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I am not an expert in any shape or form but as I experienced something very odd years ago which I only can describe as paranormal I am very open to others who have had such experiences or stories to tell.
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English Channel Wartime Ghost Ship on 2017-07-18

Recently I was commenting upon an wartime ghost encounter submitted on this site and relayed a story to the author which was told to me by my father many many years ago which happened to his brother who served in the Kriegsmarine during World War II. So taken with the story, a few members asked m...

Visiting Another Time, Another Place In France on 2012-04-17

I am writing my story here as many a time I have thought about an experience that happened to me and my first wife (now divorced) which occurred over 20 years ago (1992) on our honeymoon in France; the experience of which still haunts me. As weddings go we had a very sweet affair that took place...

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thanks Jubeele... I have to say that having this quality, that of being able to remain calm in crisis; that my friends have come to admire. I suppose I learned this from years of sailing and other advertures (horseback riding, climbing, etc.) with my father who challenged me to think in crisis.

As for the experiences renovating the Victorian house... When I have time I will try to capture the events and write it down. As there were so many events and details, many of which were not mine; it will take me time to collect these and my thoughts.

Thanks for providing the link to 'ghost buildings'... Reading it I was amazed to learn that the author had no sense of dread in his encounters... An emotion that engulfed me and my then wife while we navigated our way in and out of this mysterious hotel and town.

Yes... I have to admit that we both felt as if we were part of some sort of timeslip or 'wrinkle' in time as you say which allowed us to step back for a moment. My then wife always thought we were playing out an event that had happened to us in a previous life. As for me I am unsure of her interpretation as the experience seemed totally unwelcoming and not familiar (the surroundings of which were totally foreign to me).

And finally I will read "A Terribly Strange Bed" and let you know!
Date: 2018-01-04
Jessbcr25, I am sorry for your loss. I know all too well the feeling of losing one's father. As you wrote that you hope that your father will prove himself wrong one day... Several years ago my father actually appeared to me and so I have an affinity for your experience.

Briefly my father used to live at 3 East 94th Street in a grand mansion situated on a tree-lined block off Fifth Avenue across from Central Park New York. When I sold his place I walked back one evening to tidy up the remaining boxes which were left by the cleaners and so that everything would be tidy before the new owners took possession. And truthfully to have one last moment in a home I knew well and had played and dreamed in as a child.

As I walked I crossed the street to see an old cadillac approaching and so as I was interested in cars and in particular cadillacs as my father drove a variety of them during his lifetime I was particularly interested to see who was behind the wheel of this '72 Sedan Deville.

To my amazement it was my father wearing his distinctive hankerchief knotted and tied inside around the collar of his shirt. A feature that was in vogue in his day but had been out of style for many many years and which seemed to bother both my mother and me. His passion was sailing and we gathered that this is where he picked up this practice.

Sadly after waiting at the corner for the car and him to drive past me his car disappeared.

But soon a great sense of calm came over me and then I found myself comforted by the thought that there must be car dealerships in heaven.
Hello Txcowby8... Yes I have to say that what is familiar about the illustration which you provided is the tightly packed feeling of the houses/buildings which we struggled in our car to navigate... That being the twists and turns to get to our destination. It was only arriving at the seaside that the town development opened up and it was then that we felt as if we could breathe and this allowed us to park the car and walk back to the hotel. Overall driving in the town made us instantly feel that it was unfriendly to cars. It was therefore very striking in the morning when we awoke to see a busy thoroughfare of cars and traffic of all sorts which seemed not to exist the night before.
Date: 2017-12-06
Hello Emma... I know all about Hurricanes unfortuantely as our family vacation property in St. Maarten was destroyed along with the livelihood of our close family friend by Hurrican Irma. Recently after several months we were able to evacuate him off the island to the Dominican Republic and then later were were able to get him the money to be able to fly to Columbus Ohio where he has work/shelter. Unfortunately for how long we really do not know and our heart goes out to him as really he has lost everything. It is a terrible and devasting moment to go through. We left St. Maarten a day before the Hurrican hit. Everything we know of or had known on the island is destroyed.

As for the carriage house... It sounds beautiful but perhaps as many have mentioned in renovation you perhaps stirred up unwanted feelings. My heart goes out to your tenant.
Date: 2017-12-05
thanks Emma... After the house was completely renovated we decided to throw a party... A large party as basically we had our own 'party venue' and so we invited friends and co-workers but afterwards as the house lay empty and on the market without interest I must admit we kept being bothered by people who attended our party who would say "well you know... Something is not right about that place... It's beautiful and all but I get a bad feeling being in there".

