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My Unexplained Experiences on 2012-05-01

First of I want to start with thanking everyone for reading my story. I have been contemplating about submitting this story for a long time. I do not know for sure if these these occurrences are all paranormal but put together just can't make me put it aside as just being weird. My story is about...

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Hello everyone, Thank you all for coming to my story.
I have tried to look in to the history of the place I used to live but it is very difficult to find anything because the area was only really build on after the second world war. Before that it was a canal which was filled with debris from the war. After that they build a lot of apartment buildings.
I have not tried to reach these entities at the time because it did not feel natural. The first one made me very scared. Since these incidents I have moved, so about 5/6 years ago.
The possibility that these three incidents are connected somehow sounds very interesting and is making me think why they chose me to come forward.
Again thank you for reading.