sleep' or 'dream state' that we actually didn't wake from until morning.

It is all though something very hard to make sense of and perhaps never will have an answer for.