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My Personal Chinese Child-ghost Wedding Story on 2012-04-25

Have you guys ever heard of a Chinese Child-ghost wedding? According to long time straits time news reporter Sit yin Fong's Tales of Chinatown of the Malayan Federation of the 1950's, this phenomena occurred when some family members in Singapore and Malaysia received a dream visitation from the neth...

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Girlie and Jjf

I answer your question by stating that due to my supposing connection with my ghost parents in the nether regions, Iam therefore not a normal human being like everyone else and always felt there was always something very unusual about myself.
I categroy belong to a community known as other-kin which consist of people who do not believe themselves to be normal human-beings like everyone else due to some strange and unsual spirtual connections they have. This makes me feel like Iam some kind of alien from outer space that you see in the X-files films. I am perpetuall being misudertood by people all the time due to my hyper senstiveity physique being naturally tune to spiritual, metaphysical, strange and mysteries things. My real and very personal metaphysical life transforming experices are so radical and my personal strange amd mysteries encounters occruing so inexhautively that I canwrite a book entirely about them them and it has taken me 13 years of spiritual soul search to be where I am now at with the sorts of church groups and assocaites that I feel really comfortable with ranging from charasmatic excorcism, theosophy and all sorts of Asain religious metaphysical philsophies
Date: 2012-04-25
It seems to me that you guys are making some crazy comments regarding the dragon lady so let me tell you guys first that Homg spirtuality is no different from the miaos of Thailand, the dai Yuannese, Veitnamese, Laos and cambodaian natives for they all originated from the same ancestry in the Chinese Yuanan province whose tribal common backround is in the worship of sea dragons being a totem. Amongst the native aboringal tribes of the Dayaks of Borneo, the Bajaus and the phillines, it is a local animisitic native custom known as Kahingara in which local fishermen and seafers would decorate their boats with very oranately carved sea-dragons. So it is in this scenrio that the incident has been set.

So it comes to me no as no suprise as to how and why the dragon lady has taken a fancy to the boy maybe because of his macho physique or that he is good in some local acqautic sport.

Simlialry in my singaporean Chinese backgroud, I am very aware of a local folkolre in which third prince Nezha being an avatar reborn as an eight-arms warrior boy or jinn and is also the son of the heavenly tower-lifter guradian king Ling Zhen.
Prince nezha is very playful AND LOVES SWIMMING and so one day while swimming and bathing in the sea, he shook his scraf that caused the Dragon king palace to shake and a fierce battle broke out between the dragon prince and the warior prince who slained the dragon prince and subdued the Dragon king.

Since then, Nezha became a local diety being able to cure the sick and fishermen prayed to him for a good catch and a good supply of seafood. So everytime whenever I want to eat and enjoy a good seafood dish, I would use my chinese chi-gong opening the chakra astral projection techhiques to call on Prince mezha to subdue the dragon king for me and I consequenly would be able to dine very satisfactory in a seafood resturant with its exotic dishes being served.
Another technique I know is that some parents believe in changing their boys names to calling them by a girls name to trick the spirits that into belieiving the boy is is girl to but it is not very effective so thre child remains sickly.

I don't really know how JESUS AND THE VIRGIN mother queen Mary would help but this is my suggestion:

Get the locaL shaman to re-direct his spiriutal energies to summon the Dragon-queen of the sea for evidently, one of her mischievous playful princesses had gome astray and preying on the mortal boy to be re-called back in the oceanic palace and a find a local warrior to train the boy in some marital arts to strenthend himself to prevent further mischief to deal with the prank!
Date: 2012-04-25
Let me tell you guys out there that the spirt world of a dual cosmology of ghosts, decased animals and sipirts trandscends all relgious customs, creeds, colour and race and spirtis are souls of deceased figures who do not rest in the world beyound for death MEANS THE end of all conciousness and so no one can and live on to some sort of immortal existence in the life-after or some infinate existence fregradless of the reigious creeed and faith traditions due to popular beliefs nad paranormal fiction films.