And as from time to time we would meet subtradesmen who worked on the renovation and hear their odd encounters... E.g. Paint brush not falling but floating to the ground, a shirt being lifted and running along a hallway under its own power, candles being blown out and then relit, the hearing of someone entering the back door emptying his pockets and depositing his contents (coins, metal objects/a gun perhaps) onto a table and then proceeding upstairs, being pushed, hearing voices, etc. It all added to our worries that this place was putting people off and there would be little to do but watch the price drop and hope that by some good fortune our luck would change.

As mentioned we lost money as the place had had a fire in the 1920s/30s and so we had to basically reframe the house... We then had to put a steel beam the length of the structure as the foundation was suspect... We later had to rebuild the stairs as the main supports that was holding the stairs upright were cut through at somepoint when someone wanted to put central heating into the place... Every day there was another issue which was not cosmetic but structural which set us back months and attacked our pocket books

Today though from this I trust my instincts much more and am open to other world experiences as I believe there are things in this world that we simply don't understand... If you read my experience in France... Which happened a few years after this you will see what I mean

Thanks for your comments...
Date: 2017-12-04
Hello Emma... Sorry for the confusion... By 'murder' I am just refering to a manner of speaking... In that she was screaming at the tone of someone being murdered or someone witnessing a murder. When I arrived at the house my neighbour had called the police thinking that something of a violent nature was happening... Perhaps murder but it was to everyone's amazement that we found only this girl alone in the bathroom. Her fear though was real and we accepted it as such.

As for bootleggers... Yes upon discovering that a gang once owned and operated within the house this knoweldge did not sit well with us. In fact we found many things that spoke to that time e.g. Bottles, barrels, gun casings, and even a secret room for hiding things when a 'raid' would happen.

As for selling the house... Well yes we eventually sold the place... But it was a nightmare. When we had the real estate agent walk around she was all giddy... She was excited and said "yes... I have to admit that this will be the first million dollar seller on the street". Feeling that all that we had gone through was now going to be the moment when are ship finally came in we were amazed when the house sat still without offers. Weeks turned into months with the real estate agent then proposing to us that we should 'stage' the house. And so we rented furnishings and everything that you can think of to put into a beautiful period home but even that made no offers come.

In the end price reductions came... And finally we got an offer from someone who bought the house sight unseen... Without visiting it. The buyer bought it as a 'wedding' gift as he was going to be married and thought this was the house for him and his new wife. Even stranger was that he had changed the offer price to have the number '4' throughout it... $644,444.44 (telling my real estate agent that he was marrying a Chinese bride and the number 4 was good luck.

Later after we recounted this story to a friend of ours who was Chinese he said... "The number 4 (四, pinyin: sì; Cantonese Yale: sei) is considered an unlucky number in Chinese because it is nearly homophonous to the word "death" (死 pinyin: sǐ; Cantonese Yale: séi)."

I have to add that we did not make a cent on this endeavour... We even lost money.
Date: 2017-12-01
Victorian House 2nd experience...

As we started to make a 'difference' on the house and as rooms got renovated and our money supply dwindled for it became the proverbial money pit one of us came up with the idea to rent a section out to a student. We would of course explain the renovations but figured a cheap and cheeful place to a student would be a source of revenue and as well a person to provide 'security' (indirectly of course).

Placing an ad in the University gathering places we got a phone call from a Research student who was doing her PhD. She was totally a no nonsense type of person. She was about as logical as you could get. When we mentioned parties... Her retort was that she was "too busy to have parties". When we mentioned boyfriends... We got the same response. And so to ease any 'fears' she might have we mentioned that we had sort of found the place to be 'unwelcoming'. We mentioned that there was nothing we could put our finger on but that we wanted her to know. Her response "ghosts! I don't believe in ghosts". When we said "we said nothing about ghosts"... She offhandedly said "well I'm used to working in a library alone and in various basements with records collecting research for my thesis so I am not worried in the least of being in an old 'unwelcoming' place.

Delighted... As she paid first and lasts month's rent (I remember it allowed us to purchase a bathtub for one of the rooms) we all celebrated our good fortune.


After a few weeks of our student moving in... I got a disturbing phone call one early evening from my neighbor saying that she heard screams coming from our place. Rushing over I was met by my neighbours (there was a gaggle of onlookers) and a policeman.

