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I am a 39 year man and I am a very grounded person. I don't suffer with any problems nor do I abuse any kind of drug or medication. So you could say I am a person that is very aware of my surroundings.
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My 4 Week New Home on 2012-04-23

My name is rick and this is my story and it's a true story seen by my own eyes and a close friend... I was born in England in 1972 but this event took place in Holland Rotterdam. My parents moved to Holland in 1979 and I went to school over there and spent most of my life there. When I was o...

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Date: 2012-04-28
To all the people out there... I did not write this to get any help, but thanks any's nice that there are people like your self's that are willing to help. But the reason I wrote this is simply to share what happened in my flat. I don't need any explanation to why this happened, because it's so simple what I saw in my flat was nothing but a ghost and from my point of view I think for some reason that many ghost exist is to do with how people from a certain period came to meet there maker. People die still to this day in unspeakable circumstances... But then people died from even worse circumstances and I think that is why people see so many ghost that they think are or could be the same... But people in certain periods dressed the same just like we do today... I have always wanted to go back to this flat and ask the people whom live their now if they have seen anything... And I am sorry that if anything I have been rude... I have never seen anything like that before in my whole life and like some people I don't have twenty stories to tell... That makes me think... And for people to say that just by saying that I mentioned true just once has just been a joke to me... I would like to do some investigation about that flat and would love to have some help doing so and so far all that people have said is frankly silly... But if any one would like to help me doing so then get in touh... Kind regards rick the rude guy 😊
Date: 2012-04-27
To the person whom said it could have been some thing wrong with my body... If you had taken the time to read it then you would have read that I always do sports and that my health was and is at top peek of fitness and health... And to all the other people leaving comments... Well thank you kindly even that most are very strange... And to Taz... Did not mean to offend you in any way... So please tell your partner that I am sorry and tell him I did not mean anything by it...
Date: 2012-04-26
If people write to me with respect I shall be more than willing to give my time to reply the best I can... But trust me if you write and it's not respectful... Well that's just me being what I do best... A soldier...bye
Date: 2012-04-26
Well taz I knew you did not have a partner and thank you very much for setting right what you had said... But this is a fact. I am not a writer so please forgive me for writing it the way I did... I am a soldier by trade and this was the first that I have ever put pen to paper so to speak about what happened to me... And a lady asked me about the hat... It was black and like a cowboy hat but the kind you would see a priest wearing and not a cowboy if you know what I mean... I wish I could draw it but my drawing is just as good as my writing... And for the person whom said that about rolling your eyes... Well that's just another stupid remark... Thank you
Date: 2012-04-26
That you think it's over the top well that's up to you... Me personally think that you need some kind of hobby... Your comments are stupid and maybe you just need to stay away from people trying to tell there story... So my advice to you is just read as they are and stop wasting people's good time, because it's clearly that you don't have a girl friend... Try it you might just turn into a nice person... Have a nice day... Taz 😆 😆