Spirits of the deceased do not wake up, rise up and walk or talk after they are gone. They do not make any kind of earthly earthly visitiation unlesss compelled to due to some cosmic disorder in the way beyound. It is for this reason that JC of the bible told the apsolte peter "on this rock shall I build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it "So what are the gates of Hell being referred to? The strongholds of hell and death in the world of the unknown and the unseen of course! And why does the book of revealation writes that He alone knowns the keys of Hell and death? Becasue there is some form of control over what exist between the caspams of this world and the unfathamable next world! So some insights into the spirit world and demonology is necessary and it would be more helpful with some spirits that might speak a foreign langauge due to its past background are these spirtis are very tricky to deal with. So some of you guy out there got to think seriously regrading developing insights into the spirit world.
Date: 2012-04-25
I think that you got a visit form some kind of past spirit re-visiitng its old residence whom dearly misse its home in a lurch and stetching out its hand to be held wirth some consolaiton to be led on back into the twightlight zone. You shpould have consulted some sort of local Canadain spitualist or some sort of American native Indian to ascertain or some mexican Wicca what sort of spirit was re-visiting its own home and roaming about and if its present visitors are at all weclome for not all paranoraml invetiagots are helpful in ghost-busting espcailly with one that does not undnerstand its local language so doubly make-sure it can interperts its tounge! There are bomohs or witch-doctors who are verey multi-lingual out there.
Date: 2012-04-25
I suggest strongly that you stop trying out who or what it is or even borther trying to comprehend what you been through! You got a very playful and mischevious spirit that targets after young girls like yourselves probably because this mischevioius playful spirit was a girl was who loved palying with girl dolls and dressing it up with make-up and all sorts of bizzare conjured up fanciful hair-dos like any girl would. This is why the Japanese in their shinto festival m have a girls festival dedicated specaiily for girls who might have lost a play mate due to some fateful and unforseen accidents and girls in the presnt mortal world be left alone unharaased to carry on sucessfully wih their lives! So Casper the friendly ghosts do exist and the ghosts in question has picked on you as her favorite play-mate!
So take my advise right and decide if you want a casper friendly girl-ghost play mate or not and get some sort of priest or some one you know to communicate with this helpless poor forlon girl spirit to help her move on and find her own play mate IN THE NETHER WORLD while you agreeing to be her earthy friend!
Date: 2012-04-25
Sounds tome like that your spirtual intuative physique and ancestral DNA is very conflicting to your family background. The same is the problem with the Christendelphiands and the Adevntsit groups who sought a compromsie between the American age of human rationalie with bibleical truth and reasoning - a very stupid self-contridcition in it self! For when is any bibical and morally accliamed authoratively religious text and connology based on the life of a claimed autobiography of religious founders ever consistnely logically and able to expaln the mystries of the spirit world? The same is underyling problem with Islam.

This is why I quitted from all religiouly based fundamntalist sciptual contextual organisation and got into Sukio Mahikari or the Japanese true light giving sect with its electic Eastern religious orders of Shintoism, Yin yang t corss and Buddhism to get some help and better and more agreeable frinds to asscaite with.Thus, I will like-wise advise you to do the same instead of helplessly combating and coping with all the dissances you have exprienced.

And Remember! - all religious are only man-made truths, believes and a value system or for a better Japanese scientific terminology a psudeo truth - No one can claim to be fully enligthed and have all the answers to the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe which is why us humans as living earthings are destined to be huanted by strange apparations and true imcomprehensive mystical encounters from the twilight zone we call ghosts and aliens apparations!
Sounds to me that you have had some kind of alien encounter from another world that has sipped sunconciosiuly into your dream and only you were sensitivly attuned to it so go and see a paranormal phyicristict or some one from your local theospohicla society and get some help to put it all behind you and some assurance of the ghost being left in peace.
Date: 2012-04-25
Mind you that there is such a thing as an elcetronic ghost these days and yes, ghost can be caught on film leaving some king of oozing liquid behind on the negative and go on cable Tv as well. So high way to hell is no tv paranormal ficiton. It is real and not to be filmded with for entertainment either!

Let me warn you too thst ghsot do not like being caught on film on v or on in a paly and being exposed either!

Have you guys out there ever heard of the curse of Macbeth? This phenomena does occur. It is no local supertition or film gossip. It happends every time when a theathre production puts on the story line of the three withes. Strange and unexpected accidents start to occur with pros flying out in the air, ropes cutting loose and dropping things causing many who actually have died toallty be accidents during rehearsals.
Date: 2012-04-25
Oh dear, you better get a real good Carribean local witch doctor or some one with some spiriutal expertise and do it real quick! Your house is being distrubed by some very malicious spirit that does not welcome unwanted visitors! Let me in response cite to you 2 incidence that comes to mind.