Acending the front porch my friends and I had to break down the front door as efforts to turn the lock proved fruitless.

Inside we heard our student screaming 'murder' and as we searched the house we found her in the washroom. She was absolutely unconsolable and at a stage of impossible histeria.

Getting her outside to the neighbours... Who gave her tea and a blanket... She finally calmed down to tell us what was going on...

And so... She told us that she had gone upstairs to take a bath. While in the bathroom she heard someone come up the stairs. Thinking it was one of us she got dressed and spoke to 'us' through the door and said she'd be right out.

She heard a man's voice say "take your time"

She then told us that as she went to open the door (a door that had a lock from only the inside) the door was locked. As she pulled the door pulled back. She then noticed the handle turning on its on... She said that later it felt that whatever was pulling the door was soon also in the bathroom with her trapping her in.

Without words... We just took in everything she said... Made all the more creapier by the fact that she was such a straight and narrow person and not someone who you would expect to make up such a thing...

After contacting a colleague... She left that night... Never to return... I later met her to bring her belongings as she did not want to go into the house again...

The History of the House

... Later as I was sitting in my neighbours living room one of them described the former owners... The house had three owners... The last was a banker who owned the house with his daughter and her husband. Through some unfortunate swindling or misappropriation the banker lost much of his investors money and and the bank failed. His daughter lived in the house but no one knows what happened to her husband (some said ran off / others thought he died) but they said that the house never had any signs of life in it for some sixty years. That this lady was so frugal that she never turned on a light or put on the heat. She was 'friendly' but broken people said.

Prior to the banker... I learned the house had been used by a Bootlegger and his gang... And the house had been used for various 1920s / 1930s gangland type of offences e.g. Gambling, prostitution

The original owner had built the house as his 'castle'... He was an amusement park owner and used his monies to build himself what was called then 'Summerhill'... After people's interests waned he lost the house after it caught fire (during the renovation we discovered the whole back of the house had burned along with the orginal kitchen at somepoint).
Date: 2017-11-28
Hello Emma and Jubeele... Well as far as the old victorian house goes...

Interestingly before purchasing the house and walking through it with the agent I was struck by how awful every room was... Dust, dirt and newspapers piled into stacks. I remember feeling terrible and it wasn't until I got into the garden that I felt I could breathe. Sitting down on a cement bench the agent asked me what was the matter and I told her about how I felt. She asked me, "do you believe that some houses have bad feelings connected with them?" I replied, "I really don't know and that I had never thought of it". And she said... "well to be honest this one does but I'm sure your work and renovation will transform this place into a wonderful warm and loved place". Those words sealed the deal. But I have to say that while signing the papers of offer I distinctly felt like I was being watched by unseen eyes which I can only describe as making me feel 'disliked' for the decision I was making.

Strangeness begins...

We removed all the woodwork in the house that had been painted over the years... And placed the casings in the basement where one of us took on the task of slowly stripping the layers in the basement.

On one occaision we went to the paint store to obtain sample colors of what were termed by the dealer as an 'historical' victorian palette. At one point we painted several samples on woodwork, walls, trim, etc. To test areas in daylight, etc.

One morning I came to the job site to the anguish of my friend who was upset that I started to paint the woodwork a certain 'blue' that none of us had decided upon as being what we would agree to be the chosen color. As we came down into the basement sure enough several pieces of the stripped paneling were now painted this 'blue' but none of us owned up to painting them.

Later comparing the color painted on the woodwork to actual samples we had obtained and painted as references on the wall proved inconclusive. The 'blue' which we were looking at was in fact not a color which we brought to the job site. In fact it wasn't even on the historical Victorian palette which we had been using as a reference.

Spookier still was that many weeks later when we were peeling layers of wallpaper off a room we came to a point in the wall which was painted in that 'blue'. Dumfounded we spent the entire afternoon holding the paneling painted 'blue' next to the wall color we had discovered and sure enough it was the same color.

Later on speaking with my cousin... A guy that at the time was older and more experienced than us and had 'seen' a few strange things in his day mentioned "well perhaps the house is telling you what it wants to be painted". We all agreed and brought the color on the woodwork to the paint store which mixed up this 'blue' color for us.

For a time we felt that in a way we would be appeasing the house and giving it back what it wanted. In reality though we were wrong... And sadly for us... Things went from bad to worse...

More to follow...
Date: 2017-11-27
Fantastic encounter Emmaline... Although disturbing

I have a similar encounter with a youngster 'seeing things'. Years ago I had decided early in my life to flip a house with a friend of mine.

