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Demon: For Real Or Just A Dream? on 2012-10-09

This happened in year 2002. I was 4th year high school at that time. We were living in a small two-story house with one room where my mom and 2 younger siblings sleep. My other brother and I used to sleep near the stairs. I normally sleep late at night during my teenage years. At that night, aft...

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Thanks brenttan for believing my story. Well, everyone has their own story to tell. People may believe it or not, but the important thing is, we had the chance to share what we've experienced.
Thanks for your comments. I fully understand if some of you don't believe this story. I agree with milenko_necromancer. Demons can shape-shift. They can shape-shift into a very good looking person, or the opposite. Nevertheless, with what I saw, I'm pretty sure it's a demon. Until now, I can still clearly remember what had happened.

Again, thanks to everyone for spending time in reading my story.
Date: 2012-12-13
I'm from the Philippines. Wak-wak is very popular here. It is also called "Manananggal". I think near countries like Indonesia and Malaysia have a similar folklore just like us. I've also heard stories of this kind of beast from these countries.

A wak-wak is normally a beautiful woman transforming into a ferocious human-eating monster. She will put oil all over her body, and this oil is what transform her into a monster. Two bat-like wings will grow on her back, and her upper body will be separated from her waist in order for her to fly.

Just like any other monster, there is a way to kill this creature. You need to look for the lower part of her body and then put a kilo or more of salt on it and it will start to burn. Once this part of her body has been eliminated, she can no longer return to her true form, and will be burned once the sun is up.

Before, I also don't believe this creature, but there are a lot of witnesses here in the Philippines that said it is true. The Visayan Region is where this legend has originated.