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The Little Child In My Room on 2012-04-30

This is my story of the boy or child that appeared in my room. Well actually its more of seeing something in the corner of your eye and have this uneasy feeling of actually turning my head to look at who or what is standing beside me or by my bedside. Well, that's just what happened to me and boy wa...

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Wow! My experience is sorta similar, I too had a child like figure in my room and I was alone that night and it started close to four am. The child like figure made no sounds and all it did was reached out its arm in a slow motion kind of way towards me but then I blacked out or must have fallen into a deep sleep. Woke up and it was daylight but still had that uneasy feeling. But if the whispers and sounds or either laughter or crying starts; I think I might just lose my mind.