We bought what was an old Victorian house that was a 'steal' and fit our price range... And while renovating it there were many strange occurences but one specifically happened when my friend brought his young cousin over to play one afternoon while we worked.

His cousin must have been the same age as your boy and spent the afternoon in the walled garden playing with toys and such.

On our packing up to leave for the day we all were congregated in the entranceway at the bottom of the main flight of stairs to the house.

At what seemed as an insignificant moment the little boy looked up and started interacting with something that only he could see. He was so 'excited' and said "look... Look... Look at that face".

My friend and I seeing no face asked him to describe what he was seeing. The boy said... "look the face is smiling... He has broken teeth".

Again... Seeing nothing my friend and I quickly became aware of a sense of evil and being engulfed in what was a terrible heaviness.

In earnest we packed up as quickly as we could and left...

And so reading your encounter it has made me think back to that time when a small boy's question made me realize that as wise as I had thought I was... In truth I didn't have all the answers... And still don't.

Thanks for sharing.
Thureos, when I was in school Robert Hughes' Shock of the New was a fascinating series and take on art of the 21st century. Here is the link to the first episode...

Thanks Lotus29 for your comment.

Yes, I have to agree with you that the sentiment that my father conveyed to me in the retelling of his Brother's encounter was that this was something that his brother was deeply worried about.

And although his brother was redeployed to the Bismarck which my father's family at the time were extremely proud of, and knowing that his brother received the rating of a Matrose II, which was unusual to receive after basic training; my father was alone in his feelings of grave concern for the welfare of his brother.

Years later... When I was told the story I have often pondered did this encounter foretell of misfortune for all of the crew?

And now with reading your comment, I wonder did this encounter have a larger context... Misfortune for Germany?

It's all so very strange and unsettling.

Thanks again.
Thanks Biblio... Having read on this site about several wartime ghost encounters and experiences, I can only imagine how unnerving it must have been to be at war, and all that means for a civilian and a combatant; to have the added stress of encountering something paranormal. It must have really played on their minds. Thanks as well for your history on the Spanish Armada... Watching the movie Elizabeth I... I did learn a little but didn't know of any of the details which you wrote about.
Hello Thureos... I'm not on Facebook but please feel free to email me... You can find my email by clicking on my profile.
Hello AugustaM... Thanks very much for your comment and for sharing your experience which was fascinating to read.
Thanks Thureos... All I can say is that although my family's history had some quite prominent and interesting people in it who lived during the 20s and 30s my parents and grandparents took a rather Victorian attitude towards me and children in general (i.e. They should be seen and not heard) and any questions I might have had about those times were answered with our family motto "never complain and never explain". Sad really. But I certainly will look into this man's poetry further. I am a student of art/art history and architecture/design and I always have had an affinity for the ideas, movements, and personalities of those who lived between the great wars.
Thanks Thureos... I looked up the poem you quoted and was very moved to read it in its entirety... Thanks for sharing it.
Yes 'Unexplained' Many years ago I asked my Oma (grandmother) about the war (s) as she had lived through the First World War, the Second World War as well as the Russian Revolution. Her comment to me was "I'd like to tell you what happened but you wouldn't believe it"... And that was that.

Her statement however always made me feel that her experiences were beyond belief... I can only add that my father and his sister spoke about their experiences living in Berlin during the Second World War only on rare occaisions. And during these times, I have to say that what they briefly spoke about could be movies on their own... Making me wonder given what they endured... How lucky I am to be alive today.

Thanks for your comment.
Yes Unexplained... This is all that I know. I did try and ask my Oma (Grandmother) and my dad's sister about the experience but they as well had heard it secondhand through my father who told it to them years after the event and so they really only knew what my father told them.
Yes Melda... I totally agree with you as my comment about the Flying Dutchman was just to suggest another 'what could it be?' scenario. As mentioned, my father was a yachtsman (he partcipated in the Whitbread back in the 70s) and had many a story which was just nerve shattering... Such as sailors being swept overboard never to be heard of again. I have to say though nothing troubled him as much as him speaking about what his brother had encountered. Thanks again for your comments.
Hello Argette and Melda... Thank you for you comments... As you say perhaps a time slip... Perhaps a residual haunting from a distant point in time... Perhaps the 'Flying Dutchman'... All I can say is that my father who owned a yacht and was a sailor all his life had many an interesting encounter on the sea but none as chilling or unnerving as what happened to his brother.