1. There were a couple who bought a house in Malaysia through a local estate agent and strange accidnets statred happening. Her husband while driving o his way to work met with an accident and was subjected to intenstive care unit. Her son while swimming being his favourite sport suddenly fainted and almost drowned. He had to be resuced out of the water.

The mater felt there was something dirty that disturbed the house so she invited all ghost busters excorsicts, fortune tellers, astrologers the whole lot of them in but to no avail! Then desparately out of a blue a sudden idea came in to her mind - to call in a geomancer or a feng-shui expert having exhausted all help she kbnew best. The famous Indonesian Chinese Geomncer Mr. Qi was sought. Now, in case you don't know, a geomancer or a feng shui expert is some one porfessional in te art of Chinese wind and water environmental site readings in relation to astrolgical postioning, necromancy and divination.

As soon as he saw the entered the house, he studied its orientation and found nothing wrong or unusal about it except that the house situated at the foot of a mountian that was very steepe. So MR. Qi went up the mountian to inspect its terrain. Reaching its summit, he saw a local temple dediacted to the Chinese river goddess of the seafaers - Mahzu or the heavenly queen He questioned the temple caretaker to the origins of the temple and was told the temple was built by the previous resident of the house below who promised to contribute to the temple and renovate it but then he shifted and never fulilled his promsie. Immediately, the geomancer picked up what was wrong- the previous owmer had negleccted his promsie to the goddess and was visiting her manefeastation onto the new residents. So the Geomancer took on the responsibilty to fufill the contract and made a contribution to the temple renovation fund and advised the tanents to move out beings unsuitbale for accommodation. When the family moved out of the house, her husband came out of ICU fully recovered and the the boy was out of the hosplital instantly like some thing miraculous with the curse lifted off!

2. The Chinese propritress of golden wok here in Melbourne runs a Chinese Hainamese chicken rice shop from Ipoh told me this incident. Her father was a subcontracter who built houses for people and every time he built a new house in Ipoh, he would pray to the Nagdo or the local malay guardain spirit. One day, he built a new house that was contracted out to its new residnece and he did not pray. The house had a local spirit underneath one of the bedrooms who did not want to be disturbed. That night when one of the family memebrs tunred in, the leg of the bed suddenly gave way and collasped and the family member sleeping was badlly injured and had to be hopstialised as his leg was badly fractured. Then the contactror prayed to the Malay loal spirit and called in a local bohmoh or a Malay wich doctor to say prayers to appease it. The disturbed spirit was then subdued and put to rest in the nether world and the bloke recovered and came straight out of hospital!
Date: 2012-04-25
The same is the true incident of some Indonesian white female ghost called a pontiak. You got to get yourself a real good bohmoh to be rid of its curse that causes it to roam restlessly from the spirit world.
A few things - JC said in the bible that every child has their Guardian agent but in your situation it does not apply. Have you guys out there evere heard of instanteosuly transmigration or sponteaously self-levitaiton? This is a very rare and unsual occurence but it does happened and can happened to to anyone as at a totally subconcious reaction to a very strong instictive impluse to do somethig they want to do and not reslising it. In the case of babes and young kids, this mysterious synergy developes preconceptualy even before they are born and the sunconcionus spirit of a person can just leave the body out of the blue totally wihtout anyone noticing or realsing it.

This is why the famous magician David coppefiled could self-leviate himself into thin air and walk through the great wall of china just like that. It is a technique pracised to a very comsumate level of subconcious trandescantal mediation by the Tibetan lama monks like the Chow Yuan Fatt Bullet proof monk movie. David Copperfiled masterd this art to a very perfected state merging his subconcious into the his natural conciousness but on a child level it is very raw hence the mysteriuos disappearing act. Nothing too spooky or ghostly about it and it is very brave demonstration of this technique. Wonder if the writer has aever thought of devlopinghtis into a carreer? Sounds to me you got a wonderful physique for it. Congrads on this babyhood precognitive self-discovery.
This is why the English poet Dylan Thomas wrote in his peoms of being weary and gently into the dark night. Strange and unforseen things do happened in the dead dark of the night imagined or not so so it msut be treated with great care.